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A game recommendation :)

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My shares are a bit late tonight (fortunately tomorrow is sunday, I’ll have my sleep ^^), sorry about that !

This is all because of GemCraft, if you want a good tower defence game, here’s one for you :)

(Updated : I removed an in-game help request, I finally figured out why I was stuck in Gemcraft ! ^^)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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There's a newer version(I think it's newer) of this game.

I think they made a few improvements on this one.


Don't focus so much on gem-bombs, they're a desperation measure. Better gems are the way forward.


i played the game and its one of the most fun tds i know!
some general advise:
– go for pure gems
– increase starting mana and mana gain (dont focus on gem bombs)
– try adapting your skill to the level (if you think think youll have to build lots of towers theyd better be cheap ;)…)
– dont buy expensive gems, buy cheap and combine therefore lower the cost for combining (itll be a lot work with just the mouse so use the binds)
– if you fail you can always replay a level you already managed to beat and gain more points with which you can upgrade your skills

good luck and hf

and thanx for hentairules (it does)


The cost of making a high level gem by building it out of smaller ones is much higher than creating one directly, it takes mana to combine gems every time. I'm pretty sure dual gems get better bonuses than pure ones, too.


its true that combining gems is more expensive than buying them, but you can also use them faster and don't have to save so if your stuck and need instant power that would be the way

and im pretty sure that pure gems get better bonuses since they are harder to achieve but its too late for me to look it up now

anyway were just trying to help, arent we ;)

good night


gah, damnit I've become addicted now, curse you for showing me these games :O


yah very addictive game, you'll have an easier time putting all your points into medium & high starter gems, and with those skills go back and do the levels in the beginning again and get a glowing frame if you can.

exp will still count and you can collect exp to take harder levels, just click waves in early and you should rack up points


man, you’re way behind.

Go play Gemcraft Zero, it’s the prequel, but it was created after the original gemcraft. It’s way better.

And has been around for a good year or so by now :P


try this one: (REALLY addictive)

the user-manual need to be read for understanding how to combine towers (yeah you can combine to make new towers)

one of my fav’ (à essayer donc :) )

i cleared gemcraft

if you cant clear a level, try to save a huge mana pool right before the problematic wave, and always use ability with hotkey 4 (forgot what it was called) if you do not need to create gems for a while. keep restarting the game until you have lots of chain hit gems at the begining, big help to gain some initial mana & large mana pool. and, for any level after that, get the dual gem skill, and combine red with lime until you can get the pure gem still. red+lime is a life saver for early waves.


Ok, first of all forget all about that "powerful gem bombs" ability, it's shit and you don't want to depend on that to beat a level. Use all the points you invested on that ability to max the ability "Number of medium grade starter gems" and the rest of the ability points on the ability "more initial and maximum mana". With this at the very beggining you'll be able to create more powerful gems and in more quantity so you'll start already powerful and get stronger as the level advances. As an extra I would also recommend you to use all the ability points you invested on the ability "Armor" on the ability "Number of basic starter gems" so you get even more gems at the start to create more high level gems. You'll want to use all the ability points of this ability on the ability "Number of high grade starter gems" once you reach the required level to unlock it.

And that's all the advice I can give you to pass that level. Hope you can make it as that game and Gemcraft 0 are too fucking addicting to be good to your health.


First off:
Nothings stops you from redoing the other missions for a few extra skill points.
A trap or two at the spawn with a mana drain gem (orange) rapidly pays off.
Combine all other gems to the highest dual grade you can, don't hesitate to add lower grade gems to the gem, they still help out. Except Mana Drain, those you keep pure for the trap.
Gem Bombs and Tower Armor are a waste of skill. Nothing should live to see your tower and if it does, that is why should keep a healthy mana supply around. Gems Bomb take way too much mana to be useful as, well, anything.


Urgh, disregard second, that version doesn't have traps.
Instead try to mix Mana Drain with the AE Gems (Red and Lime). That gives a nice chunk to mana generation aswell.

Also, F*** you for reminding me of these games, I liked my free afternoons. :P


GemCraft is radically different from GemCraft Chapter Zero: no traps, pure gems are the best, etc. It's been a while since I've beaten it but I'll try to remember.

Since you don't have Pure Gem Mastery yet, go for Chain Hit/Mana Gain duals w/ a few Triple Damage gems. Create the TD gems directly but combine for the CH/MG ones.

Switch your skills so Medium Grade gems, Dual Gem Mastery, and Passive Mana Gain are mastered, and keep everything else the same. If you do it right there should be no reason why any monster should reach your tower.

Build your Towers closer to the enemy (I think this gives you more mana and points = skill points).

If you're stuck go back and beat the levels you haven't already.

Good luck.

My strategy, for both really, is to go really hard into pure orange gems every level that has them. Once you get more points, taint the orange with one off color and dual gem spec, then take that orange gem and splice in a TON of level 1 orange gems, so that it attacks stupidly fast, with a HUGE range, and gives you about 8 mana per attack (more with mana pool upgrades). i've found this to be the most effective mid to end game strategy. Of course, if you can't pull this off yet, pure gems are still the best way to go.

As always, thanks for the excellent web page =)