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Dragon Pink volume 1 [English, 177 pictures, Complete], by Itoyoko

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Good hentai of olde :)

One month after I shared the chapters 1-4, here is at last : the COMPLETE Dragon Pink volume 1 manga, by Itoyoko ! :D One of the great Hentai Mangas Of Olde ! The pictures are in good resolution (around 1600 vpx, NOT like the ooooold scans there used to be.

Sometimes, we wait two or three months for a translation. Or a year. Or almost 3 years (good news, Conan confirmed me that Yellow Pop‘s translation would resume soon). Loving hentai means being patient (and commissioning a bit when you can, guys, hmm ?) – But Dragon Pink is a world record already, the manga was published in freaking 1990, and I discovered it more than a decode ago :lol:

The first half of Dragon Pink is typical and pleasant heroic fantasy, hentai flavour (old school, don’t expect crude genitalia drawings, OK ?), with the heroes fighting villains and having sex. Pink, the slave, brings a good comic relief, and she’s super cute as soon as she transforms to a tiger-type nekomimi :twisted: The second half of the manga was disappointing (too violent, not enough pleasure), even if the ending, in another story arc (featuring the most phallic spaceship EVER !), despite being almost sex-free, was rather funny :)
My great thanks for this release, it’s been a lot of work, are for the newly formed Ehcove team, made of C7n88, Rookie84, Peopledontdancenomore, Ibelin, Madao, Super Shanko, LS, Red Piotrus and Dlaglacz :) If you like their work and you have translating skills, they welcome new translators, feel free to contact them on the e-hentai forums !

By Itoyoko, I also share Safety Lodging House Utopian, Cute And Lovely Bust Nurse, the funny Erobato Fuka, Slave Girls, and the – frankly hyper lame – He is My Brutal Master 1-4.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(104 MB, 177 pictures, English)

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A pink slave …. It does ring a bell … Anyone played the erogame Rance ?

Oliver AKA The Admin

No :o


Oh no not that display pic again…the first time I saw it I thought she's had boobs growing on her head, which deeply disturbed me…what has been seen cannot be unseen…

Oliver AKA The Admin


Now that you say it… ^^


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver.

Oliver AKA The Admin


gaz 69

ohhhh…the memories…..the hentai time machine strikes again!!!!

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