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Itokoi Chidori volume 2 [English, 173 pictures, end of the serie], by James Hotate

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*Innocent voice* And when will an uncensored version be published ?

And so ends Itokoi Chidori, with a sharp and “making globally sense” ending, all thanks to Governor Ishihara, saving us from the trouble of an elongated ending progressively stopping making any sense at all, even if 100% of the rest of the universe can’t understand why the Japanese like confused and messed-up endings.

End of the irony, Itokoi Chidori ends, and it’s a real waste, I loved it !

Because of some absurdly hypocritical shit horribly affecting the Japanese publishing industry, this manga, as well as other popular publications (like Aki Sora for instance, but all’s good as long as To Love Ru Darkness is still OK – err, wut ?!?) had had to face the axe >_<

Me, I enjoyed the story and the really cute and arousing face the heroine makes, however, if you really (and I mean it : REALLY ! The amount of censorship is such that is is impossible to tell anal sex from gently titillating a belly button with a penis), you might enjoy it even more ;)
I hope you enjoyed the ride, made possible by the combined efforts of Gringe, Rael, Sleepiez, H_Dogma, Rayuaza, MakerOfEden, Dyspathy, from the teams FTH-Scans and Xamayon. Thank you very much, you all ! :)

The volume 1 is available right here. By James Hotate, I also share the Uncensored version of Koi No Hana (AWESOME !), Ore Sen Kanojo chapter 1, and The Day The Earth Stood Still


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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(77 MB, 173 pictures, English)

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12 Comments on "Itokoi Chidori volume 2 [English, 173 pictures, end of the serie], by James Hotate"

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so this is it……
already out the next volume…
thank you oliver


I wish someone would continue to translate Ore Sen Kanojo. I can't wait for it's tank to be released.


thnx , hoping for uncen version …

Seishiro Haga

I enjoyed this one, though i can't say I like the art-style.


Bureucrats eat [email protected]#€! what's “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” ?? wtf is that? although banning content may make bigger the doujinshi underworld…


I know this is going to be ridiculous, but…the guy who pushed this, the Governor of Tokyo…isn’t he a closet homosexual? Especially given that his sempai was none other than crazed ultranationalist (and well-known bi) Yukio Mishima?


the best eromanga are those which evokes sensuality, rather than pure sex….
sex is kinda overrated imo

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, but it fuels other human needs, it also has to be taken into consideration *whistles*


amazing Oliver :)

A passing bystander

"The most immediate and direct effect of the law will almost certainly be to see ecchi manga such as To Love-Ru, bishoujo titles such as Champion Red and most BL manga, as well as any seinen manga with especially mature themes, banned from general sales – presumably most will then be cancelled due to a lack of suitable magazine or tankobon distribution channels"

I hope this doesn't mess with Berserk, noooooooo


this needs to be descensored asap!


Will the new rule affect titles like "Velvet Kiss"?

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