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I have a low-tech and non-adult question, please, suggestions are welcome :)

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This is so trivial, and yet, so annoying. Allow me to give you the context of the problem : t’s autumn here, my town’s has always had a “super duper wet” climate (but the beer is good – being very close to Belgium helps, bless their beer ! -, and the local folks are the friendliest people I’ve seen in all of my country’s towns), and, at home, unless I push the heaters too high for my hypocritical green conscience (~18 Celsius degrees as a rule), I feel cold.

And that damn cold, that’s the problem, is making my fingers numb. I’m typing like an arthritic old man, me, the guy prouder to type faster than I talk (and my talking is fast already.)

Rubbing my hands brings a few minutes of relief, forcefully typing like mad too, but, every year, it’s the same annoying problem.

–> Would you have a suggestion, any suggestion, to avoid that stupid problem ?

I feel dumb to ask it like that, here, but, hey, who knows, maybe there will be a miracle and somebody will post a “hey, you’re stupid, don’t you know that you just have to ……..” line, and my problem will be solved ;)

(PS : fapping works, but, no, it isn’t a solution)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Thin gloves you can use to type? Like those leather gloves?^^
I always set my heater to 25C. I'm seriously warm blooded >.> Even when it's cold my body's usually warm – but I need a lot of warmth to recharge myself -.- (And no.. I don't have anyone to give me warmth yet, sadly)

Oliver AKA The Admin

How could I type with GLOTHES on my fingers ? O_O

Even latex glothes would be in the way O_O


How does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves on?


Years of practice. Also, same way Schroeder plays Beethoven on a toy piano with the black keys painted on.


Or those gloves that covers your hand except the fingers. I sometimes use these kind of gloves because I lived in the US' snowy midwest and I'm a photographer :)


hey, you’re stupid, don’t you know that you just have to put on some gloves?

P.S jk on the stupid part, I just copied and pasted what you wrote above XD


you may have really mild Rheumatoid (spelling) try magnets, they seem to help me wife


You could always try the air-activated heat packs for extreme cold winter use. Granted, that is an extra cost, but hold one for a few seconds and you’re good to go. You can usually get bulk packs of them anyway.


there is electric usb gloves you can get that are designed for that issue, here's a site

here, these gloves where designed to fix this exact problem


I use weight-lifting gloves, they only go to your first knuckle so your fingers are free, but they keep your hands warm.


That, or you could always try just putting on a heavier sweater or shirt. That doesn’t cost anything, and the blood running through your hands does come from your body. In theory.
I dunno. I’m not a rocket surgeon.

Wait a minute…



Get a solar panel to run a standard heater or charge a car battery's and connect it to an DC to AC converter power supply. The car's battery would charge through the solar panel during idle hours of the day and its charge would be enough to power a small heater through the DC2AC for a solid 5 hours. Or you can do what I learned the hard way… Use a desktop computer, keep its fans to the absolute minimum (DO NOT USE WATER OR FREON COOLING, the power supply must be 550w or higher, 2 hi-speed HDDs and a high end graphics card), remove all the non-essential case fans, close all doors and windows… The heat from that computer alone can warm a 5×5 meter room to a nice 22 celsius in about 2 hours. :P


The fans move heat more efficiently from the computer to the room, don' t turn them off!
Water/phase-change cooling will helps to heat the room, because of their increased efficiency and added power consumption (for the phasechange).


You could try fingerless gloves. Leather if you are feeling badass, otherwise knitted. They keep your hands warm and your fingers free to work the keyboard. Just google for some pictures of 'em and you will see that they are awesome for doing stuff that requires nimble fingers while you're freezing your ass off.


So here is an idea. First put you computer into a small room and keep the doors closed while its on (this will trap heat), next unless your windows are double paned argon filled put a blanket over the window ( lots of heat is lost through the glass), next use fingerless gloves and put reusable hand warmers on the backs of your hands and finally dress the rest of your body warmly as you core gets cold your vascular system is designed to withdraw blood from your extremities, like fingers and toes. Don't drink booze as it doesn't really warm you up.


you could get one of those .. hot packs that heats up and lasts few hours… have it inside your pocket and get warmth from it whenever u can. it usually works for me being in northen asia in sub zero tempts.


i keep a very small space heater on my desk (aimed away from my computer) just for that reason. gloves tend to slow my typing down too much.


