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Before Sunrise [English], by Maruwa Tarou

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Anal sex is the best protection against non-desired pregnancy

A cute sister is deeply in love with her brother so, night after night, she provides him all kinds of service, save actual penetration. When she’s convinced he loves her too, at last…

This manga’s a bit original, the sister is very close to being a yandere, and the brother found the safe way to have imouto sex without risking to impregnate her and compromise his own future : excellent buttsex ! :lol:

I liked a lot this story as it is now, thanks a LOT to Fuke for this !

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9 Comments on "Before Sunrise [English], by Maruwa Tarou"

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Yes yes so cute, butterflies, etc etc, but chapter 2 named "Before Sunset" is NTR, damn it, whatever, thanks for share.


"I liked a lot this story as it is now" Way to jynx it! lol… It got hit with the NTR Bomb.

When I heard the next chapter was NTR i was actually pretty suprised, since I thought she was a little yandere too, usualy those type of girls cut the dicks off anyone beisdes the person she loves if they think said person can get in the way of the one she loves. :p


NTR warning next, turns out that the sister is using her p*ssy for the teach instead, and guess who saw it and act hopeless while fapping away?


awesome stuff :P

Seishiro Haga

Bah, just when I was about to say, "Yes, this is the WINRAR!"

NTR? Seriously? Damn.


First of all, thanks a lot to FUKE for this chapter, and thanks Oliver for sharing.

As for the next chapter being NTR: yes, it is sad that the artist went that route. Luckily, this chapter works well on its own, so NTR haters should just enjoy this chapter for what it is, and ignore the next chapter when it comes out. Problem solved.

Monster-Girl Lover

The next chapter's not just NTR, it's hilariously pathetic protagonist NTR. You'll see when the chapter's translated, but the brother is worthless in the next chapter.


gotta admit, i like the drawing style, but my skim through the next chapter and my minor understanding of japanese really ruined it


Well, as Zathael said, love Ch. 1 for what it is (a really fun Wincest tale) and skip the follow on… which I will since I hate NTR as much as anybody. Thanks for this one Oliver and FUKE!

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