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Settai Play [English], by Edo Shigezu

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Wardcore netorare. Warning !

Hardcore netorare check-list :
– wife betraying the husband, preferring sex with other men : check !
– husband terribly and publicly humiliated : check !
– wife reduced to being a piece of flesh, nuked dignity : check !
– man’s pride at being a husband and at holding promises, utterly crushed : check !
– souls broken deep inside : check !

Allright, I think we’ve got the main components, the only missing element is the wife taunting the husband, too bad ! And, maybe this looked too unrealistic to hurt really as deeply as possible the feelings, in that regard, the undefeated ruler remains Educating Man And Woman.

*cough* My description was spot on, I’m afraid, so consider yourselves warned, right ? Don’t read it if you’ve got a pure, kind and sensible soul, this share is for veterans who either love it, or have a titanium-clad soul hardened from long exposure to hardcore hentai :o

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(11 MB, 20 pictures, English)

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14 Comments on "Settai Play [English], by Edo Shigezu"

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Translated by Kusanyagi, edited by Psyburn21.

As much as I hate NTR, I know there are people who will really enjoy it. This will get low ratings but be one of the most downloaded files for the week. *sigh*


They are known as psychological masochist, in this society they do exist (otherwise why would all them artist draw NTR)


True, but IMHO there's could also be other reasons as well, such as chauvism. By deploring women to mere animals that easily succumb to carnal pleasures and primitive desires, it could give the male audience a false sense of moral superiority…or something like that=/ That's just my theory tho.


Crap, I just realise I got trolled LOLxD

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hah HAH !

About the download stats, I'm glad to say this one is doing poorly, yay ! :D

I added the download stats, obtained one minute ago, from the 3 zip hosts, for today's shares: :

Inomaru's Indecent=83
(A shock, its super unpopular compared to the inner quality, I expected 3 times more !)

Ashiomi Masato's Warning Morning=288
(wincest means this volume, usually, lol)

Edo Shigezu's Settai Play=242
(the biggest surprise, Royal Koyanagi's yaoi work was already in the thousands 12 hours later, lol)

Tuna Empire's Beyond The Rainbow=201
(a good surprise, the "vanilla" keyword made wonders, usually it's much less with Tuna Empire, though I don't give a fuck, I love this artist, I share his works, period)

Hyoco Road's Whos Riding The Love Train=418
(as expected from the post going to be on top during 24 hours, but even then, not bad at all)


Whaa~? Indecent only gets 83? Probably the last 2 work got people thinking Inomaru is gonna troll them, I can guarantee that most of the book is happy sex


I just love NTR… I cant get enough of them.


I prefer raws so I can just enjoy the drawings


How can this be NTR, if there is obviously no love in this marriage? Its more like "wife swap" or "wife sharing" or "please bang my wife". It's not disturbing at all. It's just boring and stupid:/
Disturbing is waste of time one spend on that piece of crap.
Calling this NTR – you could call animals fornicating during mating season NTRish as well:/


This story is dull and the art is mediocre compared to Nagare Ippon. Nonetheless thanks Oliver.


Yeah, I am in a real hurry for marriage. I will never marry, seems pointless in modern society.


Yeah, ditto. Seems like real love is a rarity nowadays, and things like NTR are becoming more and more common. Maybe that's why I find it read it?


Thanks for keeping us NTR fans happy :-)


Loved it. Thanks :)

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