1, Dress evenly, bare skin ventures heat and the circulatory system makes it so that the temprature evens out throughout your body so sitting there with 5 sweaters wont do you any good if you got bare legs.

2, Think of what kind of clothes you are wearing, thicker clothes lets out less heat.
Material allso matters, in my expericne cotton and synthetic materials can work fine but in the end there nothing that beat wool when it comes to keeping yourself warm (though it's a pain to wash).

You're not alone with that problem and my usual go to method is simply having a thick wool sweater and/or a wool blanket close by and it usualy solves the problem a few minutes after I've put it on


I don't know if it works for everyone but, that happens to me when my body is not warm enough, putting an extra piece of clothes does the trick for me, like a jacket, or rapping myself in a blanket. If I have to guess, it happens when your body thinks that your temperature is lower than what it should be, so the blood flows more towards the vital organs and not so much towards your hands, thus giving you that numb feeling. Put on an extra piece of clothes so that your body doesn't think it must warm up your organs. That way you won't need gloves.


Cycling gloves, or like Ryuuma said, weight-lifting gloves, that go just to the knuckles.

Those USB electric gloves look pretty good though. Wish I’d had those. I’m in warmer climes now.


Ninja'd by Tada and Ryutama (if they were not responsible for a good portion of my hentai collection I would be upset).

They are correct. Biking gloves leave the fingertips free to tap the keyboards. But on that note I would also suggest increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Bad blood circulation can also be responsible for people feeling the cold a lot more.

I can say this as I am in the British Army and have been to some very cold environments over the course of my career. Fitness helps a lot in those places.


Also try not be sat down for extended periods of time. When you do feel cold, warm yourself up by doing some gentle exercises to get your blood flowing. When it is cold the body will pull blood from the limbs to the core to preserve the internal temperature of the organs so you can avoid this by getting a hot drink and some food inside you to help raise your body temperature.

Un Québécois

J'ai pas énormément de temps, je n'ai pas tout lut, mais passer vite, et puisque personne ne semble en avoir parler, je vais m'exprimer.

Visiblement, c'est une problème de circulation sanguine dans les mains (certains ont les pieds, d'autres les mains, d'autres les deux), je suis loin d'être un spécialiste là dessus, mais j'ai connu quelques personnes ayant ce soucis, je ne connais pas de solution miracle, mais quelques solutions qui pourront peut-être aider.

Une boisson chaude : En partie parce que ça réchauffe le corps, donc celui-ci crois moins a une possible hypothermie et vas, habituellement, laisser les extrémités non essentiel à sa survie un peu plus de sang, donc de la chaleur. Mais c'est aussi parce que simplement en tenant la tasse ou le verre chaud que la chaleur se communiqueras.

L'alcool: En quantité raisonnable l'alcool provoque une réaction dans tout le corps d'impression de chaud, j'insiste sur impression, au lieu d’irriguer les organes essentiel en priorité, comme quand il fait froid, il vas plutôt irriguer les extrémités, les doigts par exemple. Mais en trop grande quantité, tu perdras très rapidement beaucoup de chaleur.

Des vêtements chauds: Ça semble logique, ce l'est, mais il faut, surtout, des vêtements à manche longue et épais, comme les vieux pulls poussiéreux qu'on aime pas toujours porter ou ceux en laine qui pique tout le temps.

Les massages de mains: C'est le seul que je connaisse qui peut, de ce que j'ai sut, grandement aider et de manière quasi définitive. Je n'ai pas demander la technique exact quand on m'en as parler, mais l’exercice est simple, masser sa main pendant quelques minutes tout les jours, paume, doigts, du poignet à la dernière phalange. Par contre, je me doute bien que ça vas être bien plus facile avec quelqu'un pour le faire avec soi.

