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My complete Pisu Hame Japanese Pack has been updated with two new chapters (13-14), the final battle begins, and the final boss is a total badass ! :D

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Brown girls FTW !

While I’m already sharing the English-translated Pisu Hame chapters 0-5, I’m also sharing ALL the following chapters already published. That is to say – this is an updated announcement, okay ? – the chapters 6-14, 293 pages full of excellent Shiwasu No Okina goodness ! :twisted:

I added two new zips to my Pisu Hame pack. And, oh sweet Jebus, the final boss isn’t playing a fair game, I wonder how it will turn for the better. Maybe with the help of Nosewasure‘s magician…

The Pisu Hame Pack is available on THAT page, enjoy ! ^_^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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8 Comments on "My complete Pisu Hame Japanese Pack has been updated with two new chapters (13-14), the final battle begins, and the final boss is a total badass ! :D"

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god damn it, chapters 13 and 14 left me with a raging boner.
Okina's a sadistic genius


Just wondering Oliver, where did you manage to find a copy of Chapter 14, Shiwasu no Okina just said the AUN issue with it in it went on sale yesterday or the day before. I'm also hoping we might find a higher quality version of 14 and the Mahjong chapter before I get to them. Supposedly the tank isn't too far off but knowing most tanks it'll be at max the first 11 chapters.

Oliver AKA The Admin

A spanish guy sent it to me, and told me he got it from ehentai :)


LOL! Come ON! Those last two chapters were ridiculous! I mean, OK, the whole concept was over the top, but a fight to the death Godzilla versus 78 lb. weakling, with audience, so it can be determined if a gang-rape will happen? And one by one the girls are violated because the little guy never got it through his head that it was fixed to begin with? Turned his back on the 'boss' right at the beginning? then NOT go for an eyeball or… well, ball ball? And of course, the smallest and most innocent girl there gets DP'd? And the girl he loves, and has never touched, is touched by like 20 dicks before him? Pile it on, Okino! It doesn't matter how the kid wins now, anything he wanted to prevent, well, too little, too late. Pun intended. Geez, I'm still laughing… RIDICULOUS!


i hate this!!!! it was so sad
piss me of hentai


damn it's becoming a NTR in the final chapters and the protagonist is angry and can't do anything to stop it but still hot at the same time seeing those girls ravaged by those masked guys

Oliver AKA The Admin


No, this is NOT a netorare. The male hero is not being betrayed and hurt deep inside by the girls.

Guys, stop seeing netorare everywhere, you've got the wrong definition of the term.


Seems like NTR to me ( which I am extremely unhappy about ) , but then again it's hard to tell without the translation :/
Out of curiosity why is this series taking so long to translate ??