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My Girlfriend Has Sex With Everyone Else Except Me [English], by Chun Rou Zan

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Yes, this is my WTF day

Here is my second “what the FUCK ?” share of the day, fortunately, it will be the last of that sort too :D

Like Schoolmates Sexmates, by the same artist, also using teen orgies, the present share toys with strongly conflicting feelings, love and/VS sex, purity and/VS depravation, normal order VS no values at all. And, the same way, after a huge WTF moment, it ends sort of well, with everyone satisfied :shock:

Weird, huh ? I hope you may like it :) FYI, to my huge surprise, my previous share by Chun Rou Zan, Schoolmates Sexmates, received extra-low ranking stats, but made a fairly high number of downloads. I still can’t tell if I loved it or not yet because of the long-lasting WTF touch (at least, I know it’s worth keeping)… My thanks are for Stecaz, SirC and Soletta :)

By the same artist, besides Schoolmates Sexmates (linked above), I also share Sleeping Beauty.

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14 Comments on "My Girlfriend Has Sex With Everyone Else Except Me [English], by Chun Rou Zan"

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didn't know if u knew oliver but this chapter and your previous share are part of a tank that was already fully translated by SaHa. It goes by the title "Obscene Picture Book" and is full of conflicting feeling, with the last chapter of the tank leaving u emotionally f-up guaranteed.

P.S- didn't add link because tank also contains loli get it from SaHa's site


OWH!!! I know this one, it from complete version of "Obscene Picture Book" by the same artist. And also one more complete book called "Friend" (all are in English translated).

Both of them really were "What the fuck" situation story. Don't know how to explain that but you can search it for yourself.


I have both of those tanks, but didn't make the connection. Thanks for clearing things up.


Thanks Oliver for sharing this, although it apparently is part of a much larger work.


How dumb can a hentai scenario get? This is probably one of the best examples so far.


Well, the title already gave me WTF feeling…


Am I the only one who doesn't find this particularly bad? I mean, yes, it's perverted, but they're both loving it and quite happy with each other (and their numerous sexual partners). BTW, SaHa's translation is better.


At risk of damaging my 'This guy is no fun' standing, I confess I DL'd it. Curiosity killed the cat, I guess. This work has been listed as NTR elsewhere, but I have trouble seeing it like that. Both BF and GF are tapping anything that moves, in the SAME room yet, and I didn't get any kind of 'meanness' vibe from it. Just as you said Oliver, WTF?! Really. WTF?


WTF is going on i that story? There is so much fucking, and ppl – they all look like one couple with different hair to mee. Its so fucked up, its funny ;)


Just read this story and yes WTF? I don't see as NTR since it works itself in the end and no one really gets hurts and I found it pretty Hilarious. He finds out her secret and at first he surprised but quickly accepts it and join in on the fun while keep he relationship with his girlfriend but yea still WTF!!!!?


Man, this is actually awesome! Seriously, I understand that some people might not enjoy it, but I love those fucked up stories.


the main dl-link is missing (depositfiles)
precise it just reinvokes the page
only rapidgator is working (but sucks – 1 med dl and daily limit reached)
btw i assume there no time (and motivation) to delete all that gone mirrors? (fiesonic wupload oron …)

but THANKS A LOT ! for all the great stuff you are sharing. i dl’ed and enjoyed tons of it :))


Depositfile link broken it redirect us to this page again


this is more how you described sexy drama club. The title should be " I don't want to have sex with my girlfriend for no good reason".

It's still annoying that she was forced. Like I said, I hate it when some other character says "this is her true character" after forcing someone that never wanted anything to do with whatever though in this girls case it's a bit different.

It isn't better for it or anything but it is different and not NTR like sexy drama club since both characters were willing to do it.

though the girl did cheat on him. And the part where he couldn't be bothered to pull a curtain himself was stupid. Also there was no reason for them not to sleep with each other before. Though it would have been regular NTR if that other girl didn't let him join in. The gf had also being lying and deceitful… well it does dodge the line anyway

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