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Derenai Family [English], by ShindoL

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GHMMHHMHHF (yeah, with a full mouth, it's not easy to make oneself heard)

Jebus ! So it was still possible ? A ShindoL manga that’s not utterly fucked up beyond all repair ? YES !

Graphically, I must say I’ve been a bit disappointed. There was “only” oral action, and I felt the drawing quality was lacking talent or inspiration… It’s just my own personal opinion of course, but, on my side, I won’t keep that one forever burnt into my memory.

Update : this chapter is now belonging to Junai-Irregulars, a 225 pictures-long tank by ShindoL. But that manga is SO full of shit you’d better not download it and only take the present share, which is why, against my habit, I’m not removing all the links and telling you go to leech the tank instead :)

But even though the drawings didn’t absolutely make my day, I’m still very grateful to Setebos and Desu, it feels good to read “not too abnormal” ShindoL stuff :)

If you wonder, as for the scenario, this is an *almost* simple story. A girl introduces her BF to her family for the first time, there’s only the mother. And then… The boy is the “false appearances façade” type, telling “trust me I won’t do anything bad” while his head is full of thoughts about having sex with his girlfriend at once.
But he won’t be the character playing around, he discovers the true master at double-edged talk and actions is the mother. Oh boy, she was something :D

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13 Comments on "Derenai Family [English], by ShindoL"

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I believe it's worth pointing out that this is probably a sequel to Derenashi(might be spelt wrong).


ShindoL can be really hit-or-miss for me. I love his oneshot "Barrier Free", but so much of his other stuff can be pretty freaky. The description for this doesn't sound TOO bad so I'll take the plunge.

Thanks Oliver, Desu and (OMG!!, it's been too long) Setebos!


indeed, this is a sequel to Derenashi.


I gotta admit, I was afraid to look at this one, when I saw who did it. But Oliver, your description made me curious, so I took the shot… Well, surprise, I wasn't angry that I DL'd it at the end. An interesting and sexy story.

But that doesn't mean I'm a big Shindol fan now….


Sweet! Thanks a lot to desudesu and Setebos for this nice piece of work, and thanks Oliver for sharing it here.


definitely one of the best artist ever :D

thank you sooo much oliver :P


This one was actually quite funny.

Shidol Fan

-_- I prefer the normal Shindol style


lol her mom's movement at the end was so fast~


Fuckin' right :-)

Keeping this one for a while.


32cm LOL

Oliver AKA The Admin

Isn't it the average penis size in Japan ?

Huhuhu :D

Mind you, if the guy really had a 32 cm long rod, we can't blame the mother for jumping at it, it would be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity ^^


Hot story hot drawing!

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