Dernièrement, je sais pas si il y en as en France, au Québec je n'en ai moi-même pas trouvé, mais je n'en cherchais pas. Je parle de crème à effet de chaleur, qui donne la sensation, et j'insiste encore sur sensation, que la peau qui y est exposé est réchauffé. Je sais pas comment ça marche et je te conseille de bien lire les indications si tu en trouves. Le seul produit qui a ce genre d'effet que je connais(Mais qui n'est pas vendu pour ce but) c'est de l'antiphlogistique, une crème pour détendre les muscles douloureux, et elle as un effet secondaire pas pratique "d'éclaircir" le sang, une fois coupé, on guérit moins vite.

C'est tout, à moins que je n'ai un flash me remémorant un autre truc.


Can try getting a space heater and turn it on for short periods or aim the heat from it towards your hands. Just be careful it doesn't cook your hands or it continuously blows heat and melts something.
Other idea is insulate the room better. Like covering the windows with a thick blanket so less heat goes through the glass.
Have a mug of hot, but not scalding water and every now and then wrap your fingers around it. But be careful not to burn your fingers if mug gets too hot.


you can get a solar panel put in to save energy and use that for the heating so it wont be so much on power bill


Set temperature up to 21. 18 is good if you are working out, doing physical labour. Not when you are only sitting on your bum and typing.
Being environment friendly does not equal being dumb.


Well when I sit down I usually have a hand on the mouse and one under my leg


You might want to try magnetic jewelry, like bracelets or rings, it solved my circulation problems


Having a well insulated house helps.
But I guess they don't build houses there like here in the far northern europe :-(


buy a snuggy


You do have a nice portable heater, everyone who is looking at this does. Your computer puts out lots of heat. I am guessing you are not using a laptop to post as there would be the constant source of head litterally at your finger tips or you are using an external keyboard (As I do). So remember that heat rises so if you can get your keyboard warm then the heat will reach your fingers. Possibly an electric heater or other heating pad under the keyboard? Additional heating can be gotten through putting a small blanket or anything to keep heat in over your hands which would keep the radiant heat from under your keyboard from being able to dissipate and giving your hands extra warmth without hindering your movement as much as gloves.


There were a few people that touched on this, but if you don't want to wear gloves, the best way is to keep your entire body warm. Think of your body as a thermos; if it has holes in it, wouldn't the heat leak out pretty quickly? So just make sure to cover everything. I'd suggest a sweater, some pants or sweats, maybe a scarf, and some good, thick socks. Once your body is warm from head to toe, hold your hands in opposite armpits to warm them up for a good 1-2 minutes, and you should be good to go! Hope this helps! :D


On n'a toujours pas de gouvernement en Belgique, mais on a de la bière !!

Si les gants ne conviennent pas, et que ton pc tourne en permanence, laisse-le dans une pièce fermée et bien isolée, ma chambre est en bout de ligne du chauffage mais reste chaude par le pc

Et sinon, petite chaufferette ou grog, selon les goûts…

(yeah, for the English readers)
We still don't have a government in Belgium, but at least we have beer!!!

If gloves are not convenient, and your PC is always On, place it in a closed and isolated room; my bedroom is last on the heating line, but my computer keeps it warm

Also, an additional heater and/or lots of grog…


Oh how many times have I wished that my laptops fans were redirected at the keyboard. But sticking my fingers near the fans for a while has helped, if only a little.

Im lucky as I have a radiator right next to my computer corner. "Fingers cold? Crab a hold!" I can also voutch for the warm mug idea.

If you have a soft seat, then you can try putting your hands under your thighs for a while. Works better than putting them under the armpits. "Sit on your hands – literally."


Arent there softwares which can type what you speak?


Heated jackets. They are comfortable, and can be set to warm. There are many variations. There's one I have that I can always just plug in the wall to keep the battery charged. Very good buy. about $30-40. will last you a long time.

A warm core = warm extremeties.


If I remember some of my highschool biology correctly: keep your body very warm, your limbs will take care of themselves and warm up. Start putting on some sweaters. It might get unnecessarily toasty for your torso, but you should see improvement with your hands. It's the same idea with your head and face: you keep the rest of your body warm, but your face shouldn't be freezing when you're outside.

