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Velvet Kiss volume 3 [English, 204 pictures], by Harumi Chihiro

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ARGH to think the volume 4 isn't fully printed yet ! ARGH !

I didn’t see that one coming, all thanks to Soba Scans, and more precisely to LD, PAnZuRIEL, Njmanga and Ziggy, here is the complete 3rd volume of Velvet Kiss, by Harumi Chihiro ! :)

I hope you’ll enjoy that, and once again, thank you Soba guys ! :D

The plot thickens, unfortunately we’re not yet getting a better glimpse of the bigger picture, for the moment more pieces are added to the puzzle but we’re still left behind when it comes to understanding what the hell is really happening behind the scene. This is both good – good scenario is good – and frustrating.
Graphically, you know this is only ecchi, right ? But even though, I feel I’m a little let down, I don’t know, the characters fighting depression and not being to fully enjoy the moment’s spur has tainted my enjoyment. I can’t tell how it will feel for you of course, but still, at least I’ll have to mention the drawings are VERY good, even with her clothes on the female heroine, with her doll-body and her child-like face, she’s something else.

(Oh, just a note, I cleaned the cover from its white spots and scanning defects.)

By Harumi Chihiro, I also share the adorable Cutie Lips and Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu Volumes 1-3.
And also Velvet Kiss volume 1 and Volume 2 !

UPDATE, by Oliver :

Good and sad news in the same time, I’m removing the download links for Velvet Kiss volumes 1 and 2.

The reason : they were licenced, for distribution, by Digital Manga, Inc, and Soba Scans asked that I removed the links, something I can agree to without any problem :)

Hopefully, some day, they’ll reach the western market :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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18 Comments on "Velvet Kiss volume 3 [English, 204 pictures], by Harumi Chihiro"

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I love this manga, though i kinda raged when i saw the last chapter ( i saw the raws first and that last page got stuck on my mind the whole day )


Dang, Oliver… I like it and I don't… but I keep reading… Nitta is a jerk at times… but the Step-Mom is the iron-clad bitch in all this… anyway, Thanks Oliver for the Volume share, and thanks to Soba scans…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, typically, a character trying to make someone else's happiness against that person's will, that can't end well…


Talk about side-wind i really did not see this one coming i didn't even know vol 3 was out yet alone fully translated considering how long the wait was for vol 2. But it's a welcomed surprise that i will be enjoying very soon. That is as soon as i'm done reading starcraft first born so in a few hours.


YESS OH GOD! I was waiting forever for this! :P


That's what she said xD


I don't want to be a spoiler but the last part really shocked me and now I want to see the next volume already >.<


sorry, i really….really hate this story
this is piss me of as a men
you are all guys, like stories like this or love a woman like this
you are all guys very loser, it's shameful, no pride as a men
where is your reputation as a guy
i'll skip this one


a very embarrassing story
Kanoko is very cute, innocent, kind and smart….? [sex gangbang. sex orgy. sex free. sex friends. sex bla…bla… how many men enjoy her body]. really an innocent girl and has a pure hearted
Nitta man kind, patient and honest, smart….? [stupid and very fool]
a very romantic story….? [NTR. Cheating. betrayal. abuse]. really a very romantic story and wonderful
this protagonist is really hero and heroine…? [shameful]
i thinks the true hero is a…. bad guy or bitch women[congratulation]
this manga or hentai


I like Nitta. He's an honest, straightforward guy. And he does what most of us would in the same situation. I love the mental struggle sort-of that goes on in his head. However I must say, that last dialogue between him and Kanoko left me staring at the screen motionless for a good five minutes. And then the volume ends. I swear, it's almost like when I was a kid watching Dragon Ball.

Thanks for the share Oliver, and I'll be damned if I don't start learning japanese myself just to try and advance into this plot!

my name is...

You should, IMHO keep the editing to a min, like cleaning out stuff like scanning dirt.
In the cover you removed the white spots, which are supposed to be particles floating in air, thus changing the athmosphear, and smoothed a lot the details.
You should make available both the retouched and the original work, cause ppl might not like how you smooth out details. I mean, if the image was made in a certain way, altering to personal tastes isn’t really making it better.
Take this as an advice, after all I’m all for hires XD… on hentai XD


i fucking love you Oliver :D


pretty plz Oliver post the last Volume :D


I think he's waiting for the tank verison, but apparently Soba isn't doing that this time because of it being licensed…


that would be really lame having all 3 volumes except for the last one..


Well… It should be officially out in English in about a year.


Are you going to get the final volume of this series #4. If you are please let me know. Thxnks jbird24


It was licensed. Just go buy it at Project-H's website.