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Houkago Trap [English], by Hisasi

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Come on, honestly, this is a fuck me face, right ? ;)

UPDATE : This story now belongs to the Porno Switch tankoubon, 213 pages long, full of awesomesauce… Enjoy ! ^_^

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The list of Hisasi’s works on hentairules…


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9 Comments on "Houkago Trap [English], by Hisasi"

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The girl also has a case of "OMG! Where has she been hiding those tits?!?!" syndrome. If you thought her breast were big at first, they be absolutely mammoth later on. xD

I started wondering about the whole "where does the sperm go after sex" thing for a couple of weeks now. Now I can't help but get puzzled whenever it happens (which is far too often). Oh well, if you want realistic sex, go get some youself :D

Thanks Gurumao and Altereggo from Team Vanilla and Oliver for sharing here.


She had an extra change in her bag. I always bring an extra just in case :P


yop, error on the filesonic link

Oliver AKA The Admin

It's working on my side…


Is "the uncensored version of Tsun Devil" and "Aprodisiac Demons Only Know" the same links?


Holy crap i'm having the case of Where the Fuk did you hide those moments, i mean man she had some huge ones already but when i look at page 12, they seems to gotten a whole lot larger, i'm like wow, you're like a penis, you get more larger as you get aroused…hmm lol that was a weird comparison was it not? but hey it's just about the same in this situation lol.

"OK, the girl had sex at school and the entirety of her outfit is soaked with sperm, sweat and love juices. So : how come her cloathes are dry and sparking clean in the end ?"

and as for this question i think i have an answer to this, she probably has one of those resistant clothes that prevent it from getting wet and dirty. lol but it's the hentai world were talking about, the sperm might've evaporated into the sky with the rain lol. or she has a personal dry cleaning service that specialize in cleaning sperm, sweat and love juice in a matter of minutes lol.

anyways thanks for the share Oliver.


You had me at "Hisasi!"


lovely :D


If it weren't for the damn censoring, this could have been a lot more satisfying. Thanks for the share though.