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Simple curiosity, about something I shared yesterday

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been surprised, yesterday’s Motto More Mao 2 was very unpopular. A 3-star rating, and very low download stats.  It came as a huge surprise, I love that one a whole lot, and I thought it would please several more people.

I’m curious, could I ask what made you dislike it ? Was there something you objected to ?
To the fact her male partner was nothing short of freaking unusual ?
Vanilla hentai overdose followed by a rejection ?
The humour wasn’t to your taste ?
Something else ?

I don’t force you to reply, don’t worry, it’s simple curiosity :)

Oh and something else, I announced I had updated Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou with its new bonus chapter. I humbly apologize, the Zip file I reuploaded was the original Zip, not the updated one -_- I fixed it with the real new file as soon as a kind person, Anoni-Mouse, reported it in a comment, but still, I feel very awkward about that mistake !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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36 Comments on "Simple curiosity, about something I shared yesterday"

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I found Motto More Moa 2 at Kusanyagi's blog before i visited yours and downloaded it there.


Personally I found it to be rather pleasant, though I must admit that the story was highly unoriginal (cliche "finds her masturbating and yelling his name, sex ensues"), and although the drawings weren't flawed or distorted, they were mediocre at best. Finally, and I think most people will agree with me on this, the male protagonist's face/head totally killed any chance of me getting a boner. No really, it was weird, and a major turnoff.


I've been trying to download it for awhile, but it stops around 40 to 70 percent and won't let me restart or finish downloading it. I'm using the depositfile link. I'm gonna try again. Hopefully it works this time. >: (


It's a great download. Not the best of the best, but a definite winner. Don't see any reason why people didn't download it.

I guess the Keroro head might have disturbed the way some people fantasized about the fap material, but I never realized it was there until after I downloaded the hentai.


I have no idea why it wasn't popular. I enjoyed it very much, delicious brown skin, humor and the good kind of love (I hate those hentai women who seem too be almost crying during sex, just cause they love the guy)


Personally, I've never been a fan of Keroro Gunsou. I think that may have weighted in with some people. Just my humble opinion.


I've never even heard of it, which is the main reason I read doujinshi.


There's two things I can think of…
1) The preview pic didn't catch my eye. It actually kept me from downloading it at first.
2) The guy had that weird "frog head". That probably turned people off.

Hope it helps :)


its cuz the guy is a frog. too weird for me


I avoid incomplete stories. If it is any good then someone will translate the first and third part.


Two reasons why i didnt download it;
First is that the preview picture didnt really catch my eye, so i put it aside to the "Maybe later" pile and the second was that, i had downloaded way too many older mangas in one go, leaving me with way more than I can fap to in a single day.

Plus, yesterday I decided after 3 years, to -try- and get into shining musume, which I have tried to avoid since volume 1 was released. I think i read a chapter or two when i had an off day or somthing and thought it was about the manager tricking the idols into becomming sex slaves, without really reading the important bits of the story… Now I understand the first two volumes, those were pretty easy to get into once i actually read it without skipping big bubbles :p but the mind fuck came from 3-6… i couldnt follow it for shit, I think i only really got into the story on chapter 5.

With that said, I will download Motto More Mao 2 and check it out :p


For me if its a shit show to begin with (Gayren Bangen, OnePuss, Blowruto…) I don't even bother with the h-doujins, it's so fuckin rare to dig em at all. The last good one I actually liked is that one keroro one where the sister ends up shackin up with the one-armed rapist. That was pretty, unique….
I love originals like Yanagida-kun-to-Mizuno-san more than doujins personally, per se and so to say, at that!


Coming from the guy that calls Naruto fans Narutards and who, when reviewing Bleach, described it as "fodder for the "criminally boring" demographic" I totally get your hostility to the infuriatingly terrible yet insanely popular Shonen Jump series that are out there. Still, I have to take exception with including One Piece with the rest of the trash. Oda is a visionary artist who shouldn't be compared to artists that make banal, generic shlop. One Piece and Gintama are pretty much the only reasons I haven't sworn off all Shonen Jump anime adaptations.


Yay, I've been name-checked!:D


i don't follow Keroro Gunsou and had one look at the male partner and moved on haha


Eh, I just don't go for "Weird." Don't worry too much about it.


I simply don`t bother downloading doujin parodies of series I haven`t seen before (except the content is extremely /d/'ish).


i dont like doujinshi


i prefer the one with hinata family girl


I know *I* downloaded it simply because you are sharing it Oliver. Hell, I even download stuff I already have gotten somewhere else from you because a) I know it gives you some beer money, and b) I like the way you name the files, without any weird brackets or Japanese symbols that some other translators leave in.

However, I can think of one big reason why this one may not have been downloaded that much: You specifically pointed out to people that this was part 2 of a 3 part series. I am guessing that some people are at least waiting until part 1 is released before reading it, because they don't want to be jumping into the middle of the story. Others may be waiting until all 3 parts are ready, because they don't like "to be continued…" type endings either.

As for the ratings thing, I hate to admit it, but I don't rate that many things here. If it is something I *really* like, I will take the time to rate it a 5. If it is something I *really* hate, I will take time to give it a 1. Otherwise, I am usually too lazy to rate the stuff that is somewhere in the middle. It doesn't help that I sometimes download stuff on one day, but may not actually read it until a day or two have gone by.


Besides the frog head I downloaded it becose I love TNC works .)


I don't download doujins. If you don't follow the original works, usually the names, plots, etc. don't make sense to me. Also, doujin art almost always seems like "fan" art to me.


I DL'd it here, and I seldom rate anything because it can be weeks before I actually read what I leech from you…


I didn't download it for two reasons.
1. No Futa. I know you don't like it, but we freaks like it.
2. More importantly, the cover was a bit too pedo looking.


I did not download it since it was a doujin of a manga/anime I have not seen. Personal taste: that is just something I do not do.


I'm currently watching Keroro Gunsou but I'm not very interested in a frog(alien)-human(alien) relationship. I guess I'll vote for Fuyuki-Natsumi or Aki-Fuyuki. I like incest more!! xD


Male protagonist. When he burst through the table or whatever the hell it was I immediately went flaccid and deleted the file.

Sorry =P I like a lot of what you share, I did not like this.


Possibly the reason for the low popularity of this manga is the image of little girl.
If I see a picture like that, I do not download.


I frankly couldn't decide if it was bestiality, alien-fuck, or well, loli … none of which do it for me. just too weird-ass for me to enjoy.


I'm know I'm odd for saying this but I try to only download doujin's where I have read or watched the subject. It makes it easier and hotter to me when I understand the back story or relationship and in most doujins it's just straight sex with no character development.


the drawing look good. the story is ok. not really expecting an epic from these.

but the guys face. yea sorry. that killed it off so badly for me.


well i just didn't like the drawings that's all.

still mad props for bringing it out :P


i didnt like the art


ohh Oliver i know this is not the place to ask but,

can you please find someone that can translate this H-manga?

i have been dying to read this, it looks awesome and nobody hasn't translated this yet.

it would be cool if you can find somebody translating this.

thanks for your time ^^


I just got to it. It looked OK, in a quick scan (can't speak about story or dialog) but it was just too much anatomical closeups, which I found about as sexy as a biology lesson.


download it just now

i can only think the frog head that kissing the girl that might be feel….. out of place for some ppl

but i find it quite good, not great, but not so bad.

even a gerogero can do it and transform its body. lol