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A Peephole (“Nozoki Ana”) volumes 3 and 4 [English, 410 pictures], by Honna Wakou

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I'm going to become a peeper, if things go on

How about two new Nozoki Ana (“The Peephole”) complete volumes, no less ? Hmm ? :woot:

(Just a question, please, could a kind soul tell me what is said in the speech bubbles on the two cover pictures ? I’m dead curious !)

The story occasionally gets nicely twisted, I loved that feeling. The hero and his female partner in peeping get involved deeper and deeper with each other, the plot manages to become more interesting over time and, even if I can guess how it will end eventually, I am NOT pissed off at the male hero. Usually, I’d feel angry at a guy torn between women, but here, no, he’s really doing his best in all regards, and given the nature of his partners, it was sort of normal ^^ There is also a very moving moment, when two childhood friends manage to overcome the last ambers of their past passion and find how to move on.

In short : go for it, this is an EXCELLENT ecchi manga ! Even if it were 120% hardcore and drawn by Yamatogawa, I’d still dig it on top of all for the scenario (erm, well, at least after some private time with myself).

Fast links : volumes 1-2, volumes 3-4 , volume 5,
Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8

Volume 3, Pictures Gallery : mirror 1 – or – mirror 2
Volume 4, Pictures Gallery : mirror 1 – or – mirror 2

Download the two volumes in a Zip file
(166 MB, 410 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

Credits and great thanks for the good work are for a whole bunch of people :
– Zephyranthez and Azwald from BTW Scans
– Tran Linh, Koro, Diwrno, Lopez2304, Cheesus, X.Fabian.X, Diwrno, Badass, Maiku and Focus from XscansX
– Prozess, Galooza, Archknight, Powha and Jcafe from Black Wing Scans

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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28 Comments on "A Peephole (“Nozoki Ana”) volumes 3 and 4 [English, 410 pictures], by Honna Wakou"

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You've convinced me, Oliver. This will be something I'll read later. I've just been passing this series up until now because I thought the story was going to be unimpressive. Way to sound convincing ;)

Holy Smokes! That list of credits is long enough to be a roster for TWO baseball teams! Thanks for all the work guys!


Tell me you're joking, you can't feel the intensity from the last 2 volumes?
Mua? I was just waiting until Olly here posted what's been going on so far…
Damn! I gotta thank everybody that did all the hard work for us to read!
Minna domo arigatou!


I have yet to read any of this story yet.


Salute to Emiru. No complaints so far. I know this was getting interesting, but I didn't know it would turn from full of lust and distrust into love and trust.

But I don't like cliffhangers, and for tiny spoiler, end of v4 wasn't a pre-climax cliffhanger.
It was.. a weird one.. that won't leave you questioning, but a cliffhanger still o.o


i forgot all about this!


btw Oliver, the volume 5 has been fully translated, check out blackwing's site


May you please provide a link? The most I can find on their site is up to chapter 36.


They have volume 5 fully translated and scanalated already. I'm sure they'll be released in the following few days or weeks depending on their upload schedule.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, OK, my bad, so it isn't public yet ?

Oh well, gotta wait.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Was it ?!?

Woot !
Sharing tomorrow :)

Thanks for the info !


If you want to know what speach bubble saying, please read my comment below.
BTW, were the bubbles in the cover of vol.1 and 2 translated? I forgot cause it's been a while I read 1 and 2.

p.s. You can not notice the comment unless I reply to your comment? Tell me. 'cause sometimes I write comment for letting you notice about wrong posting name or etc.


Na, I don't think they will ever hook up. They will get close, but eventually move on.


fucking nice Oliver :)

thanks for sharing :)

another awesome artist i don't know of :P


Okay Oliver, here you go.
I'll tell what's written on the covers from the top.

cover of 3rd volume – Even though I peeped specially for you yesterday night…..
It's emergency…
I just want to look at you, Kido-san
cover of 4th volume – It is for you to peep me
Do you think I'll let that go?
Craving for put it in… It's against the rule

Thank you for share Oliver. Would this be a small present for ya?

BTW, look at the comment I made on the post , 'Hiyoko Brand'. It's about the mistake about the name of the post…


Man, thank you! I had just finally found Volume 3, and a day later, you show up with Volume 4. Fantastic!
Can’t wait for Volume 5. I love these ecchi manga – they are just a far better read than your average hentai.


SPOILER_SO STOP READING IF YOU DON'T want to know. OK, I really really like this series… but I'm ahead a bit in the RAWS, and feel the need to issue an NTR warning. I also try to repair the damage done by pointing out that it was perhaps for the best. I dislike NTR but stuck with the series, and was satisfied with the result. (But then I kinda like crazy Emiru…)

Thanks Oliver for posting such a complex and interesting series. It ain't a run-of-the-mill manga, and worth the read.


O snaps, lot of people going to be upset when this goes down the NTR route. I kinda expected it, but Oliver you had better be prepared for the waves. Got so many into it and this happens, lol/

Oliver AKA The Admin

If it's "intelligent" netorare, I have yet to see what it looks like ni a manga… I'll be curious to see.

As I wrote, faced with one pushy GF on the one hand and a mischievous entrancing partner on the other hand, I can't blame the male hero for being undecisive and having faltering spirits, frankly.


i'm not sure if it intelligent but it will be fucking frustrating especially when new chapter haven't come out to make it OK. Mind you it a long time

Kuro Neko

I've also peeked at the raws as my curiosity got the better of me, and I think that the NTR aspect was done in a good way, as much as I can understand just by looking at the pictures. The NTR serves as a good plot device that actually moves the storyline further, without focusing on just the sex action. So, I really do believe that in this instance, the NTR aspect is something that adds to the overall value of the manga, instead of being the pull factor for people who enjoy that genre. This will probably be the only time that I can accept NTR in the manga that I read, as I usually avoid this genre like the plague. So, I hope that no one is scared to read this manga just because they heard it had some NTR that they lost out on a gem of a read.


It is funny. Like 80% of what you shows us is the forever love of childhood friends, yet this is more realistic(The part where his old friend and he decide to move on). Of all the pairings back when I was in highschool, I only know of one couple that has stayed together.


Many thanx Oliver.


It is a really great story but its not getting me to "my" happy end but it's a very good story if u consider this as a normal manga series :D

He who has no taste

Many thanks to everyone involved in this

I see there are already 7 volumes out for this, I found the kor versions but will wait for the clean ones here.

Kanpai to the Oliver of course.


just great. i cant wait for more. the first two were ok but now im hooked.


I found chapter 37 and 38 on e-hentai


A guy named Eutopia put up Vol. 6 Chaptrs 46-47 with 51 pages today
Sorry I'm now a bit confused – at wich Chapter are we then?

Link is:


any usable link i could used to download this volume?

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