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A chatbox on Hentairules ? Your opinion ? And with what chatbox ?

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It’s a recurring suggestion from the visitors of Hentairules, that I should add a chatbox on my blog, so that the pervs could talk and discuss together.

At first I was firmly opposed to the idea (no control over it, and where the heck could I place it in an already overheavy blog layout), but when somebody suggested I should just have it open in a new window, it cleared most of the problems.
The actual chatbox would NOT be on hentairules as you browse it – here would just be, on Hentairules, a “Chatbox !” hyperlink in the sidebar, opening up a new window.

At this point, two questions remain : (1) are there a good number of persons interested in the idea (otherwise it’s not worth it anyway), and (2) what “chatbox provider” would you recommend, if you know good chatbox solutions (personally, I have zero clue, absolutely no idea)… If you have something to say, a good chatbox host, or you find the idea worthless, please, say it ! :)

Are you interested in a chatbox on Hentairules

  • Yes, I'm interested (37%, 697 Votes)
  • No, I'm not interested (63%, 1,186 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,882

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Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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14 Comments on "A chatbox on Hentairules ? Your opinion ? And with what chatbox ?"

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I wouldn't mind one but I don't see much use for myself.

Just don't make it that one that makes annoying sounds everytime someone sends a message.


To be honest, I don't use chat boxes. it's kind of useless, you can't have a good discussion just a bite.


I downloaded a browser plugin with the specific intent of blocking them wherever I go, so, uh do whatever feels good.


what, people can make sugestions on doujins/mangas that are worth the read. i personally see it as a duel bladed type thing, but thats with everything. A chat box if used right would be a great addon to the site.


well a chatbox wouldnt be a bad thing, as long as its not on the frontpage. if you get what I mean, cuz not everybody has a good comp so it might lag ppl while browsing, like u should have a link going to the chatbox page or somethin


Yeah the chatbox would be better to open in new window as you said Oliver. And if you decide to do it I would maybe recommend chatango chatbox. ( At least I've been using it without any troubles except flash player crashing with slow maybe 5-6 years old laptop XD
But don't forget to get a couple of mods around in the chatbox because they sometimes get crowded with spammers etc…


Chatango is the one I'm used to seeing on blogs… (I have a free account with them).
BUT whats wrong with IRC and a Mibbit client opening up in a new window-from-hyperlink though ? some people actually still have irc clients y'know.


I'm really in the "middle" here so to speak. I don't really go to a site's chatbox but I login to chatango from time to time when the discussion's good.


It's a good idea but, I always have a not so good experience in those chat boxes, and they are somewhat useless. This site is great, is one of my favorite to visite everyday and if you're asking me directly I said: No, bad idea. leave this as it's.


The idea of talking to other perves in a chat box frightens me silly!


I sent an email about this, but I felt that a kinda comment updating thing would be better than a chatbox. :3


Why, people come here to spew man juice all over their monitor, not talk.