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Mother’s Side – After School Wives [English], by Royal Koyanagi

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Up until now, we had seen teen orgies after teen orgies with, occasionally, an adult or two. This time this is a big change, this is a whole MILF-son incestuous development !

Apart from this, it’s the usual orgy hentai :)
My grateful thanks are for Stecaz, helped by Soletta, Ecks, Kusanyagi and :)

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22 Comments on "Mother’s Side – After School Wives [English], by Royal Koyanagi"

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Fair warning: just turn off your brain when you read this one. It's not so bad once you do that. The orgies are almost on the scale of "The Pollinic Girls Attack". :D

Thanks Stecaz, Soletta, Ecks, Kusanyagi and Oliver for the MILF sexfest


Just meh
Maybe it’s due to my infavor of orgrgies
Sure I mean I like threesomes but for some reason when there’s more than one guy, I don’t like it. In other word if it is FFM, FFFM, or even FFFFFFM I’ll take it
NOTE: pertaining to the FFFFFFM, trust me, it’s ENTIRELY possible yet not advised (it was for at a party that my brother held and the poor sucker passed out in two hours after the sex started)

Seishiro Haga

So this is no reverse gangbang? Just orgy among mothers and sons? That's a bit let down.


woah for a second there, the preview picture shocked me, i thought that was a two headed lady giving a tit job and I was thinking to myself, "damn that's freaking new i haven't seen before, talking about being creative." but damn did you see the size of that porno mag in the beginning? it was like a dictionary, that could hurt somebody if used wrongly haha. Another thing, why are the boys wearing short-shorts? that's kinda strange but ehh short-shorts are a trend, but it's out of style though haha. well the story was ok, i mean it's incest, so it's nothing i haven't read yet but still nice to read…but man the Milfs where hot though, that i didn't mind at all. lol

Oliver, thank you for sharing this.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I think hentai magazines are like that, for real, in Japan.

Love this site

I wish Royal Konagi would stop drawing teenagers or whatever that looks really young.. if only it was a mature man and woman it would be so much more hot, well at lesat for me..

Love this site

by mature i mean in the 20s of course..


Royal Koyanagi needs to stop drawing his teen guys like fruit cups. Why do they all have girl's shoes and knee high socks on? You could have replaced the cock and balls with a vag and the reader would never know.

Oliver AKA The Admin

In this regard, I agree. Shit, this is almost yaoi, they're dressed as human male sex toys :(

Azure Xuchilbara

"Shit, this is almost yaoi, they're dressed as human male sex toys :("

It's not yaoi since I don't see two guys flirting with each other…

The term this is best described is "female domination" and "sado-masochistic play", as said by one of the mothers about her son…

If the woman is doing the penetration IT IS NOT yaoi…Like I said, the terms above is best used~

Nah…Some guys in real life are into that and in hentai, sometimes the cute guys get something shoved up their asses while f*cking the girl…

Guys have their prostate stimulated and they cum buckets~


Yeah I prefer it when the sons play a dominant role in mom son incest, and they are too young in this…. I don't like shota. Too bad because the woman in this are so milfish.

Azure Xuchilbara

This is clearly STRAIGHT-SHOTA and not the regular high school hentai…

There's nothing wrong with it since a lot of hentai artists draw a variety of characters in various age (and even hotter and taboo-filled relationships)…

Damn, this is pretty hot though~


I was caught off guard by the two-headed lady in the preview picture as well. Good choice of image. :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

I never saw a two-headed lady, me ! o_O


DF link is 404

Oliver AKA The Admin

It was not a 404, just a temporary unavailability :)


<a href=" _www.hentairules.net_23_123_1154lo.jpg” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>_www.hentairules.net_23_123_1154lo.jpg

most awesome facial expression ever!

First time here

Congratulations for the page!!! This page rules!!!
Keep uploading MILFS with huge breasts, they're are the best!!!
The main image of this manga is simply greatest!!!

General Hentai

Roses are red
Violets are not
MILFS are damn hot
But Shota is not.

Azure Xuchilbara

You'll get used to it…Hentai is a buffet, after all~


That mom f*cking his son anally… what the f*ck???


I hate it when the drawings are so damn good but the story sucks like this.
love the way he draws lips