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First Date [English, now Uncensored], by Sato Saori

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Awwwww =)

A girl between classy and total doll style asks an Average Joe to go out with her. He’s embarrassed because he has got no sense of fashion, and she doesn’t talk much. But of course things take a turn for the better, the girl reveals her dere side (what is she, a dolldere ? ew, that word, ew), she too can be embarrassed, feverish, passionate…
I’m only stating the obvious because I want to let you enjoy the discovery of the story, please believe me, it’s very fine vanilla hentai :)

Graphically, the girl is good-looking, her clothes are unusual (a bit too slutty for me to fully appreciate it, but it’s a matter of taste), and she puts up a very cute face all along, I loved it too !
Thank you VERY much to Ryuu No Tamishii, and the LWBers XnuclearlandmineX and Harmonian :) You guys rock !
– Update : and now it is UNCENSORED, YAY ! Thanks a lot to Catalan Dragon for this =)

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(19 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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10 Comments on "First Date [English, now Uncensored], by Sato Saori"

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hmm, the girl, she dressed as if she was a hooker imo, i mean the bra top, the short short, and to top it off, the Fishnet stockings <3 which is sexy to me lol, but under all that is an cute girl trying to impress a guy…ahh so cute lol.

thanks for the share Oliver and the guys that helped as well: Ryuu No Tamishii, and the LWBers XnuclearlandmineX and Harmonian.


This is unrelated to the current post, but I really like the random share. Is it totally random, or do you have a certain seed list, or do you just arbitrarily place a share there? But I digress, I just wanted to let you know that it is really cool.


"So don't break up with me." Great words to use when you're trying to convey how serious you are about your feelings for someone. She used them to great effect. For me, her trying so hard to keep him made the story. Just great, Oliver. And thanks. Also thanks to Ryuu No Tamishii, & XnuclearlandmineX & Harmonian.


thanks for the share Oliver :P


Something new, with very good artistic sense and story! Thank you for this share!


I've got this from the original posters(LWB, I think), thanks to them and the rest. On a side note, I think they said this has more chapters and I would like to see who this is going if it were true!
This is very much in the same sense as Body Language, not much of a conversation starter, but atleast she replies when spoken to.

wacky tobaccy

A hipsdere? lolololol


hmm everything other than the deposit file is working


Well it says in the first page that this the first part of a new story. I'm excited to see the rest, imo.


Lol, on second thought, she looks similar to the girl Lisbeth Salander from the girl with the dragon tattoo.

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