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Thank you for the heart-warming reactions, everyone :)

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I must say, I felt waves of self-satisfaction following yesterday’s April’s Fools with the blog theme featuring Justin Bieber :)

So many people trying hard not to puke, shouting in horror, tweeting or emailing me to protest (there was even an emo kiddo who believed it was a paid advertisement and threatened me to remove it, “otherwise…” :D ), so many people not realizing it was yet again that accursed time of the year (time zones didn’t help, but, hey, on the 31st of March it’s best to be on your guard already !), a large affluence on the chat (we made sure to greet the persons coming to ask WTF was going on with polite suggestions we didn’t have the problem, hu hu hu)… In other words, a successful April’s Fools joke :twisted:

And yet, Beaver came as a last resort option, it’s just couldn’t find better worse. I made my very worst (nobody noticed the Jusin Bieber banner with the missing letter, BTW ?), and it seems it worked :) Credits are for my wife for the original idea, she saw this as a way to atone for the fact she found time to edit Justin Bieber’s wikipedia entry to fix an orthographic mistake some months ago.
I apologize to everyone who found himself/herself incapable of practising onanism during a full day because of the shock :)

And now, what’s next ? I’ve been selling Hentairules for money, confessing my love for toddlercon and guro, making my Justinophiliac coming out… Oh well, I’ll find something ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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20 Comments on "Thank you for the heart-warming reactions, everyone :)"

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Ah! Finally I can read the site without my eyes feeling as if they had blistering sand hurled upon them. This years prank didn't live up to the epic ones of previous years. The best was the one from two years ago:

It's a shame that some people can't take a joke sometimes:$

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, but that one's a joke you can only make once per website, and only if you never pulled an April's Fool joke on it before ;)


I first thought it was paid advertisement. It terrified me because I thought it was going to be up for a while. Then I remembered it was April Fools ;)


It's just like everything else that happens one a year.

You have "good" holidays like Christmas, MLK Day, Thanksgiving, on down.

And then you have "April Fooled Day" on the bottom of the list. What with the term "humor" similar to an uncleaned toilet or garbage can nowadays.


I have to say, it was very entertaining. I enter the site and i saw an explosion of pink and bieber and it hit me, "oh fuck, it's april 1st wherever Oliver is at"
I thought the site was hacked at first lol


=.= i missed the whole thing..


lol that bieber thing killed me


Haha…You dirtbag, Oliver. A most excellent joke, indeed. -_0


when I saw that, I was like, WTF?! xD "" kkkkkkkkkk

Then I realised it was april's fool day. You got me there Oliver! =D


aaah the old good soothing eyes theme, now back to fapping ^_^


well..when i first came here i actually very SCHOCK(i completely forgot about 1st april).. justin bieber thing actually KILL my boner but good thing this site have many good manga to fap to..i have to say very good choice to trick people who in mood for hentai then BAM it all gone..except for those who love him of course


The same for me
1) WTF bieber???
2)Ah yes is the 1 April
3I come back tomorrow it was too much for me


1. The domain name sold (That actually shocked me for a minute)
2. Toddlercon/Guro
3. J. B.
4. WTF? will it be a DCMA Notice? A new false tracker? 2g1c? selling slaves? or even tricking the audience into thinking that you will have an april fools idea! LOL that might be some of the possibilities for april fools!


I imagined him as a girl and went back to fapping…. felt terrible in the morning like a one night stand.


at lease you can imagine…


Atleast, it wasn't Rebecca Black. April fools… on a Friday! Good god, I don't even want to imagine that. XD


I was wondering if it was a sort of sponsor or if I had died and gone to hell.xD


I knew it was april’s fool right away…but that didn’t prevent my eyes from burning! :)
I actualy had a hard time reading the posts with all that bright pink but it was a nice one.

Hentai Lover

hahahaa… are very funny oliver:D
and you got me! and another…(-_-)

Beiber is okay…
pinky beiber???
makes me sick…..hwhwhwwhwh:LOL:


Nice1, made me uninstall my browser.