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Thank you everyone :)

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Most of the time it’s me getting thanks (even though spending time on my blog makes me feel good for MUCH cheaper than seeing a shrink, and there’s even the beer money ^^), so at least today, I wanted to say it, THANK YOU TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS, HELPERS, SCANNERS, COMMENTERS, TRANSLATORS !
Thank you all :)

The hentai scene is full of great people, it’s a living, breathing, and really cool ecosystem to lurk in, it feels cosy and welcoming :)

At first, I only planned to write this post to express thanks for the flood of kind comments in the day before yesterday’s post, when I asked for help against numb fingers, several answers were quite helpful. But then, I think it would have been a waste not to seize opportunity for a larger purpose ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Just cos we are perverts dun mean we aren’t good caring people as well



yapp right brother.. :)


Could NOT have put it any better!


Yeah perverts have earth too =)


Best of all: It will certainly get better!
I mean, look at the advances in the community and even in this very page: Five, maybe four years ago, it was like, one post every two days or so? Only raw magazine scans? Look at everything now! Tons of new tanks every month, more scanlators, webmasters, and contributors of all kinds joining the community! It feels like yesterday when finding a translated work was a miracle, or when zip files were just a dream!
Thanks to the efforts of every enthusiast in this great way of art, hobby, commenting, trolling, or whatever you people enjoy it for, Hentai is what it is today.
So, from a humble lurker: Thank YOU, the people who actually take the effort of making everything work out. You deserve the Nobel Hentai Prize or something ;)


Yeah, to echo these sentiments, thank you very much to all the hentai translation groups out there! It takes a lot of time and effort that you could have spent on other things in your lives but instead helped to produce something that countless people will enjoy. And even more thanks to all the mangaka who write and draw the works that we want to see translated so much! Take a bow everyone!


I have to agree with Wadowce, by saying thank you to all the people that make this a great place to come and visit everyday such as scanlators, translators, editors and decensorers, because their efforts are much appreciated.
But also you deserve a big thanks Oliver, for making this site an awesome place to be a part of and taking time of your personal life to make the lives of a lot of us perverts -ahem- I mean people a little more enjoyable with new hentai everyday, so here's hoping these trends of sharing hentai here for a lot of years to come.


True, one of the best kinds of people I've seen online has been the hentai community at large – it just seems like people give and take much more easier when people know they're not holding anything back (except for some, but you get the point). And being someone who's been leeching for quite a few years now, it's amazing to see someone like Oliver giving his thanks, I sure haven't done any such thing yet ^^.
Hey, perverts are some of the best people on the web :D


no thank you :D

and the translators and people that gave us these works.

without this site my life would have been more boring than before.

if you want to know why is because my family moved out of my country(3 years and 9 months ago) due to my parents thinking they'll be getting a visa if we stayed there.

turns out the same year is actually a election of the US president which we have Obama. so yes the offices for the immigration got closed that year and reshuffled. so it got delayed and finally last Oct 31. we were able to get a immigration papers for my mother to work and us to travel outside of the US.

it took us 3 years and 9 months just to get the damn paper. i still haven't been home ever since.

basically you lost your friends, traditions etc..

while adapting to a new unfamiliar culture not to mention adjusting here in the US since it's very VERY different back home.

so yeah it's been rough and my friends back home probably moved on to their ways(college work and all) which i don't blame them. split with my GF ever since i left and never saw her(she still send msgs like "how are you doing and all" though)

sorry for being a little depressing. just thought i could share it you ^^

so yeah this site has been heaven for me. so thank you Oliver and co for this site :)

i may have commenting less due to school and such, but i still visit this site as often as i could :D

soo keep up the good work Oliver and Crew ^^



Thank you, Oliver :D

It's nice to hear we can make your day as much as you make our day, everyday ;P

Now, off to play Skyrim…. >_>


I've been visiting this site for quite some time now, and by all measures, this is the best one out there; great releases, informative summaries and most interesting forum posts; its amazing how something that was once viewed negatively is proven to be grossly exaggerated by a minority of boring people, all thanks to the communities such as here, funny how things work that way; "Thank you" wouldn't do justice on how much people appreciate this site, but shouting "UBER MEGA ULTRA THANKS" a hundred times over would be quite silly, so with that a simple thanks and a respectful salute to sir Oliver and his team must suffice, Thank you very much for this great site and we all hope it would continue well beyond the end of the human species, after all, nether heaven or hell would feel right without a good hentai to keep us "occupied" for all eternity right ^_^


Yeah, really thanks to all the people in the h-community ^_^


I say thanx for all the great shares !
I just had to complie a few to carry around in manga from on my HTC Flyer !


yup because perverts R us:p


First time commenting and really love this site, Keep up the great work.


On a off-track note, Oliver's releases = less sexual frustration = less crime. Might not be much, but it's there :p
Thanks to all the hentai translation groups out there; Thanks Oliver for always providing us with exposure to the hentai community over the years, and thanks to the community for being friendly here XD
Hope it'll be even better :) I guess it does make a difference as DragonDan said – not holding anything back.


"On a off-track note, Oliver's releases = less sexual frustration = less crime. Might not be much, but it's there"> exactly. I have read somewhere that Japan is the country with the lowest rate of sex crime. It can not be a coincidence in my opinion. And although I can't help to be disgusted by rape and mind break stories, i think it helps guy to release their frustrations VIRTUALLY. And guys like me who RAGE at ntr stories, will show no mercy against REAL men who REALLY go to the dark path. So thanks to Oliver and all Hentai translations groups. keep up the good work ! :)