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Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls [English], by Kojima Saya

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This story was VERY good :twisted:

Two twin sisters share a deep telepathic communication, experiencing the same sexual pleasure as the other does. This simple idea allows double the arousal :3

(BTW, don’t you think of the first chapter of Aqua Bless, when reading it ? ^^)

Af first, something very hot, we’ve got one of the sisters being in class, in uniform and all, trying her hardest hiding her excitation and not letting out moans because her sister was having sex somewhere (–> hot by principle). This eventually led to a GREAT gangbang full with very intense and pleasant sex !
The two sisters are hot, they’re “fresh” and not mindbroken, their male partners are rough but gentle and respectful in the same time… Really, besides the original idea, there are lots of good things to enjoy in this manga ! :)
Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal for this release, I loved it a lot !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(22 MB, 36 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls [English], by Kojima Saya"

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Nice. Pretty art too. New artist we have here eh? Looks promising…Thanks Oliver!


This reminded me more of chapter 2 from Hot Tails, by Yui Toshiki

thanks for the share, Oliver


Seriously good stuff, but IMO the translation’s a bit amateruish really. I mean, for example, you just wouldn’t expect the word ‘f&%k’ to come out of cute/young girls who don’t do it often, or tell your sister to get ‘f#$ked’. They sound out of place and milder terms could have been used.


Are… are you new to hentai? Have you ever been around girls before? How they look or even their age is no indicator to what sort of language they will use.


Let him delve into it slowly. Don't give him too much shock.
@Saxman19: Yeah, at first I thought the same way – but after 4-5 years of reading hentai.. Ya know.. Things start to sink in..


BITCH!!!!don`t like it at all


it does look like Yamatogawa's art :D


I can't seem to find this so i'll just dl it again!

Art really reminds me of Yamatogawa :)

Thanks for the share again Oliver-san!

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