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Remedial Lesson [English], by Bobobo

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A pet student, ROFL !

A student too embarrassed to achieve good grades in sexual education is given a private anatomy lesson by a hot busty female teacher.

Ain’t school life wonderful, it’s strange, I don’t recall such events ever happening at MY school, too bad !

There were some very good and very bad parts about the drawings. Sometimes the woman is really hot, but on two or three pictures, Bobobo must have abused crack or LSD, no woman can have fat hips like that (especially considering the hips become normal again one panel later, WTF).
I made a bonus pic to illustrate what I mean, lol !

By Bobobo, I also share Thermometer Boy, After A Month, the frigging hilarious Leftovers ( «He sure showed me !»), and The Day She Became My Sister.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(11 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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10 Comments on "Remedial Lesson [English], by Bobobo"

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IGO - The Dreamer

About the drawings, I agreed with you, but, I think how hilarious this be, so….. It's okay for me!!! =D

And thanks for the share, Oliver! o/


I can help but disagree with you man, this is one of most favorite artists 2nd only to another artist you arent fond of, Tetrodotoxin. I love the big tits/hips thing…<3


Is it just me or am I noticing this artist to be drawing the male characters to be very Shota like? (not for it or against it)


bonus pic made my day, can't stop lol.


I think what happened in that second part of the bonus pic is that Bobobo was trying to show distance/perspective/whatever you call it, by having the girls legs appear larger, since the guys face is *right there*. Then her torso is drawn a bit smaller, and finally her head even smaller still. It is supposed to make it look like her legs are close to the reader, while her head is a distance away, but the drawings just didn't work out right.

All that being said, I still *love* Bobobo, and I am very happy to be able to add this story to my collection. Thanks a lot to whoever translated it, and thanks Oliver for sharing.


Thanks for the share Oliver, especially the bonus pic hahahaha XD


Can't… see… bonus… pic… X_X

Oliver AKA The Admin

Why can't you see it ? o_O

In the worst case, replace

(explanation : I upload pictures to both. is hosted at another host with another cheap hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth but poor CPU resources, serving as a media serving resource, to reduce the hassle on my main hosting account for, that avoids me to smoothen server usage and avoid having to resort to a more expensive hosting solution in the end)


The whole PLDK tank is pretty awesome.


thanks oliver :P