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Velvet Kiss volume 1 [English, 199 pictures], by Harumi Chihiro

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Now, THAT is very good ecchi contents :)

A succesful earnest young salaryman is led to be the companion (and errand boy) of a rich young adult girl, the spoiled indecisive freeting type… but things aren’t as simple as they look !

This was released by LD, Panzuriel and Ziggy from Soba Scans, they put in this a LOT of time and work, they deserve more words of praise than I could even think of, thank you very much :)

In itself, this manga is full of great things, and I’m confident several of you will love it. There is a well-developed story, the characters are interesting and far from being superficial, and the dialogues are able to tell lots with only a few words. Graphically, this is still technically ecchi (no penis, no vagina), but there IS sex, and cute and good sex at that, with very good drawings (also, the heroine’s clothes change a lot, there’s been dedication in that), it’s very good art :)

Me, however, to be frank, I resented the slowness of the story. I’m not allergic to Japanese stories, but I’m always pissed off when the characters don’t just bloody say what they have on their thoughts, playing the mysterious one, Jebus, just saying a few words and the story would have evolved twice faster !

By Harumi Chihiro, I also share the adorable Cutie Lips and Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu Volumes 1-3.
And Velvet Kiss volume 2 of course ;)

UPDATE, by Oliver :

Good and sad news in the same time, I’m removing the download links for Velvet Kiss volumes 1 and 2.

The reason : they were licenced, for distribution, by Digital Manga, Inc, and Soba Scans asked that I removed the links, something I can agree to without any problem :)

Hopefully, some day, they’ll reach the western market :)


Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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22 Comments on "Velvet Kiss volume 1 [English, 199 pictures], by Harumi Chihiro"

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Thank you :D


fyi: LD of Soba-Scans. Withdrew his posting of this. Inpart, due to a missing page, i had pointed out. .


Monster-Girl Lover

I'm looking forward to Vol 2 of this, the two main characters are adorable, although I would like to see that female co-worker of the male MC expanded on. I also can't help thinking that the friends of the girl are going to try something eventually, could probably check the raws to see, but I'd rather not do something like that when I'll only be able to read half of what they're saying. Thanks for the share Oliver!

Kuro Neko

I really love this new series By Harumi Chihiro. I for one don't find it bad with the slow pace. I totally dig a good story that take its time to flesh out the characters and settings, but I guess people have different tastes. Looking forward to the next volume.


HOORAY for Harumi's Velvet Kiss!!!

Harumi Chihiro sure does add her feminine touch to her mangas. The girls are always so sweet, yet hungry for sex. Next to "Aki Sora", "Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu" is the most erotic ecchi I've seen. :D

I just hope that the story doesn't end with a Deus Ex Machina like "Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu". That hasty ending really disappointed me and my boner.

Thanks to Oliver and the Soba Scans team for the volume.


What a sweet and interesting story. Very nice change from the usual fap-tastic materials.

Cannot wait for more.

Thanks for the share, Admin and Soba-scans!


real good and near to "reality" plot than the usual fap material, best ecchi manga of the year ('till may at least), a BIG "thank you" to all the people involved in this proyect.


yes iv'e been waiting for this to be offered here :D

damn it oliver why are you sooo godlike? :P


Thanks Oliver!


I read in Soba-Scans post of Velvet Kiss chapter 7, they say there is 8 chapters in Volume 1. And they haven't post chapter 8 yet. How can you got full volume?


I want a printed version of this :(( This is such a great work that it made me post here :D
Thank you for the epic share :D


Great post Oliver. Many thanx. How did you get the last chp (or maybe you funded it)?

Kuro Neko

Hey there Oliver. Just wanted to mention to you that the guys at Soba-scans will be releasing a corrected version of volume 1 and chapter 8. Hope you don't forget to update your share when they do. :D


OK, I like this series, it shows a lot of potential. The girls are nice, the main protag' is an 'everyman' type easy to identify with, and while it might take some time unfolding, the story has me interested. Good share, Oliver.


Loved it! I think I’m becoming more a fan of ecchi rather than straight up Hentai. Perhaps my tastes are evolving past plain smut. Also I think you’ve been reading a bit too many of those Fap ‘n Go manga’s, I thought the story pacing was pretty good.


that is an amazing preview pic. the girl makes me melt like a stick of butter thrown into an exploding volcano


I haven't read this story yet but I do hope this one is like "Cutie Lips", no 3rd party involved, unlike "Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu" where the author had to involve another male character. I really hate stories where the girl is being taken, not really NTR but a story where the male protagonists is being dominated by another male.


Waiting for vol 2 already hahahh


Vol.2 is out now – looks good


Held myself back too long for this, ittadikimasu!


this is really good i was actually reading it and enjoing it not only faping
thanks oliver!!


amazing oliver just amazing :D