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Pisu Hame chapter 3 + the chapters 0-1-2-3 in another Zip file [English, 92 pictures, Uncensored versions for the chapters 0-1], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Shiwasu No Okinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ !

Excellent news, dear male and female pervs, Gullinbursti84 has finished a new chapter of Pisu Hame, by Shiwasu No Okina ! :)

In this new chapter 3, the male hero becomes the sex beast we were all expecting :3

Graphically, I preferred a bit the previous chapters because they were focused on one girl at a time, wile here, this is a quick succession of a few shots of several girls one after the other. It’s not unpleasant, I just feel Shiwasu No Okina has less “time” to fully demonstrate his (her ?) art…
Don’t take my ranting badly, this is still Shiwasu No Okina stuff, and very, very good dope ! :twisted:

My thanks are for Gullinbursti84, Darknight and Sokarius, with Gudeha decensoring the chapter 0 and me the chapter 1.
I suppose you’ll want to know : YES, Gullinbursti84 continues translating the rest, bless him :)
If you’ve got something to tell him, a thanks for instance, precisely, you’re welcome to write it in a comment ? ;)

(For MUCH more stuff, cf. The list of all Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !)

Update: More available now, click here!

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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21 Comments on "Pisu Hame chapter 3 + the chapters 0-1-2-3 in another Zip file [English, 92 pictures, Uncensored versions for the chapters 0-1], by Shiwasu No Okina"

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I will be overjoyed if this gets finished. I will be overjoyed and then do a 24 hour happy dance if it gets finished AND is fully decensored.


Agreed x10000


Remember the recap in "Sei So Tsui Dan Sha" half-way through the tank? It seemed like Okina personified himself as the person giving the recap, giving details about the creation process as well. That's why I think he's a guy, but that's just using my best deduction.

For providing this great Okina work, I'd like to thank Gullinbursti84, Darknight, Sokarius, Gudeha and Oliver. That's a whole basketball team :o

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, actually, from my point of view, SNO presented himself/herself as a futa o_O


Okina is one of greatest h mangaka for me. His girl character is so cute and so sexy. Especially the sex scene is very teased. Please translate the next chap quickly, I'm looking forward to it and thank you


looks worth a download, thx


didnt think the rest wud be translated, thanks alot Gullin


thanks for the uploads, looking forward to this hmanga especially since its by Shiwasu No Okina :)


man i would owe you a lifetime favor if you would translate [soul of lolita complex] for me… i know you're not so much into lolicon… but at least suggest me a link to the translated one… p.s: sorry for the bad english… it's always a wonder why i scored A in english at school, yet cannot do the same in all my comments…

Oliver AKA The Admin

You want ME to translate loli ?


You can suggest it to Yoroshii if you're lucky ( or commission it from scanlators like saha (, lhytiss (, desu (, etcetera, etcetera…

Monster-Girl Lover

You know, the look on the face of the kendo senpai as she's watching everything is hilarious. You know that it's going to be the best thing ever when she breaks and decides "I gotta get me some of that cock!" It's going to be glorious, just have to wonder if she'll be able to keep him all to herself, or if he'll get a harem out of it all.


anyway, thanks to Gullinbursti84 for the hard work… you existence is a blessing to all pervs worldwide…


Excellent post indeed. Many thanx Oliver and everyone involved.


Thanks for the hard work, but I think some criticism is in order… namely that of chapter 3’s translation.

To me it reads like this was done by someone who never translated something before. No offense.

The word flow is pretty broken in parts, and the translation is too literal. “Its just my luck that you get to look at everything of mine despite my shame”. “Of mine”, really?

From what I see, that particular line is also badly translated. Aka wrong.

The original lines are like
(hope this displays okay)
and would translate to
“I will show you all my dirty little spots on my body,
so go ahead and take the pictures while you’re fapping”

This doesn’t raise my confidence in the overall translation quality at all, to say the least.

Another thing is interpunctuation. There is next to none in there, it’s like one giant string of words most of the time.

There are also lots of misspelled words and grammar mistakes. “Should I going schlick schlick” is my favorite one.

The latter two parts are probably cured by a proofreader with a good grip on the English language. Shouldn’t be hard to come by.

About the translation issues, well… it’s a mix of experience and knowledge, and hell I won’t forbid anyone to translate anything, but… a bit of double-checking the translation would probably help a lot.


I was a bit more rushed then normal since I'd been so slow and I'm self taught using a couple of programs and my own knowledge of language to help me translate the japanese. Normally I go back and reread the entire thing a couple of times and use the context to help me fix up what came out as idiot speak during the translations. Didn't have the chance to do it this time and it didn't help that it kept chopping and changing between different girls so I couldn't find their "voice" to help me get context on what they were saying.


As an example…


came out of one of my programs as…

"I'll show a lot and this embarrassed me luck"

If anyone knows an actual decent program please point me in its direction :)

Also I'f you'd like to provide me with scripts for chapters 4 through 8 I'd more hten welcome them, just send them to Oliver and he'll pass them along :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'm just popping in quickly (not much time available right now), I'm certain you'll find interest in that link :


Also, and sorry to be posting so much, but the line "Should I be going Schlick schlick" sounds better to me then "Should I be going (onamatapia for) rub rub". I mean she doesn't ask if she should be rubbing but if she should make the sound for rubbing which I translated into the closet onamatapia with have for a female masturbating we have in the english language, even if its a joke term.


Also as you can see above my typo-fu is apparently very much in force at this time :)


Thx anyway GullinBursti, i'm pretty sure even if the translation isn't 100% is still enough to improve the fap by 200%. I hope to see the other chapter translated, this serie start slow and then get super mega fappable in chapter 7-8-10-11 (not that i have chapter 10, just seen previews).


the one that did Trpile H? fuck yeah :P