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Anata Wo Sutte Mo Iidesuka chapter 1 [English], by Ei Itou

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Please, suck me, me too :3

I’m positively impressed, it seems Ei Itou’s going to deliver us a manga with a funny scenario, and with quite good drawings too, about vampires sucking men :) (Errr, I could have written better the end of my sentence -_-)
There’s humour, the heroine has a great teasing face and a commendable ass, it’s happy sex, I LUV it ! :D
Zathael commissioned it from Biri, and Afro Thunda helped with proofreading, thanks a lot to them three, and GREAT CHOICE, man, Zathael ! :) If you want to read more, you may wish to chip in.

By Ei Itou, I also share Princess Propose [English, 267 pictures], also called “Puri Puro”, Onee-San Ja Dame Kashira chapters 1-6, and Beware Of The Panty Thief to see…

Get completed version here

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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5 Comments on "Anata Wo Sutte Mo Iidesuka chapter 1 [English], by Ei Itou"

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Elevator Doors

Damn this one is awesome…besides the loli. Which blatantly rips off dance in the vampire bund. Already reading it(hours of google translate)and understanding it….all i can say wow this one hits all the points that the common reader would like. Wish i could donate right now but im still saving up for a laptop. Something like this comes around again than ill pitch in. Thats a promise.


Well this is fantastic, there's not enough vampire hentai. Thank you, Zathael, Biribiri, and Afro Thunda.


Thanks a lot for the compliments, Oliver. I have a fetish for vampire girls, so commissioning this was pretty much a no-brainer. :) I hope everyone likes it.

As for loli content, there is one character in here that may turn some people off. Not being able to understand the Japanese text, I am guessing that Itou Ei is using the "she's a hundreds of years old vampire, not a child" explanation. It's a rather old trick, but it still works for a lot of people.


Fortunately loli doesn't really bother me anymore. Besides, said character doesn't look too loli. Again, thanks for this. Hopefully in the future when I actually have the money, I'll contribute to such projects. As for you being a fellow vampire chick fetishists, I hope you've played Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


This is pretty hot. Thanks a ton Zathael and Biribiri. I see that Oliver even threw some money at the project.


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