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The Bitch Of My Father In Law [English], by Aida Mai

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The man is an asshole, but the girl is, indeed, a dirty bitch

One word : “meh”.

I tend to despise such stories, in which a father steals his son’s woman because he’s got a bigger dick, more experience, and questionable morals, and because the wife is dumber than a dumb cow.
But even then, damnit, the art is good.
(Simple reminder, to the premature taggers : this is not netorare, “only” nettori. Or netori. I never knew if I should put one or two Ts.)

So, you’re warned, it’s up to you know, what matters most, a fucked up story, or a hot freshly married young wife. Grrr.
Credits and thanks are for Joselillo and Caska from HentaiFromHell !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(10 MB, 20 pictures, English)

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9 Comments on "The Bitch Of My Father In Law [English], by Aida Mai"

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Jingrock has a new motion comix out and damn, is it good. I grabbed it from Caska's (HFH) website.


Saw the last pic in the gallery and decided to pass on this. The girl is hot though. But I don't want my moral compass to get too skewed o_O Looking forward if there're other releases :D


Looked at the last pic in the gallery and decided to pass on this. Agree that the girl is hot though.
But I don't want to get my moral compass too skewed o_O Looking forward to his other releases!


Bad story, thanks for the warning Oliver, so I'll pass. Thanks very much for the other posts you made today, I still DL'd plenty of good stuff here.

annoying guy

don't know, maybe it's because too much NTR affected me, but honestly I felt like the guy deserves it, she asked his help but he doesn't give a fuck, its like the guy gives his wife to his father on a silver plate.

sorry the english but, you know… google translator ==u


Even though I hate NTR because obviously every other man besides your partner has a bigger dick than him (which mathematically is impossible) there would be some with a bigger dick but unable to use it; but we know our NTR even the most ugly guy is better skilled with his dick than your husband/boyfriend despite being a virgin and not even been having oral sex with a woman. A woman would never get wet when scared (which she obviously is) its physiologically impossible…
I agree with you, she told him that she is afraid of him and he didnt give a fuck, I would steal her from him too and that even more brutal when he comes home I would start fucking her in front of him like so many NTRs and have her say that my dicks better and so on…


Having sex at home while your spouse is there, Congratulations! It's NTR

Oliver AKA The Admin

No it isn't. NTR doesn't mean adultery, NTR means "inflicting severe pain to the partner because you're cheating on him".

Seishiro Haga

Well, at least it doesn't show much of the father-in-law. Ignore the plot, enjoy the artwork.