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Cafe E Youkoso (“Welcome To A Cafe”) [English, 211 pictures], by Takasugi Kou

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Lots of MILFs ^^

This manga is perfect for Zathael and all the other people loving the sight of women in their thirties, here having happy sex with love with young male adults :)

Around the last third of the manga, the girls grow a bit older (their fourties, I’d say) and plumper.
The stories are mostly plain, happy sex with love with zero complications, save a blessed hilarious chapter about martial artists doubling the manga’s worth in my eyes :lol:
Cafe E Youkoso has been translated by Tadanohito, who had been commissioned by Buster, thank you very much, you two ! :)

For MOAR, check The list of Takasugi Kou’s works on Hentairules.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(61 MB, 211 pictures, English)

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14 Comments on "Cafe E Youkoso (“Welcome To A Cafe”) [English, 211 pictures], by Takasugi Kou"

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lightsabercock strikes again! seriously, i don’t get why these artist even bother making hentai if they going to go overboard with the censoring, when other hentai artist get away with more reasonable to no censoring at all.

i don’t mind lightsabercock in ecchi manga, it’s excusable because those mangas aren’t wholly about sex, it’s usually about something else with sexual overtones, so it’s fine if all the naughty bits aren’t shown.

but when you got manga about sex, with the story in the back seat,and the pictures all filled with white, how are you susposed to enjoy that.

it’s like playing a racing game, and all the cars are blocked with a mosaic.


The artist doesn't censor it, the publisher does. I am quite sure that as much as you hate the lightsaber censorship, the artist *really* hates it. Imagine taking all the time and effort to draw proper genitalia, and then some guy from the publisher takes some white out or an eraser and just gets rid of all of it.

Some artists are popular enough that they can pick and choose which publisher to go with, and thus can choose the ones with lighter censorship, others just have to take whatever they can get. It may also depend on the genre. Maybe MILF stuff isn't that popular, which could be why the artist had to go with a publisher who heavily censors stuff.

In any case, thanks to Tadanohito, Buster, and Oliver.


For a graphical explanation to what Zathael said please visit;) :p


Overall a pretty good selection… I like MILFS just fine, the young stud-experienced Oba-San angle being entertaining enough. My only complaint is with the segments titled 'All Night Jam', and 'Mellow'… those are cheating stories. Just a heads up for those it might bother. In all, a great share, and thanks Oliver.


when will japan understand that censorship sucks… and in which century will they abolish that stupid law…anyway thx for the share oliver XD

A Dead Guy

Takasugi Kou rocks, white-out or no.

Oliver, you rock too.

And great thanks to Tadanohito and Buster for this wonderful volume.

I should make a chart of the Gods of Hentai… You guys would all have a place on it!


I would like to see the uncensored version… could be nice.

I never understood censorship : hentais & porn are for adults, most of case for individual pleasure and sex excitation. what the point to hide the coveted part?


I can stand this kinda censorship in Izayoi Senshin's works but i can't in Takasugi's, very odd. Anywho thanks for the share Oliver, Tadanohito and Buster for the commission.


yay MILF :D


About the last chapter, called Mellow: THIS my friends… THIS is what adultery stories should look like. It only takes a passing mention about the husband cheating on his wife, to make a huge difference about how enjoyable the adulterous sex will be.

Takasugi isn't THE uber-genius, like (say) Dr. P, but he does manage a few great stories every once in a while.


I have to say given the description I wasn't expecting much but figured why not it isn't like my bandwidth is going to anything else. I was pleasantly suprised that this kinda gave me a warm fuzzy feeling rather than just finding it mildly amusing and appealing to my libido. I enjoyed that the women were women rather than bean poles with tits, I enjoyed that the scenarios made it plain that though the guys were younger they were still adults all though young ones, and I liked that it really felt like there was characters who cared rather than dialogue added to make them say they cared. I do find it funny that in the main story on two separate occasions the main male character was effectively raped and while if you changed the genders I would have tossed it out right then in this case I was OK with it, maybe because if I found out that pretty ladies who I was friends with or in some way liked were making use of my penis in my sleep I would be ok with it but there you go.

IGO - The Dreamer

Nice one, thanks Oliver! o/
(I can't wait to see uncensored!!! @[email protected] )

Oliver AKA The Admin

There's far too much censorship to hope seeing it uncensored some day, you know…


There is a chapter of "My Sweet Lady" in both Cafe E Youkoso and Oki Ni Mesu Mama. Please someone explain to me why is it in both tank?