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Another World chapter 6, + the chapters 0 (uncensored by me) -1-2-3-4-5-6 in another Zip [English, 177 pictures], by Yuzuki N’ Dash

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OMG, vaginal sex again !

Update : I now share the complete version, follow that link ! :)

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64 Comments on "Another World chapter 6, + the chapters 0 (uncensored by me) -1-2-3-4-5-6 in another Zip [English, 177 pictures], by Yuzuki N’ Dash"

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raws for the last parts aren't available, are they ?
I'd really like to know how this is ending, cause this is my first NTR manga
and I dont think I will ever read again a manga with this genre…


Well, this just pisses me off. I should have stopped stopped reading after the last another world chapter. I thought that ending was kinda funny, doing all the anal training and the boyfriend says "no thanks". But then we get dream like days and oh my god… we get a back story of how much he loves her and how he actually heard her cheating on him in a school bathroom and he thought he was at fault? WTF?!

Well, Yuzuki N' has a chance to make a slightly better ending theres an another world book coming out 8/6 apparently and theres an additional chapter it seems. Though its only 8 pages long?


the order is wrong it goes
Dream 1
AW 1-4
Dream 2


i also actually want to know how it is going to turn out out of curiosity!

boom headshot

wow the bf is a dumb shit, and has no clue what she's crying about, really? those aren't tears of joy you dip ****, i mean she was a retard in the first place, but HE blows her out of the water, that moron…i think he's way to dependent on her way to clingy any ways, and i hope she flat out dumps him after all this, really, she goes out and cheat on him trying to make him happy only for him to say "I was JOKING!" i meant she's retards for doing it but not after she put he relationship with him in jeopardy to make him happy, she finds out it's for nothing? really? she hated herself for cheating in the first place and it was for NOTHING? and now she's addicted to it really i HOPE he loses her the dumb clingy loser. >:(


I think it's like that, but please correct me if I am wrong:
Chapter 2 of "Dream-like Days" takes place at the same time as "Another World" 1-4,
but this time we just see the the view of her boyfriend.
So far(!!), the whole series ended with chapter 4 of the original story "Another World", because
we saw that this delinquent guy ended their "teaching-relationship".


so maybe like this:

Dream-like Days1
Another World 1-3
Dream-like Days 2 (<– Before AW 4 and between AW 1-3)
Another World 4

then the next release could continue the story after Another World 4,
well iI just hope there is some kind of happy end, but i never saw a netorare manga with one


It leaves bad after taste for me
I think I never want to read another NTR after this one


Maybe her Boyfriend will end up with the delinquent's sister we saw in "Hand" xD
that would be awesome..


typical ntr stuff. everyone ends up broken and unhappy. tho the one i feel the worst for is the delinquent. i feel he is more of the protagonist then the sissy boy.


I am amazed how it ends even though he caught her and he thinks shes doing this to spit him cause of a suggestion about anal he takes it back. The only reason why she went back to him was because of the anal sex that she thought they would have. Sad but thanks for the share man this kinda of stuff is a twister to me.


the link for the gallery with every chapter is boken, but other than that awesome stuff :)


Lol, what an idiot.


I thought her boyfriend was a good guy. Now I know he's only a loser who's amazingly stupid.


oh my fcking god why do people even waste their time for this shit?Did anyone feel good after reading?


Just how fucking dumb can those ppl get? Their stupidity pisses me off the worst. It's not even enjoyable:/ To make an anal sex not enjoyable – that's one fucking achievement for Yuzuki N' here:/ No congratz on that for him:/


This here is a point of reality, when you love someone, you'll always want them so bad,,,for a short period of time. you can't separate "In love" and "dumb". The author's only wrong here is that he featured "love" in a hentai manga and in a NTR of all things too. I like this a lot, if only it went full NTR, it would have been perfect to my taste.


so is it the end? or is there more of it? i hope that this is it… but whatever it is, i still will read until the end if there is more, just to hope that either the bf or the girl gets hit by a truck for being so freaking stupid


Why u guys pissed offf? I think if that girl end up with Asakura (not the loser), its the good Ending. U guys need read extra chappter of Another world's name: Hand – its about Asakura-kun life.

Btw, thank for new chap and sr for my bad Eng.


you guys need to liten up a little. bc all ntr are like this just accept it.


i hope that this is really really the end coz its just to…cant find the right word to express it but its just…ughhhh i love hentai not only for the fuck scene but also the scenario and this scenario reminds me of the Love Junkies manga its quite heart breaking.

btw Oliver can you share some comedy hentai like slut girl/boin teacher? coz i find the hentai you share lately become a bit gloomy


A disappointing chapter. Can't say I hated it, but it wasn't a fun (or arousing) read either. It was actually rather painful at times. And I'm not talking about the NTR. I just don't understand what Yuzuki N Dash wants with this manga. The initial four chapters were awesome, containing anal sex, great drawings and good pacing. Despite the subject and the mild NTR, it was a story light of tone and not too much thinking was required to enjoy it (like the girl and that dick up her ass). It had an open ending, so everyone thought: oh hey, room for more anal goodness, yay!

