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Hiyoko Brand volumes 1-2-3-4 [English, 590 pictures, the volume 4 still needs 2 chapters to be complete], by Hiyoko Kobayashi

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They're idiots, seriously

How about a very cute ecchi manga about a 17 years old schoolgirl married to a teacher at her school, showing their efforts to try and not have sex until graduation ? The color pictures are wonderfully beautiful, even if the picture resolution is too small by today’s standards.

The characters in Hiyoko Brand are… weird, probably because they’re “very Japanese”, and so, oh so very alien to my own way of thinking.
Translation credits to four groups : PlumCity, Crazy’s Mangas, Kuurosaki and Epic Works, thank you all ! :)

I didn’t find how to correctly describe shortly the manga, so, to spare you a wall of text : good teasing ero, but in a too strongly diluted volume, and two deep imbeciles as main characters, and the side characters aren’t the top of the brain elite either.

Just a note, I retouched the covers of the volumes 1-3, fixing the color balance. The volume 4 isn’t complete, it is still missing 2 chapters, 34&35, to be entirely done.

Gallery : Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4
Backup Gallery : Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(144 MB, 590 pictures, English)

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18 Comments on "Hiyoko Brand volumes 1-2-3-4 [English, 590 pictures, the volume 4 still needs 2 chapters to be complete], by Hiyoko Kobayashi"

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yay thanks for the offer Oliver :)

will download this along with Brandish when i have free time ^^


ohh gosh the lovely colors in this was very enjoyable, wish it was completely colored but hey it's better than nothing that's for sure. the story is very very cute, a love between a teacher and a student, they try their best to keep the love between them strong, despite all the interference. it's worth the read that's for sure, if you're tired of incest, doujin with no stories, random crap, tentacles, etc. then read this, it's a lovely dovely kind of love, you can't go wrong with it.

Thanks a whole lot for sharing this masterpiece Oliver


Many thanx Oliver. Never heard about this magaka, but the post seems to be my cup of tea.


i love how people think their an artist because they can use photoshop. just like how people think theyre photographers just because they have a camera. i love the stuff you post Oliver, but leave the artistry to the ones who actually understand art. i think its great youre learning photoshop and uncensoring stuff, but if youre going to mess with colours, you better learn the basics first.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I don't call myself an artist, but I stand to my words, the covers are better, definitely better.

I left the originals in the gallery, just compare.

Or else, I'll only recognize I'm wrong if you PROVE me wrong, do better ! Then I'll humbly recognize I failed, otherwise, I keep on believing I'm offering valuable value added to the persons visiting my website.


Don't really like this. I did like Peridot by Kobayashi. And it's translated.

Opabinia Cambrium

For those who speak french, also has the series (up to volume 13).
It's called 'Ma femme est une Etudiante'

Oliver AKA The Admin

Dis, tu pourrais me spoiler la face s'il te plaît, et me donner une idée, même très vague, des développements ultérieurs, si tu l'as lu ? :3

Opabinia Cambrium

Désolé, je n'avais pas vu ta question.
Je n'ai lu que le premier, mais je vais les acheter tous.
J'aime bien son style.


YAYYYYYYYYYY after those years i've been searching this manga through any sites and getting the virus thanks oliver


That was a fun read, can't wait to see whats going to happen. Thanks for the share Oliver.:D


Thanks for posting. By the way, 'Hiyoko Brand' is not the title of the book. 'Okusama wa(ha) Jyosikousei' is the title. I guess 'HIyoko Brand' just means 'manga work by HIyoko. I just found that by looking at the cover.

By the way, this work was also made in anime. Guess this work is somewhat popular.
Thanks a lot, Oliver.


As General Hentai says below, the translated name of the work is 'My Wife is a High School Girl'

The books you shared are collector's version. (just for you to know……)

Jorge Alejandro

Graciass por el manga, siempre me ha gustado

General Hentai

FYI, this was made into a 13-episode TV seriesm"Oku-sama wa Joshi Kosei" aka "My Wife is a High School Girl" which ran in 2005. Each of the 13 episodes consisted of 2 mini-episodes, so the series consists of 26 min-episodes.. According to Wikipedia, there were 13 volumes of the manga, which ran from 2002-2007.

General Hentai

Oh, it was also made into a playstation and dreamcast game back in 2002.


what is the password


Could we get the links updated ? all of them aren't working for me anymore :(

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