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Viva Freedom [English, 200 pictures, Complete], by Tuna Empire

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It had been too long I could write : ERO-OTOKO RULES ! ^_^

Resuming Fayt’s interrupted work, Ero-Otoko continued and finished translating Viva Freedom, thank you VERY much, man :)

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares)

Viva Freedom, “Manga Nazenani Kyoushitsu” with the manga’s real name, is a really unique manga. It features some very hardcore sex (group, vaginal, oral, anal, multiple penetrations), associated with some of the wackiest, most DEVASTATING humour I’ve seen to this day :)

I’ll be frank : if you’re American or Japanese, there is a high chance you’ll be offended at some point, because the artist pokes where it hurts. Maybe because I’m European, maybe because my rule is to accept to laugh at myself, I didn’t give a fuck, and I thoroughly enjoyed the great humour all along ^_^

Besides some well-known guest stars, the muslim fundamentalist terrorists are mocked, just like the hypocritical americans, the Koreans, the rusty Japanese customs and hypocrisy, the Celts, the Romans… I can’t list it all, there’s just too much… Viva Freedom is definitely exhilerating to the utmost point :lol:


(Oh, if you wonder, I’m not also sharing a “just the remaining chapters since my last partial share with the chapters 1-6” version, it seems Ero-O has made edits at the beginning of the manga too, so I share it as a standalone Zip only.)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(81 MB, 200 pictures, English)

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Just a few more examples :)

Page 29, have you noticed Santa ? Look again…

Some killer quotes…
– « Somehow, I really think that I could get used to Islamic fundamentalism »
– « Japan’s the 51st state, right ? »
– « Monkey-faced asshole !
What did you say, you fake Wario !
(Peace talks between Dubya and Saddham Hussein)

– Several references to other mangas, anime, old videogames, movies and, I have the impression on an occasion, western comics.

– One of the most – if not THE most – epic covers in the history of hentai manga. Featuring : Ossama Bin Laden, the Twin Towers and a boeing in direct approach, Noa’s arch, the Statue of Liberty, Gandi, Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Hiroshima’s nuclear explosion, white killer rabbits, a saluting Kamikaze, a Discworld-type stellar turtle, Junichiro Koizumi, Kim Jong Il, George W Bush Jr, Saddham Hussein, Jesus Christ and his buddy the chest-piercing roman soldier, Buddha, a Pharaoh, a monkey and two octopus-aliens. And that was just for the characters I recognized :D – Epic, I tell you !

—-> With that, I hope I managed to convince everyone to DO try and read this manga ;)
Of course, several of you will end up offended at some point and will conclude that the manga sucks (while, more precisely, for half of the people not liking it, accepting to laugh at it would mean you’d be giving up on some shaking values you want to cling to, I have the impression), but you can’t know unless you try :twisted:

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Awesome. I've been waiting years for a full English version of Viva Freedom. It's definitely my favorite Tuna Empire Manga.

Looking at the cover I recognize: Yasser Arafat, Pope John Paul II, General Douglas MacArthur, and Leon Trotsky, in addition to the folks you already pointed out.


While I do admit that Viva Freedom is absolutely hilarious, I wish that Tuna Empire would turn his/her/their (?) creative talent(s) at least somewhat away from the comedic tone. Especially since I for one enjoy the art style.


I agree its the most political manga ever I think
But its well – its here not MAD-magazine i must add
and we are not supposed to make wishlists who may next be driven through tuna's mind
I like the stuff of him a lot because he never ends dead like others and he has an idea before he draws
thats a bit rare i thingk


I imagine myself trying the damn deposit files free account key for years and only getting a 48 hours one.


Fuck Americans, but the manga is absolute garbage. Not funny at all.


that cuase ur a douche without a sense of humor…


That's sarcasm, right? I don't care of you hate Americans, but to hate Viva Freedom is just…wrong. Almost as bad as hating Ai (The Great Escape)


You're probably an American, aren't you? Nice try but boot licking isn't going to get you citizenship in those foreign countries.


Ehh, wasn't that funny. Was just kinda of stupid. Lots of hardcore though.

Can understand why yanks, or muslims, or koreans, etc. wouldn't like.


