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I have a question, for the photoshoppers…

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In this post, I ask for help with Photoshop techniques. There’s just one porn picture, no zips, no galleries. Proceed at your own risk of sexual starvation ;)

Thanks if you read this !

I have joined this picture , from two separate pictures, and filled in the blanks of the empty central separation column, wide by approximatively 1.5 centimeters. However I’ve been unable to do a certain area properly (as well as others, true, but knowing I wouldn’t do a perfect job was demotivating, lol), below the right thigh.

Since this is a recurring problem with me, I thought I could ask the guidance of other people more talented with photoshop ? :)

More details now : cf this picture. It’s something I’m unable to fix, progressive shading differences in grayscale patterns, I’m regularly faced to this problem. If it were just colors, a blur tool would be exploitable, but preserving the pattern while achieving a progressive shading evolution, damn, I don’t manage to do it.

I’m self-learning photoshop, and I reckon I have a gigantic way to go before calling me competent. So, please, if for YOU there’s an easy solution, I’d be very grateful if you could share it in a comment :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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You're going to have to use adjustment layers. What what I have worked on, using the curve adjustment layer works best in this situation.
1. Combine both pages in one document
2. Choose to make a new adjustment layer and choose curves. Click okay, we'll get back to the actual curve in a minute.
3. On the layer mask (the white box on the adjustment layer on the layer palette), blacken in the page or area you do not want to adjust.
4. Click on the curve icon on the adjustment layer on the layer palette. Click on the 1/4 and 3/4 marks along the line. Move these ever so slightly to try and darken or lighten what you want to change.

The reason we use the curves is because it will keep the blacks as black and the whites as white instead of messing with contrast or brightness in the menu. And the beauty of the mask is that you can mess with the mask without messing with the original pictures.


Why not just lasso the area you want to shade, create a mask out of that, new layer, redraw the shading in the new layer and play with the overlay setting until it looks right? Redrawing over the general is simpler if editing shows its limits.


I would just lasso out the transitional part, copy/paste it to a new layer. tranform/manip and move it over so the right edge is lined up with the harsh transition. drop the opacity on that layer. then throw a light gradient over it from the left. should work


I don't have the manga-esque textures installed but you would just over the transition with it lightly so it doesn't look like such a blur lmao
something like this (minus the textures of course): comment image


comment image something like that (with the texture on the upper portion, yes its very sloppy but you get the idea)


The healing brush(the one that looks like a band aid
) can smoothly transition the two areas as long as there not complete edges or extreme difference of black or white or a feather the two layers after cloning can do sometimes.


i find the healing brush is just auto-clone stamp with poorer results :

Afro Thunda

Try using the Sharpen Tool (Right-click the Blur Tool to see it) on that area. It's brightens up the pixels in the area you click on little by little, so it might be able to help you out there.


make full use of dodge tool, burn tool and sponge tool…
trust me that is the closest solution to your problem, in accordance to my previous experiences :)


if you're using CS5 then try using refine edge, i think that'd work.


Seconding the use of dodge/burn/sponge tool. You may also want to change your brush settings (brush type and size). Use these tools on a duplicated layer and you can even play with the opacity.


leave it the way it is – Its a problem of scanner-settings, not yours

Its Porn not 'rescuing bad scans' of precious Photos from a time when scanners were costly, rare and bad. Especially bad to handle.

nobody will notice if you just decensor /+ redraw/blurr not eyecatching areas of pics in a hentai manga as precious it may be :)
maybe someone who does (foto) fakes or manips has a good tip 4 u .Some of them shade each color seperately fitting and/or overlay many times / maybe turning from grasycale to colour can do this job too – but im amateur with both. Faking and PhotoShop. I only use (have) Gimp sometimes and assume (by that) this will bring the either the reso down or the filesize through the roof in the end. But I never really tried that hard to make a b&w wallpaper. But nontheless I think some tips are intrestink/valuable and I will try them with my new PC next year – esp. A.Thunder's and MonMon's – TY



Totally off topic: but can someone tell me to which hentai that picture belongs? It looks yummy.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Haha ^^

Remove the -big from the picture's name, and search it on hentairules, the oldest result will be the good one ;)


I used a combination of brush, clone stamp and dodge… to be honest I don't like how it looks.. there is still a lot of room for improvement, I think you have enough resources in the doble page to make it look good…
I'm gonna try with the full page a little later but if you want I could explain a little more in detail how i did it.


comment image

I forgot the image… XD


1. clone stamp or CA the whole thing with one tone (preferably the darkest one).
2. select the area you want to modify and create new layer on top.
3. choose gradient that will fit it best and use white to nothing or black to nothing if you want do darken instead.
4. manipulate gradient opacity till you get desired result changing blend mode to lighten might help.
There are other methods but IMO this one is fastest to learn.

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