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Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence (“Yuutousei Ooshima Yuna no Yudan”) [English], by Takuwan

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Cellphones are definitely useful in this modern era

A middle-aged guy tricks a highschool girl into having sex, she loves it and asks for more. In short.

Before I forget to write it, thanks and credits are for Yoroshii ^^

For a longer description, I could say the story toys with the borders of rape and mindbreak, but gives up on going that far, it’s just a stupid girl unable to resist when she discovers her body loves sex, initiated to that by a fucker taking advantage of her. This isn’t mind break. Mind-break requires an actual mind to break. Here, the heroine is coming straight from Braindead Country where she was nominated Braindead Chick Of The Week, she simply listens to her own body needs.

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11 Comments on "Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence (“Yuutousei Ooshima Yuna no Yudan”) [English], by Takuwan"

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Links don't work, Oliver.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I think I know where I screwed up, fixed, and thanks !


No it's defintely mind break,forced and raped chick and then she begs for.Nobody asks for more after being raped without someting wrong with the mind.Read alot of mind break and this is classic.


Mind break? Does she have one in the first place? She seems completely brainless to me:/ This work is as arousing as Animal Planet, where one can watch animals copulate/mate :/ Boner killer:(


Middle-aged ugly guy to be more precise. Bleh.


lol hellbert..
I’m kind of curious if the japanese hentai-mangaka really have such an opinion about girls, or if its just coincidence, that there are almost no hentai-manga with smart girls. I personally find smart girls a bagillion times sexier than those cute, yet retarded and limp girls we see all the time.
Can you recommend any good smart-girl hentai to me?
Slut Girl is the only one coming to my mind so far.


Off the top of my head:

"Sei So Tsui Dan Sha", by Shiwasu No Okina – has three very smart, manipulative girls. Has a VERY unique and funny plot.
"Take on Me", by Takemura Sesshu – smart and athletic girl.
"Groove Tube", by Kemonono – Megu is even compared to Light Yagami from Death Note. One of my all-time feel-good incest stories.


The most annoying part of this story is the explicit statement that this girl is an honor students… IE that she's supposed to be smart. Yet she would agree to have a picture taken of her pussy to hide a kiss with an old man? Wat? Honor student is also retarded?

I guess the author has something against honor students. He so jelly.

Anyway, i can't take the plot holes. I'll just sneak out the back door.


She should just have left the place after the first picture was taken and says after that she was ( what is appears cleary in the photo ) forced !

But … brainless !


"Here, the heroine is coming straight from Braindead Country where she was nominated Braindead Chick Of The Week"
Love this comment. Well said. I do not understand why she got tricked.


F*ck it, I love how you describe things, Oliver

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