Other than that, just follow the other people's suggestion. Heat up where you sit with a heater, heat up the entire room, or use some typing gloves.


Put them in a vagina or anus, whichever you prefer.

In all seriousness though, I would recommend
A) A warm drink to keep your body warm
B) Fingerless gloves to keep your palms warm
C) Thicker clothes to keep the whole of your body warm
D) A less powerful fan on your computer
E) A desk lamp by your computer, mine generally raises the temperature of my room by 3 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.


D) No, you' ll need a MORE powerful fan to move MORE heat from your computer case to your room.


Doode try to fap and type may get sticky keys though. Lolz

But hey seriously try hand warmers from a convenience store.


Might I recommend one of these to

I got one and they are awsome.


I don't think wearing extra stuff on your body while your house is just too cold is the answer. If your house is too cold then the problem is with the house itself!

Is your house insulated well? Doors and windows shut tight enough that no cold wind gets through? Or are your heaters just not powerful enough? It okay to turn up the heater in a room you spend most time in. I think 20-22c should be good.


Un petit feu de cheminée c'est toujours agréable ! Et si tu as un ordi portable, quelques secondes les doigts dessous et te voila reparti pour de nouvelles aventures !

Alexandrine Library

The USB gloves are a good suggestion.
Alternatively, you could move to Guiana or Polynesia. Technically, you would still be in France, but the climate…
(and, the purveyance of high-quality pussies in Polynesia does make the idea great). :D


“hey, you’re stupid, don’t you know that you just have to ……..” move south.


I once lived in a flat under the roof with bad damping and was suffering from similar issues. Without “irresponsible” amounts of heating, the flat just wouldn’t get warm. And when not moving, I started freezing.

My “solution” was to wrap myself into a good, woolen blanket when sitting down at the PC, and generally wear a pair of extra socks at home. Because somehow, when the lower 2 third of the body are kept reasonably warm – and especially so the feet – the rest seems to do Ok, hands included. Especially so when they’re occasionally holding a hot cup of tea.

And I was using the same blanket at night, as second layer on top of the duvet. Worked wonders keeping me warm at night, too …


On personal opinion raimund's suggestion would give you probably the most satisfying results as I do this myself on very rare occasions.

Living in an old house myself the heating does take it's time to kick in but my computer ( quite a rig ) usually compensates for this with the large amount of heat it produces.

Speaking of computer heat… You could guide the excess heat from the back of your computer to your fingers using a ventilation pipe (… ). I suggest to use a filter at some point or else you'll end up with a pile of dust on your fingers.


I changed all my desktop fans so they blow outside. Waving in front of the fans warms hands. Also put on a jacket.


make a fist and squeeze hard for 15 – 20 seconds, muscle tension apparently causes increase in blood flow or some cellular level heat emission ( I am not sure)

it works, I never wear gloves when I am ice fishing (temp. around -10 to -20 C)


you can just use a voice-to-text software…even win7 has it. it was so simple..fuck the gloves and get on your headphones with mic.


And remember that if the problems persist after you are done with the external environmental factors you should actually check for diabetes, sclerosis or maybe neuropathy . That is very unlikely though cause these disorders are indicated by chronic numbness. Anyway good luck and i hope its nothing much!


je suis a 200% avec toi Oliver, habitant en Belgique pres de la frontiére francaise(pres de Tournai si tu connais) et c'est la misére ce temps.

Et si tu trouve une solution je suis preneur meme si moi c'est plutot les pieds qui malgré des chaussettes spéciales pole nord (c'est marqué sur l'embalage) et 2 couette reste frigorifié.


oh la la, un Wallon! :)
Je suis un Hollandais et je connais le problème aussi, mais je ne sais pas une solution.


More beer!!!


same problem here – fingerless woolen gloves should fix it.