Sadly, that was where the shit hit the fan. Suddenly the tone shifted from light-heartiness to dramatic and emotional. Nothing wrong with that, but when you decide you want a deeper story, you just can't get away anymore with stupidity and illogical behaviour. Not to mention the standard spineless boyfriend. Well, I'm not gonna stand by and let that happen (instead of that retarded boyfriend). I'm gonna erase Hand and Dream-Like Days 1-2 of my hard drive and move Another World 1-4 to the folder where there's place for only the best manga.

Sorry about the rant by the way, but I just had to say it… And with that frustration out-of-the-way, I still want to thank Oliver, Desu and Anon. If not for this chapter, than double for Another World 1-4.


if yuzuki does a follow up chapter its gonna be released in september issue of comic mujin, we'll just have to wait and see, i hate when theres no real conclusion to a manga


Not usually into this type of manga but damn this one was hot lol. This chick is so stupid and her boyfriend is so damn pathetic that you can’t help but expect her to dump him eventually and go back to that other guy.


i really hope there will be a new chapter coming, for some reason i liked this series

p.s.: i know that i should know this by now (considering how many doujins i download) but can anyone tell me what does NTR stand for?

Oliver (HentaiRules)


Betrayal of trust, cheating when cheating isn't allowed and hurts…

That was for a short summary :)


I donโ€™t think this one is realy NTR it looks like the next chapter will be a threesome and they will end up all together.


yeah this stopped being ntr for me awhile ago, it devolved back into cheating(all ntr is cheating but not all cheating is ntr). the way this is step up it feels like she's gonna stay with the bf and get some strange on the side(even tho all she needs to do is push him down and manually insert it herself, really she should have been drawn blonde, lol). so lets clear up the confusion here dumbass(the girl) still feels consideration and guilt toward the pussy(her bf, it may or may not be love but thats moot) and is still not letting her lust(initial in my assumption) for the asshole cloud this. if the story was longer take may have changed but since the vol. comes out on the 6th of next month so….


Well, I liked it… I guess.

what's wrong with adding some drama in my hentai?


Why the hell are they angry? I don't know. Even though this is NTR I don't feel sad or hatred when reading this. Cause for me it feels like the main character is the delinquent, not the loser guy. And Asakura-kun is a good guy. Don't put him at the same level as a rapist.

Muscular Beaver

There's a good possibility that there will be another chap, but I think this may be the end (ugh I hate open endings). He's already given the a separate account of the issues of all the main characters.

The shift in tone is a little jarring a first, but I think Yuzuki N meant for them to be treated as separate stories rather than one continuous series. Also, for the most part, the gangster is the bad guy in Another World and Dream like Days. The chick doesn't like him, she likes her boyfriend. She realizes that she made a mistake, but the seed of lust has already been planted. Will she indulge in her desires? If so, with whom? Will her boyfriend admit his insecurities and take lead? Will the delinquent admit his own feelings?

… This is why I hate open endings.

H, Sweden

Huh, that image doesn't look like vaginal…

Schuyler Thorpe

Just goes to show that the human race ain't that SMART. :0)

Old Man

Thanks Oliver for the release. As I read through this, I came to feel kind of sorry for all the characters. 1)We have Asakura, with his tragic up bringing. He joins a karate club in a way so he can defend against his older sis. But due to his loss, he sees his sister's weak side and vows to be the adult and protect her. But now left in a state of despair, he feels lost, maybe soulless. 2)Older Sister-takes head of house hold. She is burdened by life now, especially of her bro. Grew up too fast, whored herself out for their expenses, and continually abused Asakura. She abandons him once she conceived.

Old Man

This is sad, but I have thought it will conclude as this: Rei will confess to Asakura that she loves Ryuuta, but can't live without anal. Asakura hurt by her words and by her sobbing expression (reminding him of sisters weakness), can't take it and tells her to meet him after school. They go somewhere private he removes her clothes, arouses her, then he blindfolds her. Then he leads her over, and tells her to mount and insert it herself. Little does she know she's mounting a tied up and gagged Ryuuta. Asakura leaves silently, while the lovers are now one. After everything no one sees Asakura. Rei now together with Ryuuta, is of course in a way concerned with the whereabouts of him. Calling upon his only living relative older sis. They meet together and they all confess about their own affairs with him, then we are left deep in thought of his whereabouts. Fin


its NTR, honestly… theres no such thing as a happy ending in NTR, except maybe in bowrei but that doesn't happen very often. the ending you described sounded really unrealistic, the chances of Rei and Ryuuta getting back together are slim to none, Ryuuta will probably be cleared up on his confusions that it wasn't his fault, simply that Rei fell in love with Asakura and believes he loves her as well. Ryuuta will find a new girl one day, or maybe he'll pity himself and not bother to open himself up to another girl but remains friends with Rei till graduation. now that my friend, is a tolerable sweet/bitter ending for NTR mangas that show peoples bonds to one another besides mindless cheat/rape story most NTR mangas are known for. as for Asakura and his sister, well i don't see much bright future for them honestly in getting back together. ~Fin~


well I say that the BF is a total loser and even do he say rape even do they go along with it she had all the time in the world to not go so far he did't force her in the hotel she follow him all the way inside the place and she knew what they were going to do and they both are not been honest she loves it and he likes her but nether will admitted
well I know is stupid pay attention on the story line on a H lol but I like this one and the BF is a total waste of paper lol well yeah she is dumb…. but she is better pair with the "Bad guy"


Yuzuki wrote on her website, that in the tank version of this, there will be an 8 pages extra chapter.


