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The Beyond Stupid Netorare Poll :D

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I can’t explain why, but I’m strangely attracted to Bug, by Nagare Ippon, it’s SO fucked up and exaggerated, I find it fun :D

And in this regard, in the comments beyond Bug chapter 2, a visitor called Moonbug funnily tried to imagine how this fucked up story is going to evolve.

I found it fun too, to try to imagine how fucked up things are going to become, and why !

So, until more chapters are released and the fun fades away, let’s have a definitely stupid poll ! :D :lol:

So, in your opinion, where is the fucker in Bug, by Nagare Ippon, headed to ? (so far, chapters 1-2 have been released)

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31 Comments on "The Beyond Stupid Netorare Poll :D"

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Oliver AKA The Admin

I voted C, lol ^^


Let me tell you something, Oliver: when things can go wrong, they get worse ;) Trust me.
I, for once, don't want to close my mind about one option or another, specially when the artist is recognized for create "fucked up" material (although Nagare Ippon is far away from, for example, ShindoL, in terms of subjects for doing "fucked up" stories)
So, bottom line, my "opinion?, prediction?" for the time being is: prepare for the worse, Oliver.
See ya, buddy.


Well if he's gay so why does he get a boner about her?
I wouldn't pop a boner about a guy… so option 3 isn't possible, i guess..




I say C.
With that many pictures of him like that, it's obsession. He has the glare that screams at the girl that he despises her. He fucks her with malicious intent and he is the type to crush all over someone.

and I would say he is more getting a boner from fucking her up because the idea of physical and emotional pain is erotic to him more than the fact that she's naked or smokin hot.

IGO - The Dreamer

No doubt, is the "C" option!!! LOL

He is gay and crazy! =)


Option B sounds so appealing… Sadly, we all know kyousuke is going to have a 2 inch erect dick and on his birthday when he goes to fuck his girlfriend (If shes not already being gangbanged by 3-10 people) She will reject him with "I really love you and want to feel good, but your dick is so small! I feel nothing!" then asks someone else to fuck her instead.


haha i swear this is the "classic" ntr setup, definitely saw this scenario in another series. I also have a feeling that this is going to happen. Oh the woes of NTR.


Heh. I like how its "He's gay." and "Its gets worse" are the leaders in the poll..

For the record I voted it gets worse.

It always does.


I think this is Cross Crime by Ippon.


I'm expecting a total fuckin trainwreck of awesome proportions, so FUBAR that you just can't even do anything else but take a ride in the ROFLCOPTER.

Yeah, and I voted "Gets worse", d'uh.


I voted C, but I don't agree with the whole picture. IMHO, the third party is plain obsessed with the male hero, and sees the girl as a wedge stuck between them, so he's trying to… get rid of the problem. Maybe yes, he thinks that, making her a whore will show his "friend" how wrong he was to hang with her in the first place, and make him happily come back to him (then again, if that was really the scenario, I expect Kyosuke to beat his psycho friend bloody the moment he discovers what he has done).


The thing is, in these type of..stuff.. the guy that gets screwed over does nothing most of the time or it ends before that. So I foresee no retribution or execution of epic wrath/smackdown. Just a really bad taste in your mouth ( not a pun).


Oh wow, you actually made a poll of this. Again, I choose C. Because just for once, I'd like to see that happen. Just once in an NTR comic, I want to see their motivations to break up a couple are cause they're into the guy and not the girl. JUST ONCE.

I think I put my name as Milkbiscuit when including option D. Ignore that.


Hopefully C because the standard NTR plots are getting pretty boring


He wants the guy, definitely.

Kuonji Alice

Whoa, you even made its own poll for speculation lol. As I said before in my previous post, I'm more inclined in C…but B/D is not bad :(

Seriously, I never thought a H-manga will be speculated like this (and it's NTR AND Nagare Ippon)


Voted C because it's a pretty usual motivation, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's B or monster grade E.


Wow,I'm the 777th Voter,yay!


I hope this is the first manga ever where the guy that gets fucked over takes revenge by chainsawing the other guy.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh man, it would be epic.


Damn, this guy, I just hate NTR, but the ravishing, lustful, hot rough sex is so appealing to me. So far, I'm seeing what I like coupled with what I loath more and more…
Wanted to say this in the last NTR topic, but forgot…

Anyway, I go for C as well. I see this goes more for psychological relationship damage just so Fujisaki can have Kyousuke watch his back, Seeing Kyousuke's girlfriend holding his hands and Fujisaki glaring at that just gives you the impression he wants her out of the picture, 'cause his friend (more like his "back-bone") is being taken away. Seeing the pictures of Fujisaki's friend hanging on the wall of his room really got me thinking he has some sort of a crush on him like

"If I can't have him, no-one can!"


I think it will turn out to be something stupid like Kyousuke fucked Fujisakis sister, who Fujisaki had a crush on or something like that.


Ntr is just so fucked up I don't even want to know wtf happens next. Ippon just knows how to get at you. T_T. These are all original characters who I've never even seen before and like 10 pages in I rage so damn hard….


I vote A, but "getting worse" (better, IMO) is the second option


D. You can always trust netorare to almost single-handedly spoil any kind of taste for hentai you're into. :P That's why I didn't read Bug, even when the drawings were good and the gil was hot.


Voted for A. What? I'm a simple guy, and A option is the easiest one for a motive. A well-off man helping people in need, not knowing he earns the hatred of those he helped as he is the living testament to their inferiority.


Worst! Worst! Worst!!!

Kuonji Alice

That reminds me…Oliver, what do you think of creating NTR tag in the future for those kind of manga?


I think it's not that he hates Kyousuke, he's just very jaleous of him, to the point where he is totally obsessed. He wants to become all that Kyousuke is and steal everything he has, especially his girlfriend, which is probably what's more precious to him.
Eventually, she's going to say something like "I'm sorry Kyousuke, but I can't go on living without his ****. Anyway, there's no way a virgin like you could satisfy me with this tiny **** of yours, right ? Goodbye, Kyousuke."


It seems like it could be C, though it's probably not. I kinda hope it is, though, I've read yaoi manga like that before. [I'm a girl, btw]