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Just a note, about something of little importance

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This is a pretty void post about Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you’re not interested, you’re welcome to move on to the next pr0n post :)

I don’t know how much you have fallen into following the lulzsphere, but as for me, I must say I was absolutely appalled the day Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) closed down.

There was a simple reason, the admin running the website decided to close it down and replace it with a tasteless non-offensive almost empty version called Perhaps there might be a relation with the fact the lulzsphere website was sold to investors for hundreds of thousands dollars some months ago. Of course this will be a failure for the former admin of ED, but this was also failure for everyone who enjoyed ED. A wiki made of dozens of thousands of contributions closed down without notice, it hurts.

And here’s the good news, among the various websites trying to mirror the contents of Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of them’s finally got it done entirely, everything, all the texts, all the pictures.
Introducing : !
There’s also an updated Firefox search module.

This may be a weird point of view, but, how to say it… I think the internet NEEDS websites as offensive, puerile and counter-productive as ED. They’re much more bursting with creativity than nearly any non-rude & non-offensive sides of the interweb, and they’re an entire part of the net-culture, and nowadays the net-culture is a whole part of our lives as a whole whether we want it or not.
True, it’s impossible to visit this website without being personally offended to death. Several times. Per visit.
True, it’s possible to visit this website without laughing any bit. (Me, I can’t, I always laugh super hard, but to each his own).
But, also true, behind this horribly rude and empty nature, you can sometimes learn stuff nobody will tell more clearly.

The other lulzwiki that’s worthy of notice is The Uncyclopedia.

All that to say, eventually : I fixed all the Hentairules posts with links pointing to the old .com version of Encyclopedia Dramatica, they’re now pointing to the .ch version :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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13 Comments on "Just a note, about something of little importance"

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Never really liked ED. I’m more frequently browsing TV Tropes. You should too Oliver, TV Tropes would enhance your life, that’s for sure.


You must be trollin'. TV Tropes is a productivity black-hole. They even have a page titled "TV Tropes will Destroy you life" on their very website. :)




I didn't like ED because people would believe a lot of the stuff in the articles posted when it was mostly just a bunch of crap.

Like entropy13 said, check out tvtropes. You'll burn away so many hours reading there.


The truthfulness of the information was never the point of ED. Mindless, twisted fun was. That's all. (well, and some flaming too)


I find it funny that I actually rejoiced when hearing that. I had fun browsing ED, though you need to be aware of the kind of information it provides. To know it was saved was good news.

I agree about TV Tropes. I am now careful when approaching it, it’ like a black hole for any kind of ‘productive’ activity, be it work, school. Hell, even for fapping.


For a tasteful take on what happened, is the one to read

Oliver AKA The Admin

Interesting, thanks !


Well, this is news to me, never really heard of them… Sorry


But, Oliver! All your posts are important! Even if they are non-H related B)


encyclopedia dramatica is a great website, good to see you giving the new sight some exposure.


Glad to see someone appreciates our months of hard work <

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, thank you :)

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