Thanks for the awesome work in getting us some dam good fap


did the person who got the key say thank you? lol nice by the way oliver great read and im american

need a key



Hahaha, thats sick XD


While I am an American, and think the whole Twin Towers thing is in bad taste (imagine if you could for a second Oliver, terrorists attacking and blowing up the Eiffel Tower and killing 3000 people while doing it), I must admit that I still find most of this to be at least somewhat humorous. Thanks Ero-Otoko and Oliver.


Sounds like a change of pace. Thanks for the upload.


Yeah, cool…but how dare Tuna Empire joke on Shining Musume by Shiwasu No Okina ? I can bear with religion, sex, politic…EVERYTHING !!!

But Shiwasu sensei NO…really NO ^^

Great share Oliver^^


isnt shining musume a joke on morning musume


Uoah, LOL. I've my fake now. Cool, cool, cooooool…..

There will be only one (cit.)

Can't stop laughing…

Yeah, Shining Musume is a hentai-retake of Morning Musume, and Boring Musume by Tuna Empire is a parody of Shining Musume.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, Oliver. By the way…FUCK ALL THE RETARD WITHOUT A SENSE OF HUMOR. I don't care what they say, this is some funny shit! I'm American and I think that this is pure GOLD! We gotta laugh at life from time to time.


think ya on the right way man
the best americans I know were comedians
Buster Keaton, C.Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy (oh they were british or not?)
I thank for the stammina to provide such a difficoult matter and tell all these born crits to behave cause its just a comic, a manga so just for fun, okay?
Off from these babycries now – when you are touched it's good stuff – remember that


@Heartless, no, FUCK all the silly retards that find this shit funny. You think 3,000 people dieing in agony is funny? This mangaka can go die a horrible death, laugh at that!


No one is laughing at the deaths. Just the horrible idiocy of it all. I would be the last person laughing at this, being in NYC at the time and watching (horribly traumatizing to a 12 year old, i assure you). But Viva Freedom is FUNNY. Don't take it so seriously.


so funny it's a boner killer.


same here, though imo, i had nearly as much trouble from the thought of all those evil old men naked…


Okay people, two points:

1) If it offends you, don't read it. It's not like you weren't warned.

2) Things that really make one laugh (not a giggle, not a chuckle–I mean really make one laugh) are almost always at someone else's expense and sometimes the more fucked up it is, the funnier it can be. It's a human mechanism for coping with the parts of life that are otherwise too difficult to cope with. Almost no one actually finds death, racism, child molestation and other things that are just plain wrong funny, yet there are some really fucking funny jokes that involve them. There's nothing wrong with that, so get off your indignation high-horses.


P.S. @ Heartless – People can be offended by or fail to find humor in it if they want; you don't need to rub their noses in it.


No need for the patronization overkill, I get the fact that I must like this and say good things about it or STFU. My comment was clearly directed at one insensitive comment by a troll. Period.

Schuyler Thorpe

Remember when I said I would need to seek psychiactric help after reading that one manga featuring Obama, Hillary, and the Japanese Prime Minister in a sex orgy?



By bad Setebos, it wasn't directed at you specifically (and you've done nothing before to make me think badly of you so I had already given you the benefit of the doubt on that). T'was just addressing a sentiment that comes up a lot when it comes to off-color humor.


hotfile link got taken down :(


thanks for the share Oliver :P


THERE BE NO FILE ON TEH SERVER – re-upload please :3


I cannot ID the guy to the left Koizumi on the cover. Japanese/Taiwanese official?
Fish below Noah's Ark: The fish from Kirby?
Right of Buddha: Kong Fuzi, also known as Confucius
Samurai above Hitler: Either Miyamoto Musashi oooor someone from the Genji era. More likely the former.
Below samurai: Hmm…Really don't know. Can't be the prophet cos he lacks a full beard. Obscure historical reference, maybe?
Right of the Pope: OSAMU TEZUKAAAAA
White-robed figure below Jesus: Someone from the Renaissance era. Columbus, or something.
Behind him: Barbarossa from Pirates of the Caribbean (first one). I think.

Tuna Empire is a history otaku. Wow.


Also, to Americans: Doesn't W look like Johnny Carson?


This one falls under the rare category of "too weird to fap to" It's funny, controversial, and I love the hot girl in overalls, she's like a female Luffy. Not in love with the rough sex though at times it seemed too cartoony.

Thanks for a memorable upload.


GOLD upload, thank you uf! I’m new here and wow, super fan.


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