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Searching for a good replacement of Putty Connexion Manager – another question for the coders :)

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This is another tech question, here be no porn :D

Please, if you’re used to connecting by SSH to remote servers, with better programs than Putty, this question is for you, I would LOVE to hear your advice :)

As years passed, I’ve spent more and more time logged in to remote unix/linux servers. Putty was the way to go.

One year ago, I gaped in awe, having at last discovered the marvelous Putty Connexion Manager, a GUI interface plugging itself over the putty program. Cf this description, if you’re curious.
That program is able to login by himself to the servers (to hell with complex passwords to type blindly), store server login-password combos into an encrypted local database, run post-login series of commands with a configurable wait between each command, there are multiple tabbed sessions, and the program remembers different putty session configurations per session.
It was SO much better than the good old basical putty. Like everyone else, I felt stupid for not discovering it earlier.

However, to my great regret, this program isn’t maintained anymore, to make it work under windows 7 I had to install a beta version that never finished testing (maybe I should call it an alpha version :roll: ), posted by the admin in the forums under PuttyCM’s website.
And today, I just noticed that the program’s homepage is now dead.
This REALLY is a pity !

So, now, I’m after a replacement.

I’ve seen there are potential replacements. Some might be even better. For instance there’s Kitty, Mremote or preferrably its MremoteNG fork. And several others, probably.

However, I’m always short on time, and I’d rather trust your experience than waste several hours testing ;) I have no special needs, no tunnelling or funky stuff, the good points I listed for PuttyCM are what I need.

So, please, could you share your opinion, is there a program you really would strongly recommend, in replacement of Putty Connexion Manager ? :)

Thank you very much if you can help ! :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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LP Funhat.

I'm not sure if its what you are looking for but you can use this ( ). I don't know what sort of client-server communications you are trying to accomplish but I think that SSH client for windows might just help.


i think filezilla is good if thats what you need


You may try winscp from


Erm, do you mean a custom charset for encoding? If so, you can do so in Filezilla. Otherwise, no, I've honestly never seen a program like that.


u should go with mRemoteNG. im happ with that atm. take care


SecureCRT is very recommended. It's not free, though.


if you have windows 7 professional or better you can use the virtual xp mode and use your old program again

also see


Making a start on replacing the features you've lost, you should look into public/private key authentication. It ends up meaning you don't need to type a password to connect.
Also, it's not the same, but if you have to run a series of commands with delays inbetween, you could script that pretty easily.
More work, but it's not as though you'll loose anything due to a program no longer being supported (I'll eat my hat if that happens to linux/unix in my lifetime).


If it can handle the job, use winscp.


Both SecureCRT and OpenText Secure Terminal (formerly Hummingbird ) offer a decent array of features for customization and scripting support. I primarily use OpenText as part of a corporate environment, but paid for SecureCRT for my personal use…either one (for me at least) was far easier to work with than putty for supporting a variety of remote servers and automating some simple scripting tasks.
Well worth a few hours to explore trials and get a feel for what they offer.


mRemoteNG is the best, it has some flows but it is definitely the more complete and of course completely free.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Err, what flaws, please ??