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Pack of 3 works by Takeda Hiromitsu : Doritama M, Doritama R, and Mayo Tama

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Fuck you, Takeda Hiromitsu

Fuck you, ShindoL. – Er, no wait ! I’m sorry ! It’s not ShindoL !
Let’s fix it :
Fuck you, Takeda Hiromitsu.
Haaa, there, now it’s better :)

The picture above tells everything that must be said, I’m afraid, look at that expression.
Those three Mayo Chiki and Dream Club hentai doujinshi feature mind-break and slave-to-cock bitch training, with additional netorare in the Doritama volumes.
Seriously, you’re warned, I still share it because the drawings are good, but as for me, I could never fap to this.
Oh, why has Takeda Hiromitsu strayed so far from the so WONDERFUL Tsundero, why ?
Credits are for Saha and Raikoh, thanks in the name of the voiceless fappers who enjoy this !

(Don’t miss The list of my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu !)


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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(27 MB, 47 pictures, English)

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24 Comments on "Pack of 3 works by Takeda Hiromitsu : Doritama M, Doritama R, and Mayo Tama"

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I was wondering why Takeda Hiromitsu hasn't drawn anything new as of late… turns out he is doing a full time manga now Maken – Ki… even got an anime out of it… kinda happy for him but also kinda sad coz I won't be seeing any new work from him…


Oliver, you're already sharing the Doritama files.;)


I didn't care about the mind break, the turning-into-cock-slaves and the netorare. What bugged me about these works is that they lack a soul. Can you even call it a 'work'? It's like Takeda Hiromitsu just drew some random girls and ugly guys, included some generic dialogue and left it at that. It's a shame, really, he could do só much more with his talent.


My absolute favorite Author, thanks.

Seishiro Haga



one doritama is missing, maybe isn´t translated yet


great post…
i like it


Jeez, when are you going to start labeling the doujinshi with their show-names? I find it difficult to sort the folders this way.

Oliver AKA The Admin

For me, the most important is not to know what is parodiated, it's to know who has drawn it. So, i start with the artist's name.


I just hate snotty noses. Incredibly unsexy.


Takeda Hiromitsu work has always centered around sex-slave and NTR. TBH i think this style suit him better than his Tsundero manga, since he really know how to draw that ahegao face


I have to agree, NTR is really irking me. Really, I remember a lot of his vanilla stuff and they tended to be pretty drool inducing. Does this strengthen his Comiket income or something?

Oh Man

Most likely, because there are a lot of people in Japan who are into it lol, same way lolicon sells over there, something I will never come to understand ><


So we won't fit into Japan? T_T

Oh Man

Well if you were looking to live their your whole life, it might take a while to get used to things. I stayed there for 3 months and realized no matter how much you grow up with Japanese influence you can never really "fit" into a country unless you grew up there or stayed there more than 5 years or something. I know it looks great in anime but in reality things could get weird like sometimes really weird, but that's just my perspective anyway XD.


I'm really curious what you mean behind "weird". No, really, I would like to hear that story :)

Oh Man

Ok, let me just share one of my experiences with you. Let me spare you all the details, I basically find a girlfriend introduced to me by my friends already living there and I really like her, was even learning Japanese so fast cause of her and 2 months into it another girl confessed to me in front of my girlfriend (she translated my conversation with the girl which was super weird) and apparently the girl was alright with being the second gf or something and that she didn't care if I already had one she could just be the one I go to when I'm "bored". Not only did this freak me out but seeing my gf calm and everything as she told me made feels as if it was normal. And this story does go on but its way too long so if you read everything thanks for reading :)

Oliver AKA The Admin


This could make good materials for erotic fantasies (two at once, woot).

However, as IRL stuff, this is indeed creepy. I guess we could call that a cultural gap, same genes, same planet, different universe.


I see why you thought this was ShindoL….

Oliver AKA The Admin

Actually, I thought of the drawings on top of all ;)


Awesome, thanks.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Glad there are people to love it :)


I really pity japs for fapping to things like this. I mean, okay, NTR is not my thing, but the part of "insert the name of xxxxx's girl here" I found it pathetic. Still, Tsundero ftw!


I love how terrible and closed-minded your taste is, Oliver: this way, whenever I see something you say is terrible, I know I have to get it. Not once have I been disappointed with this method.

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