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Indecent chapters 1-2 [English], + the Complete Japanese manga (197 pictures), by Inomaru

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UPDATE : good news, this post is now obsolete, I now share the COMPLETE version of Indecent, on THAT page, enjoy ^_^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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9 Comments on "Indecent chapters 1-2 [English], + the Complete Japanese manga (197 pictures), by Inomaru"

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Awesome! Always nice to see Inomaru dedicate his drawing ánd writing skills (boy howdy he has them!) to pure vanilla. You have got be honest, though: the happy endings and the happy scenarios wouldn't be as happy if there wasn't some dark stuff to balance things out. No, the netorare, the rape and the mind break aren't always nice to read, but they definitely keep things fresh and interesting. Compare it with food: it is nice to eat haute cuisine every day, but sometimes you just want a greasy, unhealthy hamburger. It is one of the main reasons I like Inomaru so much: his works generally have something for everybody.

I have got to say, I am curious about the last chapter. I think I will just wait for it to be translated, though. The last time I checked the original Japanese version of a 'real bad news chapter' was the last chapter of I Will Protect You, which kinda traumatized me, haha. :p


First of all, thanks a lot to Aeleth, Malone and Kam182 for their hard work and thanks Oliver for sharing this. These couple chapters look great.

As for the rest of the tank, I don't mind "mixed bag" books because like Harco said, the dark stuff kind of balances out the light stuff and makes the light stuff seem better. I will look forward to seeing more of this.


wheres the gallery link for the complete Japanese edition


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver, Aeleth, Malone and Kam182. Such a long waiting for chp 2.


Thanks Oliver for the share, and to the fellas from Munyu who are currently working on this.

Seishiro Haga

No anti-vanilla? Seriously? Are we talking about the artist here?


There is one semi-rape chapter where a bunch of older men masturbate in this girl's face while using a dildo on her, but ends in weird vanilla way when a male classmate stumbles.

The last chapter is actually the start of Sex Education's story arc… so yeah, it's the episode where the girl's new Step Mom has her sex slaves rape her.

Everything else is pretty much vanilla.

Alexandrine Library

Hei, Oliver, the complete volume is already available:
(It includes a prequel to Sex Education.)

Oliver AKA The Admin

you burned me by nine minutes, argh !