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Horyo No Okite (“The Law of the Prisoner”) [English, 175 pictures], by F.S.

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Lol wut, eh ? :D

With ridicule or nasty stuff, there’s always a certain frontier, supposedly unreachable, where you’ve reached the bottom pit of the concept, you can’t push it farther or make it worse, do you see the idea ?
Fortunately, the hentai world ignores limits : once we reach the bottom – we start digging into new territories ! :D

In short : most of the time it’s so stupid that it became superbly funny in its own unplanned way. Bathos =)

Raped modded female prisoners ? Sailor rapist ? Undercover raped and forgotten agent ? Vagina breasts ? Popping dick (yeah, lots of futa action) ? LOL. And it was just the first half of the manga, the rest is more consensual and conventional hentai, but it’s still possible to have a good laugh once you stop wanting to blame the artist and simply let it flow, grabbing what you like among the stuff. Usually I’d reject a manga like that, but, really, I don’t see how I could have taken that one seriously.

I don’t have all credits, but at least, thanks are due to Raikoh from :)

By the same artist, I also share Super Marao – Wall Of Text, a Mario doujin o.O

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(139 MB, 175 pictures, English)

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18 Comments on "Horyo No Okite (“The Law of the Prisoner”) [English, 175 pictures], by F.S."

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You just know that you lost all hope of reading a comprehensible storyline when a character is named "Tit" xD. If you enjoy it for the (futa) visuals alone, you'll probably be satisfied.

Thanks Raikoh, Oliver and the unknown translator/editor for sharing.


read most for futa don't even know if I will download?Got lost after ch.1


Many thanx Oliver and Raikoh .


Oliver change the category to complete english mangas!


I like this for lots and lots of reasons… one of the main points is that they dont focus on breaking the woman with repetative and annoying gang bangs for the entire manga, hell the gangbangs stop after chapter 3. The chapter with the vagina boobs is only one chapter, so it doesnt focus on that, or even mention it for the rest of the manga, which in others I have seen penetrate tits, it usualy ends with the woman having 4 dicks in each tit. Its not very serious and most of it can be considered funny. lots of futa action, and at last, It has a somewhat happy ending :p

Oh, and I love the way the artist draws the boobs, the little flick he gives at the nipples is amazing.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks :)


Big thanks!
I love F.S also known as Eguchi Jin I believe.
But the filesize is kinda big for the amount of pics ain’t it?


Hi Oliver. This was great. But do you know the name of the Hentai where the guy disguise himself as a chair and has sex with his girl friend while inside the chair with a hole in it. That was funny. It;s on this site but I can't find it. Thanks

Oliver AKA The Admin

It sounds horribly familiar, but I can't recall which work it was >_<


Just so you know, F.S. is the same artist as Hiroshi Eguchi, author of Haruka Hikawa. You know, in case you wanted to link to that too.


is this a complete tank already?


rofl-Lol claim this as hent
NO WAY (of a fap) other zones of the sub-brain are erected here
glad that something like that exists although its unfapable
:D:D:D:þ 3.5 stars for the comedy


I came to this over 10 times reading it through the first time. Your claims of it being unfapable are very wrong >:)


Its much better than the wall of Text
Don know why – still chuckliing
but like to thank You for this also (again)
btw. for what TH stands FS?? (fucking stupid?)


one fucked up of a manga :D


oh great!! really thanks for this. i love f.s. stuff =)

came buckets

so hot


awesome manga, as expected from Queen Blade illustrator…