Don’t you mean, “OMG, anal sex again.”?


~Lulz~ guy lost his girl over mere anal sex, well i guess a week of non stop anal training shes bound to become addicted to it I guess, and I totally agree with the people that above said the boyfriend is a loser. I mean if he knew why she was doing what she did, WHY REJECT HER?! if I was him I would accept no matter what lies my girl told me so long as she still loves me in the end, I mean its only anal its not like she pregnant or anything…


Question: The COMPLETE version of Another World= 220 PAGES!

Will you translate the last chapters?


Hey, Animaal, do you have the link for this supposed last chapter? Or for the complete version with the 220 pages?


There’s one more it seems titled: Another Another World. Currently untranslated but from what I can tell it tells the story of the asslover’s sister and the circumstances leading up to her pregnancy.


ok, I didn’t see why everyone hated the BF too but now I see. I must say that I can understand his mentality a bit because it seems like she was the best thing that happened to him so he’s afraid to lose her. People seemed to ignore him and doesn’t even notice that he exists and now that some does finally notice him he wants to hold on to that no matter what.

The thing is that guys like the BF actually exists this shit happens in RL, both men and women; there are some some messed up cases like a parent choosing their lovers over their own children/family.

What really made me pissed was the “genuine” feelings of the characters, particularly the cheating bitch. She claims to love her BF while screaming in ecstasy as she has a cock shoved inside her and claiming “I’m doing this for him.”
Ah man I pity the BF and guys like him so much, and even more so because often times they will not want to listen to someone who’s trying to wake em up and continue to be tools even when the truth is smacked right in their faces. Unfortunately, I currently have a friend who is exactly like this and boy is it frustrating to watch.

All we can hope is that he wakes up, kicks the bitch to the curb, renew himself as a man, find himself a new girl and start on the path of a real man.
As for the asslover, he seems to be developing some feelings for the cheating bitch and since he seems to be more of a man than the BF maybe he can keep her in check.
All in all, everyone had a fault: the BF is a wimp of a tool (understandably), the asslover is an asshole who doesn’t really give a fuck about anything (because of his sister issues) and the dumb whore is just a dumb whore (I can’t find anything to sympathize with her about).

Damn that was a lot of ranting…


I found the extra 8 pages but can anyone translate Chinese


You know, contrary to what most people believe, I do think that this one has a happy ending, and here's why. If you read the story throughout, you realize that she has made a massive distinction between sex and love. Now while its wrong what she did, and she acknowledges it, she didn't view it like that at first, and when she does, all she wants to do is go to her boyfriend. Also, there are a lot a parallels between Hand and Another world. Like like in Hand, the ass lover cares about someone, who in some ways doesnt fully reciprocate those feelings.

I know a lot of people will just say that its ntr and there are no happy endings, but I think its not fully ntr, its ntr for us, but for the girl its pointless sex because she wants to be prepared. If you catch some clips then you see that the guy is truly hurt when she keeps on refusing his advances, if this was full ntr then she would have given in after day three, but she didnt.

Another thing, I don't like how people keep bashing the bf. He stays with her even though he does suspect because he loves her. Is it stupid, yes, and no. He cares about her and he realizes that she cares about him when she cries. She cries out of guilt for her actions, she cries because she realizes how effing dumb she's been. The guy isn't a helpless sap, he's just in love and realizes she is too.

The ass lover will probably never find happiness, he has too much of a sister complex to ever be happy with anyone else. He pushes people away, and I think the feelings he had for the girl were just because, like his sister, she started taking care of him, but just like his sister he wont be with her. Its not his fault, its just the hand he was dealt( at this point I do realize that some of you are thinking that this is too much analysis, but hey, the story has bugged me for so long that I've had to run through it in order to find peace). He'll, sadly, because he's not a bad guy, well not fully, be alone for a long time.

the couple will probably go through a rough patch, she'll miss anal, and he'll feel hurt, but she'll either, A) admit to cheating. they'll cry get through it and have anal sex, he might not be as good as the other guy, but she'll feel better with him because its him and she does love him, and they'll make it work.
B) same senario as above, but she'll just say she wants to try anal.
Either way I do think they'll be happy. Will she turn to the ass lover because she cant live without his dick in her ass, no. She could have done that countless times, but even then she wasnt willing to give up her boyfriend.

thats just my two cents. By the way those eight pages are just a continuation of one of the chapters, not the final chapter, and considering that its been a pretty long time, I don't expect the author to add anoymore. One more thing, If you see the authors other works, you see that this person has a soft spot for romance, even with sadness, see ghost member. And while authors can go out of their comfort feel, this one wasnt able to go all out ntr, which leads me to belive that all he could muster was a complicated love story, and in the end chose to leave it open to interpertation, but in reality wanted something happy.