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Namadashi Generation [English, Full Color], by Naruko Hanaharu

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Rha, it feels GOOD to share some Naruko Hanaharu ! :)

It had been nine months since I last shared some Naruko Hanaharu stuff, I’m glad :D

With the artist’s great drawing talent, with a simple but “efficient” scenario (swapping couples to help the newbie couple get boldness and ride the creampie fashion *cough*, the “possibly evil side” of swapping doesn’t show up at all), here’s some nice full-color dope for you !

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(6 MB, 14 pictures, English)

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there are many works not translate
unfortunately its awesome every work


What happened to DepositFiles’ Gold Night Shared Key? Anyone know?


Goddammit. The possibly evil side of swapping? You mean like the other guy DOING SOMETHING TO YOUR GIRL BEFORE YOU.

I just hate swapping. It’s basically simultaneous cheating. If you swap, what’s to stop your girl from fucking every damn guy she comes across (ESPECIALLY in an h-manga).


Cute but still disturbing. Thanx Oliver.


Cheating story, and as I have said before- permission or not- it's still a cheating story. I'll skip it. Thanks for the hard work anyway, oliver…


This isn't a cheating story, it's a swapping story. And yes, it's the permission that makes all te difference. When you cheat on your partner, you betray his/her trust in the monogamy of your relationship. When you swap (or swing, as it is called too) both you and your partner are aware of and agree with the fact that your relationship isn't monogamous.

Swapping is not without its risks, but in a way it doesn't differentiate all that much from a "normal" monogamous relationship. It's all about agreements, living up to them and trusting your partner to do the same. Whether the agreement is to never have sex with someone other than your partner or to swap one evening in the month and no more than that, doesn't really matter.

AnonMan's (rhetorical) question is answered by this too. What's to stop your girlfriend (or yourself!) from fucking every man or woman you come across? Agreements; setting boundaries and sticking to them. And if you can't trust your girlfriend or yourself to do that, you shouldn't attempt swapping. Simple as that. Nothing to be ashamed about either, although I do think that the level of trust shared by a man and a woman who successfully have an open relationship is something a couple desperately clinging to their monogamous relationship, because of their irrational fear that they gonna lose their partner to another man/woman if they start swapping, can only be jealous of.

TL;DR: Like with so many other subjects, I don't care if you like it or dislike it. It does annoy me, however, when people can't or simply don't want to see the enormous difference between cheating and consensual swapping, and even worse: think it's necessary to project their own fears and insecurities on other people who did conquer theirs. You shouldn't judge them, you should learn from them.



As I have said before feel free to disagree. Or split hairs all you like. And yeah, truthfully I could give a sh… fig about your hair-splitting. Or your mighty stand on the topic. A couple allegedly committed to each other 'swapped'. You say fair. I say foul. My point is I wrote my two cents worth for the readers who see things my way. And don't kid yourself, there are plenty that use this site. Besides you neatly side-step the relationship politics- the weaker of the couple being emotionally blackmailed or coerced into 'agreeing' to it. Like the inexperienced chick was in this one. And the world makes judgements all the time. Like I did, with this work.

Feel free to disagree AND be annoyed. Until Oliver bans me I'll comment on what I personally think is right, or horribly ugly and wrong.


My mighty stand on the topic? Ooh, take it easy on the sarcasm, widowchaser, it was almost too much for me to handle.

See, I can act like a jackass, too! :D As for the other things you say… well, same old narrow-minded bullshit, ain't it? Then again, I can't force you to actually read and think about what someone else has to say. I'm glad I did though. Else I would still be crying and raging about every single story which theme lies outside my very small comfort bubble.

But I digress. It seems we've reached a consensus then. You keep giving your well-valued (*giggle*) two cents and I keep calling you out for it when I think what you write is utter nonsense. OK? See you at the next share that isn't pure happiness, widowchaser. :D


Yeah… I knew it was bait for someone looking for a flame war. I said my piece. You decided being an asshole was what was called for. So, Mister Free-spirit… enjoy.


OK, my last reply wasn't nice. My apologies. It just ain't fun to spend about an hour on a decent comment (my English is not that great, so I have to look quite a few things up) only to read a reply filled with ignorance and narrow-mindedness when I just tried to start a nice discussion. You can mock me with it, but indeed: I try to free my spirit as much as possible. Sometimes I forget others don't have that same drive, I guess. At least it's clear now. You aren't interested in a discussion, so it's no use for me to reply to you anymore. Let's call that our consensus, then. :)


Well, swapping between teens, is weird and dislike me (maybe between older couples, sounds better).
And the boyfriend of the hot girl (not the cutie), looks evil and PISS ME OFF.
The cheating theme… well if they agreed with the swapping…(I prefer to happier themes by the same author)


Compare to NTR and other swapping manga, this one pretty tame, still, no matter how tame it is, i absolutely loathe a NTR manga and will accept no exception. So for peoples who can't take this swapping themes, its their call to choose.
BTW, is there anyone completed Kairakuten Nene ? Thats a really good one, too bad its incomplete :(

IGO - The Dreamer



hey, mr.oliver there are like thius one and one more untranslated naruko'works but, i forgot just check it at but, before you search it you have to go to show advanced options and use tag searh, :D
coz its so good
and one more time i wonder ig you know this manga hentai 0.0

thx u in advance

marco xg

link broken