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Sanmi Ittai chapters 1-5 [English, 112 pictures], by Shijima Yukio

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Family scale incest, in short

This is a family-scale incest story, with the typical gutless male character accepting the sexual advances of his mother and sisters, until he gets a pathetically over-the-top opinion of himself.

I can’t pretend I loved it, but well, at least, the drawings were good, barely censored, in a style niche (a bit the Azuki Kurenai genre, large hips, too thin bellies, XXL breasts) that’s not the most usual one.

Credits and thanks are for Desu and Grey Fox :)

Small un-bonus, I was caught by surprise by one picture completely different from the rest of the lot, super-creepy o_O
By the same artist, I also share Nyu Seihin (Milk Sex Cow) and Kouhan

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(59 MB, 112 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Sanmi Ittai chapters 1-5 [English, 112 pictures], by Shijima Yukio"

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Monster-Girl Lover

I was surprised by the MC in chapter five, it's like his personality pulled a 180. Oh well, hopefully he'll be brought down a peg or two in the later chapters.


that small picture of yours, it's creepy indeed, but at the samw time i ave the urge to put it in her mouth :D


I'm really starting to find Incest stories tedious,predictable and boring. same ole, same ole…

Oliver AKA The Admin

It follows a certain logic.

Certain niches are sure-sellers because the audience WILL buy, so there would be no point in wasting 10% of the pages with a scenario, that's 10% less sex and, potentially, x% less customers who might prefer other volumes by other artists. This applies to incest, and to doujinshi parodiating an anime.

I progressively came to that conclusion, sadly.


agree sometimes incest with a story is hard to do, DV by motchie is great & it was 90% incest but i wish it was longer & tatoeba haha ga was great too but it didnt have much incest at the end.

Heaven Level B.R.S

For some reason wimpy guy suddenly gets all the girls professing undying love… come up with a decent plot already for fuck's sake. then again this is hentai.


This one was not for me. I dunno why, but I just cant get into the ones with that older drawing style. Know what I mean?


That extra pic kinda scares me and reminds me of Uzumaki.