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Ane Inu volume 1 [English, 186 pictures], by Murasaki Syu

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The usual precision : whatever I may think of this manga, if YOU love it, good for you, to each his own tastes ! However, don’t get offended by my opinion when I’m giving it.

So, now, after this promising introduction, to be frank, in my opinion : printing this manga has been a damn waste of cellulose. Or else they’ve printed a dozen volumes only, scanned them and thrown them on the interweb, and then it’d be OK :roll: Look at that : there are “dogs”, looking like women but actual animals, unintelligent sex toys. And real women disguise themselves, enjoying being treated like shit.

I’m still sharing it, because it’s a complete manga and there’s nothing really shocking me inside (except the fact that any damn waste of anything will shock me, but oh, you must see the idea, right ?), credits and all that are for Desu and FringeThumb.

By the same artist, I also share Zenra De Chokuritsu Hokou Shokai Genteiban (“Walking Upright Naked”).

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(55 MB, 186 pictures, English)

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12 Comments on "Ane Inu volume 1 [English, 186 pictures], by Murasaki Syu"

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Women as bitches isn't usually my forte, but hell,
at least it isn't Futa!!!
*High Fives Internet*


I love puppy girls! They. Are. So. Cute! *runs in circles*

And it's not about being treated as shit (though it may be about treating them as shit for some owners) it's about surrendering all responsibilities to someone else. The same sort of relaxation you seen in a good portion of hypno-fetish works.


Surprised you're not desensitized by now; I know I am!

Its the beauty of this all, you're not supposed to invest yourself emotionally here. There are drawings on paper depicting generally rather strange desires that we all at one time have probably had. You're lying if you have never even remotely thought of rape, but we wont do it, not because we're pussies but because we know its wrong. In a world with respect such things simply should not exist but in a fictional story, it's at least interesting. I haven't read it yet but sex toy women that like to get fucked, I've certainly had that dream before.

It is my belief that people take their porn far too seriously. If it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, stick to the busty blonds fucking the pizza guy.


I know ive thought of rape >> i ant ganna lie about it cuse i know its not right but u just stop the urges.

Azure Xuchilbara

Well said, friend…

Like I always say, hentai has so many genres and fetishes to cater to each and every enthusiast the world over…

If you don't like something, go to another hentai genre (or sub-genre)…

Futa, guro, regular hentai, loli, shota, yaoi, yuri, beastiality, gender-bender, robots, tentacles, etc…


At least for me, hehehehe…


What a shitty story ! .__.


I enjoyed it.

Azure Xuchilbara

Makes you think about that certain "cow woman who later gets pregnant" doujin, right..?

Hehe, that one had guro implications and some macabre sub-themes at the end despite the hot sex scenes~

Fun fact: Murasaki Syu does plenty of guro as well…

If you look up Ez6 THE STARSHIP 600 or Hooliganism…

He even made a series about this woman's womb getting abused, from getting her cervix fried in hot oil to getting it poked by knives and forks and later she gets hanged and brought back to life to repeat the process over and over until she goes totally insane~

That was one Murasaki Syu doujin that I'll never forget, hehehe…

It's called: [Hooliganism] Hooliganism 16 -Exhibition DX8- {Record of ALDELAYD Act.11}(C76)

He has as much guro as regular doujins…And even the regular ones are full of sublime hints of the former~


Hooliganism, eh?! Love that series. *hehe, snort*


I don't mind s&m and domination but rape and mind break are definitely things I can do without and it killed the story for me, that and the story is so convoluted, I can't lost most of the time. This hentai is a pass for me.


nothin personal but… WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU


i heard this is one fucked up manga, but im crazy enough to read it so thanks oliver :P

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