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A Special Class [English], by Dairiseki (AKA Hakaba)

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Damn that stamp !

A Special Class is a classical type hentai story, with happy sex, showing us a young female teacher realizing she hasn’t done much of her life so far, rejecting people trying to approach her, until at last she opens up when a male student confesses his love for her.

Graphically it’s not bad, vaginal and anal, very light censorship, there’s ONE annoying thing , the scanlator (hentaisanet, I’m not sure I wish to express gratitude) found wise to impose a bloody credits stamp in the middle of every picture >_< :gfy:

 By the same artist, I also share Kedamono No Ie (Joukan) (“The Beast House”) (211 pictures) and Break Me (219 pictures).

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On second thought, an additional ranting note, the ending was a bit of a disappointment.

Very light spoiler ahead, fair warning.

While the story started from a female point of view, making it interesting, it ends as a stereotypical work meant to please young inexperienced male teens willing to have women bow to them because that could never happen in real life with them. In other words, the heroine deliberately started to define herself as her lover’s possession. Dang, that boy didn’t even ask for it !

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12 Comments on "A Special Class [English], by Dairiseki (AKA Hakaba)"

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I agree. That fuckin’ stamp is so goddamn annoying…


Very annoying manga. The boy, the stamps, the girl submitting herself to that little douchebag… Ugh, not my cup of tea. I especially hate it when an adult woman humiliates herself in front of a (younger) boy who hasn't got the self-confidence or experience to pull that off. Hentai is all about relating oneself to one of the main characters and I _don't_ want to be that guy. Ever.

Azure Xuchilbara

I know how you feel, my perverted prinny comrade…

I guess that's why there's a hell of a lot of different hentai genres (and sub-genres) that mix certain plots and elements to generally appease the male populace…

You rarely find hentai with the jerk protagonist getting his just desserts~

Ah well, could be worse…At least this one dosen't have a macabre and grim undertone like those certain "Cowgirl" hentai from a few months back…


"Hentai is all about relating oneself to one of the main characters"

I must have missed that in school since I only read it for other purposes.

What guy wouldn't want to make her hot teacher submit to him?


It's not a purpose, it's something that happens automatically. You proved that yourself when you said "What guy wouldn't want to make her hot teacher submit to him?" Clearly, you're identifying yourself with one of the main characters, in this case the little douchebag. And with that, you just proved my point.


I'm with you Harco… it's tough to like something that you have no identification with… like lead characters that are scumbags, douchebags, rapists, sickos… or completely gutless and brainless. I guess having male lead characters with half a brain, and something like guts, isn't part of the hentai experience. (Or at least what the current trend in hentai works is showing.) As you say – not my cup of tea either.


Awesome! It feels similar to Tsukinos's art plus nice story background.


Many thanx Oliver.


i want a teacher as hot as her :P