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Pay By Love [English], by Homunculus

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PLAYING 1 : INSERT COIN ! huh huh huh

While I’m glad as always to share a new Homunculus release, with many thanks to Hei And Yin once again, I must say this one didn’t make my day.

Simply said : it as cute and lovey dovey as of usual, but censorship ruined my fun.

It’s up to you to see if YOU can bear it :)

For MORE, cf. The updated list of the works by Homunculus on Hentairules

Update: This is part of the Hajirai Break, get it here!

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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11 Comments on "Pay By Love [English], by Homunculus"

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For a cutie like that? I guess it's worth the price. :P

Also, I'm gonna quote that from the e-hentai gallery: "Only Homunculus can make "prostituion" cute."


hey, if it was a girl i really liked, i'd probably dig deep for that cash too… even if i ended up feeling guilty and empty as hell afterwards.

anyways, i wanted to ask you oliver… why is it that you hate censorship (and it's true that it's especially atrocious in this one) but still thoroughly enjoy ecchi mangas?

just curious.


Really thanks a bunch Oliver for sharing so many doujins from this artist, because being a fan of vanilla like you I really like the stories, the characters and the art, now I don't know how I'm gonna be able to live without a new share from Homunculus every week.
And of course thanks to Hei and Yin for all ther hard work on these shares and once again thanks to you for the share itself, a Homunculus doujin always makes my day.


Homunculus never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the share.


@ Ben
"anyways, i wanted to ask you oliver… why is it that you hate censorship (and it's true that it's especially atrocious in this one) but still thoroughly enjoy ecchi mangas? "

I won't speak for Oliver, but I would say for myself, that the ecchi manga (or erotica, if you like) is exactly what the artist(s) intended it to be when they made the book, erotic, sensual, but more… hmm… "style over substance" perhaps?

By contrast, a censored work is some small minded prude (as all commities tend to operate at the level of the lowest IQ of the group) altering an artist's creative work because it doesn't fit THEIR own vision of what an H-manga should be like… which is, at the very LEAST, presumptuous and rude towards a presumably talented artist… to say nothing of said artist's audience and fanbase.

When a small group of people demand/force everyone to adhere to their own personal opinions on matters of personal taste… that is Facism.

… but I have no desire to make a post about Poly-tics, so I'll be stopping with that. :P

Oliver AKA The Admin

I won't call that fascism, let's keep the big scary words for the big scary occasions.

IMO, it's not so much about resenting the political pressure applied by a gang of moralfags, it's more about a difference in true aim and how one's dealing with obligations and constraints.
An ecchi manga is a "real" manga in which the story comes first, and the artist is simply adding more ecchi than in usual and non-adult mangas.
An hentai manga, censored or not, is pornographic materials in which the main point and single purpose is to have as much fapping materials as possible.
For ecchi mangas, the artist deals easily with the restriction of not showing genitalia, there's beauty and erotism even in clothed body, as well as in almost naked bodies.
For hentai mangas, it has to be porn, however this time it will be impossible to avoid revealing genitalia with white holes or censorship bars over them, the mutilation imposed by law will be much more visible.



Fking.Love.Vanilla ~


Why "da fuck" is it, that rage/NTR/loli gang rapes works have almost no censorship. And sweet vanilla is ruined to this extent?

I sure wish there was at least one of Homunculus tanks available for sale in english in Europe. I wanna support that artist as much as i can… This story is soooo great… I love it !!!

Oliver AKA The Admin

That's because vanilla lovers are pussies, soft and delicate, while NTR/Rage mangas are tough hard manly guys and it's best not to fuck with them.

Just an hypothesis ;)


So true, I prefer f***ing with nice looking gals. I wont touch ntr/rage fan with 10 foot pole:/ Those queers may go and f…ck with themselves for all I care :)


Interesting story, I wish there was more. I’m really interested in the pimp with the ponytail.

Thanks for the upload.