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Hen Koi [English, Complete, 192 pictures, by Azuma Tesshin]

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That girl may have weird fetishes, she's hot :D

At first I wasn’t convinced, but I finally grew a liking to Hen Koi, this manga contains enough good things to spend a good time reading (frenetical fappers, you may feel you needed more in the end, don’t blame me, though) :) The drawings are rather nice, the story contains a few gags in every chapter, there is a mostly touching love story (all the chapters make one single story), and the scenario “dares” to take enough time to not rush things (don’t worry, there’s fellation, vaginal penetration in a half-hentai half-ecchi style – simply, it doesn’t start hardcore at once).

And the scenario itself ? Hah :D It’s both touching and weird, two youngsters in love, discovering each other and glad to discover the share the same fetishes (nothing scary, the worst, and only three times, was peeing). The ending, in this regard, was both horrible and an awesome kickass idea :D

I note the credits in the same time as I read a manga, and this time I started getting scared at the length of the list, be ready for a long list :D So, my thanks go to Sleepinboi, Shadow-Skill, Kid, Mr_Ark and Spiritovod from – three groups, but the same people, lol – Bod Rangzen Scanlations, Crap Scanlations and Taka Scans. And, for the last chapters, to Scorpian, Drpeper and Nirppa from Opposed. Phiew ! :lol:

(For more works by Azuma Tesshin, please see the list of all his shares on Hentairules)

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18 Comments on "Hen Koi [English, Complete, 192 pictures, by Azuma Tesshin]"

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Nooooooooooooo! my hotfile membership ran out >:(

argh it will take forever to download these new shares :|


Many thanks to everyone involved in the translation/editing, and thanks Oliver for sharing.


It takes 10 min with IDM, and that fine enough for me
And about this work, it's so well-drawn and so lively. But there's something about the scenario that make it…not fine, i guess =_=


It is too short :S I like this manga ^^


I was waiting so much for this 1 and at last it's completed. Oliver succeeded to scare me with the end description, but i trust Azuma Tesshin to end it well.
Many thanx Oliver and everyone involved.


Thanks to all who contributed to this share. Looks like it's gonna be another great one.


Love Azuma Tesshin :D


oh my god!
no wonder…i feel like i know this kinda drawing, I'm surprises, so, it was him… he's great artist..indeed.


why do i keep losing these kind of works :(

in any case thanks again Oliver! redownloading it again for archives purposes!!!


Does anyone know if there is an almost untouched version of the cover only?? Ive looked into it but all i can find are either too small or with russia fucking text all over the place…


THANK YOU, HurpDurp youre my hero, that got kinda past me (even though I looked through exhentai^^)


Protip: always toggle "show expunged galleries".


Ahh, thx for the tip.