Salut peut-être qu'on t'a déjà parlé de cette solution mais je n'ai pas été jusqu'à tout lire désolé ^^
Perso j'utilise une lampe de bureau que je place à une distance que je trouve raisonnable de mes mains (entre 10 et 15 centimètres selon la température et la puissance de la lampe) prend en une don tu peux facilement manier la tete pour une meilleur propagation de la chaleur sur tes doigts et tu verra c'est magique ;)

Et oui on a de la bonne bière et on est super sympa enfin certains d'entre nous ^^


Sorry for writting in french but my writting skill is bad ^^


i’m still laughing at the ps comment. >.< hahahha but i have a laptop so it tends to keep my fingers warm, however if i start typing slower or start to not feel them (my fingers) i just run them through warm water/hot water for a few minutes. it keep my fingers nimble for at least 30-40 minutes. gloves dont really help as they keep your palms and hand warm, but your fingers still stay cold. hand warmers help but then you either type one handed or are constantly switching hands being placed on the hand warmer. the electric pads that cover your hand when your using the mouse work ok. clothes in general for your body temp is a must though. hope it helps. as i stated before i have a laptop so that generally helps the most in keeping my fingers warms and nimble.


Sounds daft, but have you tried a hat? I have heard it said you lose a third of your body heat from your head. Headgear will reduce that, and once you are wearing it, you don't notice so much as draping a duvet over your shoulders, or 3 extra layers of clothes. Don't you Frenchmen wear berrets any more?


Try filling a cloth bag 5X9 with dry corn about 7/8 full, sew up the end and put it in a microwave for a few minutes. Start with 30 seconds and work up from there till you get the warmth you want.


here is a simple., cheap and non dangerous solution. buy a wireless usb keyboard. keep your hands and keyboard under your blanket(possibly between your wife’s breasts as well) and stay warm. it gets pretty cold as fuck here and when it does, very little can coax me from under my blankets


I usually just make a cup of hot coffee/cocoa/tea to hold for a bit


i use a heat lamp type heater and direct it at my hands at work. only draws maybe 400 watts. pretty cheap on amazon


I also nominate the 'warm drink' idea. Also, if you happen to have a laptop, you could put your fingers by the cooling fan, which is (for me) always super hot, no matter what the temperature is.


thin gloves

fascinating our today's world


zippo hand warmer lasts 12 hours and its great just to get your hands warm, just use it again when hands get cold

John Doe

just prepare warm water to dip your frozen hands..
if u ask how to keep the water warm, you may find some device from housekeeping tool to make warm food or milk for baby


I know what you mean, Germany gets super cold too. And yes, heaters are bad for the environment and expensive. BUT, if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure you have young children, right?
Try to insulate your house as well as possible, maybe even invest in some solar energy or a small wood burning stove, and until then, turn up the heaters. You will feel guilty if your kids get a bladder infection or worse, believe me.


All of you are retarded its really simple use your keyboard under a blanket if you can type faster than you can talk then you can type without looking too. So all you have to do is sit with a blanket around your entire body and have the keyboard under there typing I do it all the time and if you have a laptop even easier just bring the laptop under the blanket with you you should be able to see. This costs no money unlike all these other ideas.B)


Do you have a Desktop? Try just putting a mini heater on your computer desk next to your keyboard, keeps your hands warm and no cumbersome gloves. DONT try this with a laptop, it will overheat the system and ruin your computer.


Try breathing some more.
Everytime i have cold hands(even in the summer sometimes) i notice i am not breathing enough.
Sounds unlikely,i know.
But breathing deeply and in the right way lets your hands burn…srsly :o


Late to the party, but same "problem" here, I keep my apartment temperature at 18°C out of environmental concerns (and because it's badly insulated).
My solution for cold hands is, as Tang suggested, thin gloves. At the nearest Decathlon you can find silk undergloves (in the cycling section, IIRC) for under 10 euros. Those gloves don't impede typing at all, and silk is a good thermal insulator so even your fingertips keep warm.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, il y en a à Décathlon ? Yaisse ! J'avais trouvé uniquement UNE paire en cuir, et c'était très peu confortable. On va voir ça :3

@Everyone else : THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE !
I have been moved, and I am very grateful :)

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