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Uncensored version of Asemizu (“Sweaty Women”) [English, 189 pictures], by Hyji

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Women aged 30 to 40, how unusual !

Here comes another GREAT decensoring by my dear High Nine Eleven, good job ! :)

I won’t go as far as calling Asemizu a UFO in the hentai world, but that’s certainly something unusual ! Imagine : it is centered around women aged 30 to 40, and most of them, like most of the real life women, are plump,  far from being as thin as the usual hentai teenage schoolgirl.
Please, please, bear with it for a few pictures, and then the charm starts to work, you can (at least, I could) realize it’s a really great hentai manga. These women have passionate sex, thoroughly enjoying the intercourse, almost with devotion, that’s nice drawings :) Tbe best parts would be when these women perform fellatio, with an adoration look on their faces, as if it was the best christmas present ever, the most delicious snack ever.
If you can temporarily give up on the usual reflex to expect seeing famelic 16 years old girls, that’s all good ;)

By the same artist, Hyji, I also share S The Second Story Of Hyji 1-4 [English] and, in another post, Cho Danchizuma Keiko and Katekyoto chapters 5-8 [English]

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(108 MB, 189 pictures, English)

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I’ll allow myself to insist, even if I know that’s highly unusual to see a hentai manga with women over 30 years old, and with the hips of real world women, try this manga, at least use the gallery to get a few previews, a continuation of pictures from a same chapter and not random shots, you might be convinced it’s good shit :)
In a way, I have read Asemizu in the same way I have read Escape Creator [English, 200 pictures, the best bondage hentai manga ever] : something highly unusual, but when you can temporarily let down your reflex to reject the unusual stuff, something highly enjoyable. That’s not requiring you to definitely give up on your usual tastes, it’s just a quality peek into another style.
My thanks to Sandwhale for this quality manga ^_^ – Does anybody know the name of the artist behind it, guys ?

One last silly remark, I laughed at a part (I think you’ll understand when you read it !), I never thought i’d see Milton Friedman (AKA mister “there is no such thing as a free lunch“, AKA “Mister Monetarism“, AKA “fuck reality, theory is better“, also known as, if you translate it to common language : “fuck those beggars of the third world, may they die with an empty belly and a gaping mouth, as long as their state clears its debt and has good financial stats” ¬_¬) contradicted in a hentai manga.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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Why there are no Hentai about 20-25 year olds?? It seems that in H-World, women suddenly jump from 17 year-olds to 30 year-olds…


There are–it's just that they're always the protagonist's older sister. Which doesn't necessarily stop them.


In fact it just guarantees that they will have sex with their younger brother/sister/random family member.


Mr. Friedman?!?! The douche-bag that wanted the economie to get fucked up so it can get better later on, gets contradicted??? Now you got my attention, Olly-boy!!!


Many thanx Oliver.


Jesus christ those are some fucked up faces


That pic above is so fucking awesome.


thank you soo much Oliver :P


Wow I downloaded this 5 years ago!! Good stuff Oliver-san!!