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Searching for an oooold CG, in its uncensored version

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Hello there, everyone :)

Maybe some of you could be familiar with the name “Houkago Renai Club” ? This is a old hentai CG serie, I believe at least 3 games were made with the same “family” of pictures.

I’ve seen here and there some uncensored pictures from this CG, however I could never get the uncensored sets. And as a tireless collector, I always grieve not having the uncensored version of one of my oldest hentai CG sets :twisted:

So please, if you know where to find uncensored versions of Houkago Renai Club CGs, share the links in the comments ? ;) Thanks !

To make yourself an idea, here’s one of those rare uncensored versions. If you’ve seen one, you’ll recognize the other, they all have the same graphical specs.

sigh, it's impossible to find it

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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that looks like an old set from when i first started looking at hentai. was named…. 15…. or something.

Zanosuke Kurosaki

Two of the games were called Casual Romance Club(we actually got an english version release of that one) and Girlfriends. I've got both, but they're censored and I'd have to do a good bit of digging through old cds to find even those, if you wanted them.


I have a folder of similar images called… Girlfriend… or something. I don't have anything decensored, and I saved these images in 2004… so yeah. Hope that helps a little Oliver.


Kinda reminds me of Sexfriend, another one of some uncensored jpeg's that's floating around on the net, but never the the whole batch can be found. I feel your pain, Olly. Best of luck aquiring them!!!


Can somebody link the censored versions? From what I can tell there are at least 3 games:

After School Romance Club
After School Mania Club

I could never find a download link of any sort, so I had to resort to leeching off an online gallery 1 picture at a time, and even then I only got After School Mania Club…


From what i have collected i know i have Houkago Renai Club but its censored =(

Sorry couldnt be much help…


"Houkago Renai Club" was released in English as "Casual Romance Club." Chances are, that release was uncensored.


That release was not uncensored…I own it.

If the English official version wasn't uncensored I imagine only some pictures have been by individual fans so I can't imagine you can get 100% uncensored set for all of them.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Aw, and there goes my last hope.

Too bad !

But well, thanks guys, I appreciate the replies :)



Here is the game if you're interested, note the final line just before the pictures.

Because this game was released in English by the Japanese publisher themselves it counts as a Japanese product and thus must still adhere to all Japanese censorship laws – hence retaining the mosaic.


While we are on it: Why don't you share some nice CG-sets here on HR? ^_^

Helpful anon

Hi bro,

A group called Libido did a bunch of these, the sets are one of my very first hentai memories. Anyway that particular picture is from a set called

Hikaku, which I have uploaded here.

It is censored by nature.