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Would you recommend a program to help calibrating my monitor ?

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Since I changed my monitor, Some of my usual pages and programs (wordpress, photoshop) have a “blue-ish” feeling I didn’t have with the previous monitor.

In other words : one way or another, I need to calibrate my screen.

I don’t have the 300€ a physical hardware calibrator device would cost (opening an Amazon wishlist would be too much, lol ^^), so it should be made with a program… but I have absolutely no idea of what program to use.

I’m asking just in case, would you have a recommendation, for a GOOD color calibration program, that could assist me to be sure my monitor color balance is OK ?

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Prep: Reset all display calibration settings to default in both your graphics card settings and your monitor's settings.

Note: Adjust each of the following parameters in your monitor's settings if possible. If your monitor does not allow you to adjust a particular setting, then adjust that one in the graphics card's settings.

1. Adjust your display's color temperature setting to 6500K (this is the sRGB standard for computer monitors)

Calibrate your gamma setting using the third test pattern on this page using the instructions on the line below it.

Calibrate brightness and contrast here.


des profils pré-calibrés sont disponibles sur focus numériques, regarde si ton moniteur y est référencé ;)


agreed with all posts but if this should fail the only real monitor correction out there is spyder. Usually u can get that for about 79 dollars US

some random name

well, if you have an nvidia card in the control panel you can find a tab about calibration, which is what you’re searching.

ati card, even intel card should have the same thing, expecially recent ones.

if the monitor was a medium high level one, it’ll have a calibrating utility on his own, or a color profile to use.

Otaku 24/7

also as stated above in the first reply if the colour tone is set to some of the lower 'cooler' settings i suspect this will account for the blueish tint you are seeing, and isnt always automatically adjusted through the monitor's "auto-adjust" button if it has one. I have 2 monitors (one for browsing, while i play my games on the other) and i have to set them differently to get them to appear the same shades.


you could just use the THX calibration on any lucasfilm DVD, use starwars revenge of the sith or something like that, i use it and my colours are spot on.


Windows 7's built-in calibration always fixes all my problems related to colors.

Oh, and sometimes it might be the color profil used in your os.

Strange One

I've got a friend who had the same problem. He used a calibration disk from the game Halo 3 I think… It fixed his problem and was pretty cheap too.


The next best thing to an expensive calibrator is to pick a few different digital photos and send them to an online print shop. The print shop will have a calibrated printer, so once you get the paper photos in your mailbox, just compare the ones you have in your hand to the ones on the screen, and calibrate your screen so they look the same. Poor mans calibrator. :)


If you didn't know many monitors have color settings built into the menu. They might have documentation on it in the manual but the settings are pretty easy to figure out, just try looking for a menu that says color mode or has numbers like 9300k or something, changing that value changes how "hot" the colors are.


I could have sworn the Latest Samsung monitors have software called MagicTune that includes a calibration setup. You will have to visit Samsung's website (the one included is drastically out of date) but it's free and specifically designed for the monitor.