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I’ve been contacted by a certain Lucas asking for promotion, and, well, why not spread the word, I don’t mind occasionally. – Heck, Lucas started and ended with polite formulas (better than almost half of the emails I receive), there were line breaks and punctuation (we’re now clearly in the top half), and it wasn’t trivial or mistaking me for something else than “me” or a hentai webmaster (top tier) :D

In short, Lucas’ a guy working on a 2D MMORPG, launching next week, and you can imagine the stuff, there’s need for players, testers, etcetera.
The game is Demilion Online. It’s in Spanish language, English-porters would be appreciated.
There’s a link called “photos and videos”, I didn’t really browse much to be frank, I tend to avoid proximity to MMORPGS.

Me, I’ll pass, I don’t have time and the one and only MMORPG I played, Ragnarok Online, almost robbed me of two years of my life, like alcohol with former alcoholics, I can’t allow myself even a single taste for fear of falling back into the gaming pit of hell. If YOU, you’re lucky to have enough resistance to avoid severe impairing addiction, bless you !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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14 Comments on "MMORPG link"

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So that's what Lucas was talking about.

The only MMORPG I ever played was Runescape. I was playing with some friends and it was fun at first. Then after a couple of months we got to that point in all MMOs where it just becomes one huge grindfest. Then all of a sudden I said, "what da fuck?" and just gave up on MMOs forever.

I do hope that it works out for ya Lucas, but I'll be too busy fappin' :D.

Good luck


I try like u Said the mmorpg are like the alcohol and i have to said i ama drunk when play lol, tx Mr. Oliver i send my regrets from Mexico for the great effort u made to run hentairules, Gracias Compita

Oliver AKA The Admin

Errrr, regards, right, not regrets ? :D


Sorry my english suck and i to lazy to serch for the rigth words lol, so TX a lot u rulez or someting like that, Eres bien chingon che Oliver


Okie, this is the first time I ever made a comment but reading about that you were a former RO player, it got me SO curious.

Played on Chaos? Maybe know a priest called Mela Mellon? Shot in the dark but we live in a small world now.

Oliver AKA The Admin

nope :D
I was on iRO, Loki, my most frequent screen name was Zorglub, lv 98 wiz so rich that I'd tank against knights with white pots spam attacks ^^


Oliver, if you open that site in chrome, it will offer to translate it to english, Just letting you know ^_^


Haha, I also played Ragnarok Online for about 2 years too, it was exactly like you said, extremely addictive.

And yes, I also try to avoid videogames in PC, I almost fall to play RO again, I even downloaded again the installers and everything, I was about to install… but I suddenly recalled why I quit RO, and gave my account to a friend.

Maybe I would play RO again, if at some point I think I've improved my resistance. Now I'm just waiting for the Stars Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG =D


Perhaps you should've mentioned that the link is in Spanish?

Free mmorpgs are so bland these days, nearly all of them are imported already years old from Korea or Japan, many of them will never update the game according to the tastes of western players.

I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2 to arrive and blow my mind, until then it's minecraft and dwarf fortress for me.


Well, it looks decent, for a browser game.


ragnarok xD
i play it until,for 3-4 years playing,im banned

btw,update the hentai movie section please T_T
i miss hentai movie


We are looking for people that can help me with some translate issues or that want to be part of the staff to help people that speak English.

Thanks Oliver for the post !


It seems you have the same problem I did. Except I was playing Maplestory(beta) and it was fun only because I had alot of friends who were all friends with each other. It was very interconnected. The thing with mmorpgs is that they tend to suck until you make a couple friends…then that becomes a huge ass list that’s hard as hell to keep track of. When everyone started quitting Maplestory I stopped playing as well. Without the social aspect, it’s just a huge lonely grindfest. After all that time wasted I’ve kept my distance from mmorpgs. Though, I did play dungeon fighters for a while…it got boring when many of the great community left and a horde of new shitheads joined and ruined the pvp aspect of dfo, which had become my only reason to even play the game. Anyway, I know how addicting mmos can be for someone like me, which is why I stayed away from wow like it was the plague.


not to fuel the fire or anything, but try Vindictus.

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