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It’s been an interesting week-end…

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I forgot to post a note about it, I was away this week-end, sorry I left you with unfixed shares in the Tsukino Jyogi post !

(the rest is a very boring post without porn, about myself, , looking back, I start regretting I may have written it. Before I grow even more hesitant, I click to save it. You certainly aren’t obligated to read it)

I was having a family reunion with a pack of 60-70 family members, it may look much, but with an average number of 3.5 children per couple over 4 generations, and a tradition of keeping strong ties, a family grows super fast :D

Anyway. I thought I could tell something personal, maybe some of you may relate to this, or, even better, it may make some of you reconsider things from their past…
My father passed away when I was still a kid, 25 years ago, and since he and my mother divorced early and lived 800 Km from each other, I have very few actual memories of him, most of them are emotion-less and faded away, most of the things I know I should remember of him come from what I’ve been told. And, it’s not a shame to tell it, these stories I’ve been told were about him being a rolling stone unable to find or keep a job, running away from responsibility, and the like.
However, during this family stay, old family albums were passed around, and then there was a new factor, my six-years old elder son playing with me. And suddenly, it was like a very heavy blow on my neck, the atmosphere, observing my son playing with me, the photos, all of a sudden some memories came back, of my father and me playing together, of me simply enjoying to play and loving him… It was like having a father again, like a lost part of myself restored back in place…

It was painful, but how to say it… it was a very sweet pain.

And why am I telling it here ? Well, I’m not too sure ! Maybe because I’ve been already telling too much of my life over the years. Maybe also, because I hope it could be of help to a few of the readers, I think a few persons might appreciate an encouragement to dive into the past to dig out memories of lost relations ? In my personal case, I feel less empty now, heck, no shrink could have helped me like that.

End of the super-long story, sorry I bored you with that !

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No need to apologize Oliver! It's your blog and you can do what you want with it!
And those bittersweet memories always end up being some of the most important ones in your life.


Hey Oliver, hope you had a ton of fun at your family reunion, and at least in my opinion taking a break from time to time like this one is fine, sharing content on a daily basis with us is awesome and little escapes like this one are more than deserved (and usually very needed).
As for your story it's nice to hear you were able to remember a piece of your past like that one because it's moments like those that make us enjoy life a little more or help us to beceom better.
Anyway sorry for all this text, and thanks for sharing this with us cause I know I did find it interesting to read.


Seriously and I mean this with a gratified heart, a weeping soul, and not an ounce of sarcasm from the innermost parts of every fiber of my body…
Cool Story Bro


Its good to hear your thoughts. And a rest here and there will prepare you for the longer road.


daawww :3
this gave me some very nice childhood memories thx Oliver ^_^
btw, a pack of 60-70 family members? DAAAAMN thats a BIG family xD


First of all, no need to apologize, family stuff comes first. We can wait a day or two for more hentai.

Second of all, I am *very* glad to hear you were gone for a family reunion. I was really worried that you had another trip to the emergency room with your wife or one of your kids. I am happy that was not the case.

As for the rest of the story, I recently lost my father to prostate cancer, so I understand the emotions that can run through you when family photo albums get passed around. :(


Shit man, having those kind of moments, experiencing that kind of emotions – I think its part of living your life to the fullest. Good for you :)
And as for the blog – there are no motherfuckers here, who think of you as some kind of "blog-bound blog-slave". Or so I hope. If there are some – fuck them :)
Great to see you are back!


this was not boring eventually every kid will lose their parents and these memories will be all we have of them hell i like it when my dad tells me stories of his past cause it gives me something to remember him by as well as help me get to know what he was like before he was married

Sol Hwan

Hm. I recall a similar story of such here and there including my grandfather… The poor man drank himself to death and died when my father was still in high school, and my grandmother soon after… Families, friends, they all come and go. Whether it be the drink or a restless soul, but it be those lovely memories and moments of nostalgic longing… Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, bro. Bittersweet, so pleasant yet just a wish.
Enjoy your reunion, Bro. It'll be grand, I just know it.


nothing wrong with wanting to take things off your chest… and as you said beforehand that this post would'nt be about hentai, well, you got yourself an audience really interested about what you're about to write ^^


It's fine Oliver.

In fact, I kind of like when hentai-sharers want to talk about real life and stuff, instead of trying to live all the time in a hentai fantasy of kinds. We're all humans of flesh and blood behind our PCs and doujins.

I am very impressed by the sheer fact you've had a family reunion of 60-70 members! ^___^

Even reuniting all cousins and close relatives I wouldn't hit 40! Got to use some obscure parents to reach that high. Haha.

And the flashback of memories was sweet to read. Really exceptional stuff, never happened to me. But I always recall my childhood every now and then, and when I can't recall something in particular I ask other people that remember it well. So, I'm always "up to date" with my memories, at least with the ones I care about! ;P



After reading the post and the proceeding comments, it appears that perverts are also the nicest people on the internet ;). I am glad that you are making the most to be a good dad to your kids.


man after reading your post it's definitely painful though im glad you were able to remember some of the memories you had with him.

i don't think you should apologize since it is your blog so do whatever you want :)

glad it loosen up some air around your chest ^^


Made my day. It reinforces my theory about everyone's life being a best selling story. It also lets me know there's no perfect owner's manual to being a father. You do the best with what you've got to pass along and the time allotted to pass it.


That's quite a touching story, it's nice you can share that with us. It's great you were able to remember more about your daddy and that your such a great father to your kids. Then one day your kids will have their own and maybe have flashbacks of you =p.


There is a word in Portuguese, a very powerful word that could signify a nation, enough that it is untranslatable, that could describe your feelings about your father, Olivier: Saudade. The French translation is nostalgie, but that really doesn't encapsulate the gist of the word. Talking to my teacher (and a few fisherman) about it once, the best way to describe saudade is thus: It's kind of like feeling like you have lost something, even if it's something you never had. That you are missing what was never there in the first place. Portugal's somewhat tragic history fits well with that word, enough that an entire music genre (fado) was built on that emotion alone. (Suck on that, emo kids)

As per me…my father will have been dead for six years next month. Towards the end of his life, our relationship was slowly recovering after a dark period (imagine being naturally alienated from the world, combined with the hormonal hostility of puberty, and then your mother using an incident to manipulate you into hating your father. Still rather bitter about the last part). He died on the autumnal equinox, after what had been (for me) a life-changing summer: Leaving my homeland for good, movements that ultimately resulted in my becoming a music writer, coming to terms to what may have been my first relationship.


I'm in the same situation as you when we talk about fathers. But, I'm still 21. Maybe in ten years I'll live this same experience. It's good to know that, really.


thanx Oliver, you make me remember something i was forgoten, really!, im happy you are ok.


it's a touching story oliver. thanks for sharing

Wild Goose

We all have a life outside of hentai ;D

That aside, thanks for sharing your story. It's a wakeup call to me – my dad's still alive, but we hardly know each other; he was busy with work, then I got older and started working…

And a 60-70 person reunion? O__O Largest reunion I've been to was about 30-odd people <.< Wow.


Its always nice to know about the person who you're getting so much out of, its rather nice. Thank you again and again.


Thank you, Oliver. It's these posts that make me visit your blog over and over again:) I like the personal touch; it's just nice to know we deal with a real and nice person here:)


Totally agree. Thanks for sharing some more of yourself Oliver. I spent more time on this post than any other – trying to think of something worthwhile to say. I don't have that wisdom though :( Well I tried anyway.