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His Final Move Hit My Weak Spot [English], by Noriaki Kayama

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PH34R the pentagon bazoooka :D

Take a sentai male hero, take a female villain, and imagine they’re secretly in love, having great sex when they’re not forced to fight each other because of their respective jobs. That makes a funny story, with good sex, and a good ending too, I liked it a LOT ! ^^
Thank you very much, Sling, Masamune, it was a good thing to read :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(8 MB, 17 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "His Final Move Hit My Weak Spot [English], by Noriaki Kayama"

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Oliver AKA The Admin

As for Hotfile, no hotfile links today again, I still can't log in into my account, and I'm still waiting for a reply from their support team as to WHY. They once replied me, but too quickly and not reading my email I suppose, to tell that, no, I was not banned. I'm still pestering them, I'll get a reply sooner or later.
Until then, no hotfile mirrors. Sorry everyone, deal with it.


Very nice story. Good choice from sling once again.

some guy

awesome ending, i D'aaawwwwed at her face when she saw that note


this looks awesome :)

downloaded it now ^^


An original manga with good drawings and happy sex. Thanks to Sling, Masamune and Oliver!


You know, sometimes, I see a published manga with a very good idea, that's so-so. Then, I see a hentai manga, based on the same premise, that delivers in a few pages all that the previous one failed to. To wit: I'd much rather read this manga than Akaten Hero. As in, anytime.

(The other example was, Love Lucky seems sub-par when compared to Angel's Marshmallows.)


I think we can live without Hotfile mirrors, we just don’t want Uploading mirrors (because they suck more than the suckiest sucky suck that ever did suck).

And yes, we’re greedy, selfish bastards. :-D


And now let's hear it for its "spiritual" sequel …..

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