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Tsuma Hajike [English], by Hyji

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That was a sad story

Ouch. Being netorare’d can be pretty much destructive. Losing all confidence in women, your wife included, and – that theme isn’t mentioned in the manga but I couldn’t help wondering – the male hero also being the father of a girl…
Ouch. And yet the wife is possibly doing it for the greater good. Ouch.

Oh well, graphically there are awesome MILFs, it’s at least good for the eye :roll:
Credits are for Cgrascal.

By the same artist, Hyji, I also share S The Second Story Of Hyji 1-4, Omoiai, the complete Uncensored version of Asemizu (“Sweaty Women”) and, in another post, Cho Danchizuma Keiko and Katekyoto chapters 5-8.

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(13 MB, 18 pictures, English)

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12 Comments on "Tsuma Hajike [English], by Hyji"

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"If you rage, you lose" When you can forget the story, the drawings are quite nice, plumpy milfs!!


Really a sad story. Discovering about the secret job of the her wife, feeling about his own powerless, and being blackmailed by three housewives, no wonder that the husband has his mind been completely broken,…

"the male hero also being the father of a girl…Ouch. And yet the wife is possibly doing it for the greater good. > Yes, that will make the story even more sad. :(


Thank you for the details, I greatly treasure spoilers, they are critical to emotional preparation. Another hentai manga meant for emotional masochists – I'm not one of them. Nevertheless, I'm still downloading it for the art, thanks Oliver.


Maybe if the Man wasn't unemployed, the story will be less sad.


Yeah. Maybe if there were actual jobs in the country, he would be employed.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Dutch husband, isn't it a job, somehow ?


…If it paid.
(I admire the attempt at humor…but really, it's pretty bad over there, especially for young to middle age, in terms of getting a job)


So she's doing porno to pay the bills, he's hopelessly ddepressed and has started screwing the neighborhood women to feel better? Now he's happy with life, presumably no longer looking for work, keeping the status quo as 'Pornstar wife/cheating husband/clueless child. Not that i'm excusing the wife. This whole thing sucks.


Because he is now the beautiful housewives' pet, he would be called a lucky man ? If we reverse here the gender, it is obvious that we would obtain the typical story of a woman being blackmailed and having his mind broken. I love here the double standard,…


I never said he was lucky. Just that he was (artificially) happy. I also said the whole situation sucks so….

anonH -san

I'm not a fan of netorare H manga but i'll still dig in these H manga type if the drawing is great like this one. When reading netorare one should not rage early. just let ur rage out after finish reading or reading half of it and skip to the ending. Also, as in my case, i usually give score when reading NTR to judge the manga as PURE RAGE source or not.
here my score for this manga. max point is 10
no job = -10, cheated by wife = -10, blackmailed = -10
become sex pet for 3 bombastic MILF = 10×3
total = 0.
IMO, this manga is ok and not pure rage source not like the other super duper NTR hentai that leave the last point as -10×100.
For those who still can tolerate with NTR theme like me, u should try what i'd done and give score to the manga. but for those who cannot tolerate, just pass the NTR theme.


awesome2 stuff :D

it's a shame only depositfile is the option to dl this.

soo many works i want to DDL right now. oh well the wait is worth it to be honest :P