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Uncensored version of Sensei And I [English], by Benny’s

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That precise picture reminded me of Yamatogawa. Not the rest.

This manga is a mystery, and I’m sharing it with second thoughts : I’d like to know who is the artist drawing it, who translated it, and if possible, who decensored it :D So please, if YOU have the info, would you share it ? :)
Update, we know, now, at least, that the artist is Benny’s !

If you don’t have the info, well, you still may leech the manga if you liked it ;) This is a simple teacher-student love and sex story, with a tiny bit of humour.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(7 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

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15 Comments on "Uncensored version of Sensei And I [English], by Benny’s"

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I'd like to know some extra information as well. Thanks for this, the art is great.

Anonymous Rex

Ah. I'm fond of his work. Let's see, the author's name is… Inomoto Rikako I believe.

Afro Thunda

The artist goes by the name of "Benny's". Anything beyond that, like translator or decensorer, I have no clue.

Edit: Upon further inspection, Anonymous Rex above is correct as well. Benny's is a name that Inomoto Rikako goes sometimes.


I believe Benny's is the artist and Inomoto Rikako is the circle he belongs to.


No, "Benny's" and "Inomoto Rikako" are two artist's who often work together in their cicle named Tenkaichi Baby's.


Many thanx Oliver.


it seems to me that benny's and inomoto rikako is the same person, while tenkaichi baby's is the circle both names belongs to.
both names are used either for mangas and doujinshi.
have a look to those pages:
and the official website:
whith the list o works:


because the drawings (the drawing style, faces etc) are EXACTLY the same. It's just two different pseudonyms to change for the genre (as in yaoi or not), because usually readers of one genre won't usually come across the other, which is why the "make-believe-it's-two-different-people" part actually works ; )


But both authors have works for both target audiences attributed to them, so how does that make any sense? It's not like one does all the BL while the other does all the hentai.


It's Benny's. i already downloaded the same version a year ago.


It's Benny's. She and Inomoto sensei aren't the same person. I had Inomoto's YAOI mangas and the afterward she refer Benny's sensei to the readers as her friend/assistant.


as I replied above, of course she would say that, the circle tries to keep the genres apart.
even for CLAMP you can see differences when the other personof the circle draws, but for Benny's/Inamoto you can't, it's the same drawings. nobody can draw 100% the same if not the same person….

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